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Highly likely with Nepal.

Also, India, but that’s a more longterm route.

Could also be Venezuela as the communist movement is making gains there.

And let’s not forget the communist movement’s strength in Swaziland.


That’s an interesting idea.

Is this an “online” journal (like in a note-taking app such as Google Docs) or is it an actual journal IRL?

Pistachio also goes well with a lot of good food that you eat with utensils, especially Thai food.

Probably pistachio. I know, kinda a basic opinion.

What are good reading methods?

Or do you just, like, read whatever book or article or what have you and there’s not much to it then that?

lmao Exactly.

Let them get their hopium fix so we can burst their bubble even more.

Probably not. Juche says that it supersedes Marxism-Leninism although it’s vague about that.

Ugh, I didn’t need to see that, even if I respect that they fought for.

Can’t say much on this front and it depends on the exact district. We’ve certainly gotten rid of a few infiltrators, especially as the PatSoc entryists are concerned.

We aren’t feds and we have Marxism-Leninism in our Program.

And yes, regularly. Daily, practically.

No, I’m in the United States, but I go there from time to time.

I used to know Spanish, I think, but forgot the language.

Gah! Family Guy! It’s what my best friend keeps referencing and I hate it!

No, but I should learn Spanish; it’s my mother tongue after all.

Good. I’m writing articles for 'em. There’s also been lots of activism in my area in the past 3 years (where there wasn’t any before).

To summarize: Obi-Wan isn't brave enough for politics.