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True, but the only real reason Nixon established ties with the PRC was to use them to put pressure on the USSR, who back then was leagues ahead of China in industrial capacity and overall ability to challenge US interest.

Yeah, Lincoln and maybe Carter are really the only ones that don’t make my stomach churn at least to the same degree that all the others do.

I shudder to even think about the cringe this demented clown must be posting nowadays.

I’d start laughing so hard if the “Chinese troops on the Mexican border” scenario that chuds always talk about and fear actually ends up becoming a reality.

In addition with the other reasons here already stated, I think NATO maintained it’s anti-Russia stance largely to bring countries like Poland and the Baltics states quickly into the fold.

Meanwhile, I’m just here sitting in the state of Ohio just simply not wanting to have fucking toxic fumes blowing into my fucking house because no one can bother to give a shit about placing their attention towards things that could actually make life better here.

I can hear the voices of chuds in my head cheering and yelling about how they “showed” the Chinese not to mess with burgerland.

Subtitles for the photo: “Nazis observe and document the results of their experiments with fostering nationalistic identities.”

But-but some armchair military expert on quora told me that nothing short of a direct hit from a battleship cannon is capable of destroying an Abrams. 😢

I’ll take it on myself to provide the simple, no bullshit answer. It wasn’t clear at the time if the West and USSR would end up teaming up against the Nazis, or if the Nazis and West would end up teaming up against USSR. Stalin’s primary concern was to do everything possible to avoid the latter situation and the MRP was the way in which he avoided that. Before the MRP Stalin had proposed a joint preemptive invasion of Nazi Germany with the West, they declined. Only then did he pivot towards making any sort of agreement the Nazis, whose bitterness towards the West over Versailles was something that could be taken advantage of. The MRP also had the side effect of pushing Japan into going through with it’s Southward strategy instead of attacking the USSR together with Germany, since they didn’t know Germany was planning on breaking it’s non-aggression pact and Japan knew it would be crushed going up against the USSR alone.

In my opinion, people that are into academia but lack critical thinking/common sense are usually the most susceptible to liberalism, while people that are neither book smart nor very good critical thinkers often become hard right reactionaries.

Billionaire liberal coming up with a suggestion that is only feasible for people that can blow $60,000, figures.

Their economy has been slowly spiralling down into the toilet and their soft power along with it, now their strategy is to take advantage of US’s fear of China and kiss their ass as much as possible in order to obtain some higher end military goodies.

I think RT and maybe Russia in general is perhaps best looked at as simply being “anti-centrist” and pulling a mix of arguments from both the left and right.

News that is several decades late.

The one looking at the lake in the top left near the end of the video is you, isn’t it?

While sad to hear that covid is getting a foothold in China it will still be better then the United States where fuck all is being done about covid especially now. I’m in the minority at my workplace for not catching it and the people that did get it are all getting hit hard with the flu now, I heard that covid weakens the immune system and it certainly seems like it.

You articulated exactly what my thoughts were. The primary goal of socialism isn’t to enact more libertarian policies but to create a state which better serves the welfare and interest of it’s lower class workers, for example providing better public transport.

If you are a mega wealthy capitalist, a cult operator or a basement dwelling crypto-bro then you will indeed find more personal freedom in the US then China. Otherwise the only big freedom™ that people in the US have over people in China that I can think of is with gun policy which of course is hotly debated on whether its a good or bad thing and you could also criticize a number of other western countries for also being strict with.

The guy was a master at parrying accusations from libshits, RIP.

If I had to guess they were likely too entranced by the taste of chlorophyll to notice anything.

While I do think the US contains a closeted base of revolutionaries that’s more prevalent then what appears on the surface, a marxist-leninist revolution happening is still a laughably long ways off. I rarely ever see any sort of broadly leftist sentiment expressed at all out in public, just endless military/police worship.

Seriously, diaper wearing brat son of a billionaire vs someone who has witnessed and now leads an ancient civilization that risen out from a century of humiliation into being a global superpower.

Nah, conservatives aren’t becoming anti-war, they’d just rather the US use it’s resources to attack actual socialist and/or non-white countries like China, Cuba, Venezuela etc. instead of Christian traditionalist Russia. Accusing the other side of being warmongers is always what the party not in power does.

Taking advice from fraudulent gurus instead of simply learning what works for yourself through experience is a great way of getting yourself into doing some pretty cringe stuff.

Thank you NYT for inadvertently providing ammo to use against ultras.

Oh hey, hello fellow person trapped in this hell we call Ohio. Don’t you just love getting spammed with Tim Ryan/J.D Vance political ads on your phone and stuff your are trying to watch?

WW1 was fully an inter-imperialist conflict, WW2 was a mixed conflict with both inter-imperialist and imperialist vs anti-imperialist conflict happening at the same time, WW3 will fully be a conflict of imperialism vs anti-imperialism.

I’m humbled, nothing I’ve seen or experienced compares to the hell it sounds like you are facing. Getting to know what things are really like in other places from actual comrades on the ground instead of garbage documentaries is one of the reasons I love this place.

It definitely feels like there was a conscious agreed upon decision among higher-ups to begin heavily pushing Anti-China propaganda around 2017. That’s when I noticed Reddit really becoming shit.

Apparently there is even less pro-US members in the new committee then before, so while the West continues to become more fascist and cringe, China continues to become more based.

Great, now we have search engines asking people’s questions for them in addition to the news forming people’s opinions for them.

The eye knows and sees all after all.

So if I go out right now and protest by myself and maybe light a few bonfires I can get my very own wiki page written about me?!?

All these liberal public figures could just have AI programmed to run their social media accounts and no one would be able to tell.

The US never ended it’s policy of Manifest Destiny. After the Native Americans were subdued effectively wiped out they continued on to Hawaii and the Philippines. After they defeated Japan they immediately already began going after Korea, China and Vietnam where communist resistance finally stalled their expansionism (hence their particularly intense hatred of communism, bourgeoisie governments like was Japan’s can be more easily enticed/coerced into betraying their populations and becoming vassals) and leaving us where we today with the US’s cold war against China.