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Internet>VPN>Tor configuration basically just replaces your current ISP with the VPN provider. If the VPN provider is trustworthy and not compromised, this would conceal Tor usage and add an extra ‘hop’.

Internet>Tor>VPN adds an extra hop at the end. If the VPN is acquired in a way that your identity is totally concealed, this can add a bit extra security and make the internet more functional because most Tor exit nodes are banned.

Either way the answer is yes. Also let’s be honest with ourselves, if one adversary has compromised all 3 Tor nodes in a circuit (or 6 in the case of onion services), they compromised your VPN too. If that’s your threat model, you should probably just be using synchronous encryption and a USB stick taped to a pigeon.

Magisk always worked without modifying the system. As long as /boot is still writable we’re good.

Do you mean tartar? Plaque is a clear biofilm of microorganisms. Tartar is hardened plaque presenting as a yellow or brown deposit of calcium which further encourages bacterial proliferation.

Grew up poor, no insurance so couldn’t go to the dentist.

Saw on Reddit to get an electric toothbrush so I got one when I was younger. Brush twice a day with it. Never got cavities with 5 years of no dentist.

Now I also floss once a day, tongue scrape once a day, mouth wash once a day.

If you do any one thing, buy an electric toothbrush.

Flossing is really important. It’s hard to comprehend the gains but since bacteria grow exponentially, removing the small amount between your teeth has outsized benefits.