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Not sure about the thread title… the US’s grasp isn’t slipping: they’ve been taking every opportunity to yeet human rights into the sun from day one, when those pustulent bougie ‘founding father’ ghouls signed their declaration that metastesized the cancer of capitalism and damned us all to lifetimes of misery.

I’m really glad the mask is slipping, though.

I agree with all of this. I also really miss having access to CBD oil in Hong Kong as a means of pain management and anxiety control.

I might have recourse to better treatment for both pain and mental health in a socialist system, but Hong Kong remains capitalist and weed is an excellent coping mechanism for capitalism.

Yep. I know so many people that are curious about China but glaze over when I explain it directly or scoff when I show them something from Chinese media.

Does anyone know of any videos like this one, that explain the democratic process in China but aren’t by CGTN?

I don’t have any issue with CGTN myself, but there’s a large demographic of people that want to understand more about China who are still conditioned to doubt and reject anything coming out of a Chinese platform.

If every Leftist had to disprove every receipt to the satisfaction of every other leftist, well… it seems in the Anglosphere/internet left that’s already the case and it’s why the Anglosphere left is completely impotent.

Between the accusations of 1) not meticulously debunking other accusations and 2) guilt by association… yeah SerfsTV can fuck off.

They’re streamers, living comfortably in the imperial core earning money on a subscription-based model producing primarily entertainment-focused commentary. They have a conflict of interest in that they profit from drama because their ecosystem is constantly demanding fresh ‘content’ with no discernment about what the actual content is (to the extent that ‘content creator’ is the literal job description, it’s non-specific because at the end of the day the nature of the actual content doesn’t fucking matter to their business model) and their long-term earning potential is contingent on the things they make ‘content’ about continuing to exist.

Medhurst is regularly in the thick of it, doing actual journalism. And those condescending little shits have the arrogance to take a swipe at him and the “anti US-imperialist left” when that is the actual entire left once you carve away the privileged leeches that sit in the imperial core doing FUCK ALL and while talking down at the people putting actual blood and sweat in for the working class.

Yes I enjoyed composing this comment. Trash like the Surfs and most of DemSoc / reformist North American political streaming economy are utter fucking cancer. They capture the energy of discontent over there, spin it for a buck, and then direct it towards either the bullshit electoral system or keep it spinning in circles over divisive issues that will only be solved after working class liberation.

while further eroding America’s already poor reputation in the region.

bwahahaha this is understatement on the level of the “African countries feel exploited by the West” line in that other lib article a while back. They’re so full of shit.

It tickles me that liberals call for “free and fair elections” in Russia, when that would mean the United Russia party would march straight back into officf. And if they adjust the meaning of “free and fair elections” to prohibit voting for United Russia, the Communist Party would be next in line.

They’re already so divorced from reality that China could build a space elevator and start developing a low-orbit tourism industry and libs would look up at the platforms in the sky and the livestreams and explain to you how it’s all fake with deadpan sincerity.

I mean it’s reddit. Liberals will invite themselves into every corner, openly or posing as something else, and start barfing their nauseating rhetoric everywhere in an attempt to ‘correct’ everyone else… and subreddit admins have to let them in, or the sub becomes 🌟problematic🌟 and quarantined. And that’s okay for the Deprogram. It exists to educate liberals as much as to entertain comrades.

Nobody likes the feeling of a liberal’s cold, viscous saliva sticking to their ear lobes, but at some point you do have to come in contact with them if you want to deprogram them.

I like the ‘pipeline’ they’ve established. I don’t know if it’s deliberate or not, and it’s more of a network than a line, but they’ve each got different styles and palatability to different demographics.

Someone who might watch JT’s videos but gets turned away by the aesthetic, tone or subject matter of Yugo or Hakim may well end up listening to the latter two after several hours of ‘the boys’ bantering with one another.

undefined> Also they become so baffled when they get lost in the woods and die that there are thousands of videos on YouTube of people crying over conspiracies that must be happening in the park.

Oh is this where the legends about bigfoot and yogi bear come from?

Evil in deed, or evil in the morals of its soldiers?

I’ve never been. Seen it on TV and thought it might be nice to visit but I don’t want to get shot by racists or police or a wandering Dick Cheney. What’s it really like?

Nah that was never normal. This example sparked outrage, it was waaaay out of line and emboldened by the civil unrest at the time.

It actually might have been a good thing, because it got people asking , “if that’s out of line, where is the line?”.

Now we have a line. And a lot of teachers are terrified of it and portray it as overly-draconian, but that’s because they’d grown so used to slinging microaggressions toward mainlanders, mainland culture, and mainland government.

But it’s the same kind of line that everywhere else has. Promote good values. Don’t promote sedition. Don’t cheerlead for the foreign government that wants to destroy yours and subjugate you.

“The Enemy is portrayed as both weak and strong.”

One of Umberto Eco’s telltale signs of fascism.

Oh hold on. That middle collage image has had the script flipped on it. It’s from a sex education textbook, a section about sexual abuse. They educate kids about this stuff in primary school. Top two are pictures of inappropriate behaviour, bottom left has had the pervert with a camera cropped out.

Bottom right I have no idea but the book those other three are from is based as fuck. Other pages from that book that liberals won’t be so quick to share are the pages about respecting homosexuality and asexuality, and that it’s wrong to shame people for choosing not to marry or follow other social norms. It runs completely against the Western narrative about what sex education is like in China.

In Hong Kong, because of the joint declaration, socialist values and SWCC aren’t required in the education system. HK is specifically protected from such communist brainwashing. 😏

Instead, the HK Education Bureau now requires teachers to promote virtues such as love for justice and social justice, caring for and protecting the community, helping each other, sharing, collectivism… yep, no socialism here. 🫡

My liberal teacher friends are fuming about it. They can’t do things like that infamous river comparison worksheet anymore. So unfair! Waaaa.

They’re free to leave any time they want, of course. They could go back to their free-er, liberal, home countries… but they’re still here, cashing the (huge) paychecks and not worrying about the mortal safety of their kids on school days.

Not sure - but in that instance I don’t think it’s unironic

FUCKING HELL look at the language in the liberal rhetoric:

  • African nations are objectively victims of Western imperialism ‘feel’ victims of Western imperialism.

  • Lavrov’s message resonates with countries that have been directly threatened by American power long been suspicious of American power. //If you speak softly and carry a big stick, the stick is a threat. especially if it's covered in blood. Suspicion isn't unreasonable.

  • Russia is strengthening ties with natural allies against imperialism is ‘cultivating’ and ‘influencing’ countries into an alliance ‘putting Russia at its head’. //Implicit here is that these countries are incapable of their own sovereignty, they instinctively seek out a suzerian.

  • In Asia countries that have long held anti-imperialist sentiment are now able to speak up without fearing repercussion ‘waves’ of Anti-imperialism and anti-westernism are continuing to ‘swell’. //Like it's just a phase that will pass.

  • Everyone knows it’s America and its allies who are the sources of global disruption and instability The idea that it’s America and its allies who are the sources of global disruption and instability holds sway. //This one really takes the fucking cake. This is an article that acknowledges we've been living in a unipolar world, yet somehow it's not the US and its constant state of war that has instigated everything?

This is the language of psychological abuse. “I’m sorry you think I hurt you,” “I do it to protect you,” “You never complained about this in the bedroom (where I have an axe mounted to the headboard),” “Other partners would be much worse.”

Hey everybody the F-22 now has a 100% win rate in air-to-air engagements. Utterly destroyed every single air target it’s engaged without taking a scratch. Woo USA number 1.


Gotta send a petition to https://cma.gov.cn asking them to put ‘scarier than aliens’ as a bumper sticker on their weather balloons.

You’re in the imperial core (presumably). Don’t punish yourself for not being able to grow anything on dry ground. No one expects that of you.

Don’t let liberal, individualist cultural conditioning tell you you’re failing if you’re not some kind of main character messiah.

Pick your opportunities. Make yourself known to people and they will come to you when they’re ready. Reality is a powerful ally.

“Would this toolbox help us build a cabin, do you think?”

“Yes. But empty it first, the tools are just dead weight.”

“…Are you sure?”

“Yes. We can’t shelter inside the toolbox and complain about how hard it is to build a cabin if it’s filled with hammers and drills other tankie shit.”

“But I don’t think we can shelter in the toolbox, it’s not big enough. Maybe we could use the tools to-”

“Of course it isn’t big enough! It’s designed by a tankie. An Anarchist would have designed a bigger toolbox.”

“But would an anarchist have built a bigger toolbox?”

“Irrelevant! I refuse to compromise on the purity of my vision for a comically large tool box.”

Step 1: Depose capitalism and liberate the working class.

That’s it. You can do anything you like to abolish sex work, but if capitalism remains fhen economic coercion will remain and sex work will eventually come back. When capitalism is gone, the economic coercion that makes transactional sex exploitative/unethical is gone.

On a desert island it would just be useless pieces of paper. Porn is no different.

So you’re saying if I take my porn stash to a desert island I can consume it ethically?

(j/k obvs)

One of the goals is to “prevent loss of faith in [Western] democratic institutions.”

Like installing more bilge pumps when the ship’s already underwater.

I don’t like to call it a prediction, but consider the possibility that Ukraine’s going to look like Libya. NATO can’t make Ukraine a puppet, so they’ll settle for the next best thing to put on Russia’s border: a wasteland. A diplomatic grey area.

Zelensky either goes into exile and does book tours and celebrity appearances in The West, or the spin changes and they throw his reputation under the bus as part of their strategy to manufacture consent to pull out.

As for de-nazification, they’ll grow back like weeds. It’ll be fertile ground for them when the government is either non-existent or powerless, and there will be no shortage of white supremacists in the coming years as Western primacy continues to decline.

Source : I trust Quora

Heh, you had me all the way to the end

While I understand the sentiment I’d rather not see another war break out. No war but class war. If everyone were to just chill and nobody gives the US any more excuses to pick fights it’ll break up in our lifetimes and we’ll all get to see that repulsive ego crushed under the weight of its collapsing arms industry while its other corporations, starved of any foreign resources or markets to gorge themselves on, turn inwards and start devouring themselves. It’d be wonderful.

I’m allergic to cats and just lived with it while my cat was alive.

I’d happily double the suffering to have him back.

No idea, but it’s on the official Tencent channel.

It’s also region locked for me, so I’m guessing they’re just making it free for some markets.

I have a feeling that the CPC would prioritize the wellbeing of their people over the stock lines going up.

I agree, but those are linked together when you have a system that suppresses Wall Street-style financial fuckery: the trade value of the business sits closer to the actual value of the business, and the value of the business is tied to its usefulness to people.

Also, in times of economic turmoil, China rides it out better than anywhere else. But then again part of that is because of social safety nets that wouldn’t be there for foreign investors.

What do you all think about buying shares in Alibaba or Tencent? Not sure about Tencent but Alibaba stock is definitely available through international trading via Hong Kong stock exchange.

If you have your savings* in a bank, it’s being leveraged by bankers as finance capital. And not for your benefit (unless it’s a state bank under socialism).

If you have it in Tencent or Alibaba, it’s still finance capital, but in a business based in a socialist country heavily regulated by a socialist government.

So if you’re in a capitalist country and aren’t able to keep your money in a socialist state bank, maybe having it invested in a socialist country is the next best place to keep your savings (after burying it in the woods).

*: Of course the idea of having savings in 2023 is mostly hypothetical, but if you do have savings and this news gains traction, those share prices might dip if people afraid of the eebil seeseepee panic sell.

I can think of fewer things more appropriate. He’d fit right in amongst the gallery of slave-owning founders and manifest destiny enjoyers.

WMDs in Iraq

Gulf of Tonkin

Nord Stream Sabotage

Kiev 2014

Indigenous populations everywhere they colonize

Partition of India

Japan wanting to surrender before Hiroshima

I mean there’s so much stuff you have to actively forget to maintain the delusion that you’re supporting the good guys when you support The West that it’s no wonder liberal brains are just slush. The only reason they don’t have brain matter dripping out of their ears is because of the thick globs of sticky, viscous fascism blocking the exits.

Socialist boy/girl scouts are called ‘Young Pioneers’ - e.g. Young Pioneers of Cuba or Young Pioneers of China. They look like scouts except for the red neckerchiefs. idk if any organisations exist outside socialist countries or if they’re allowed to - Hong Kong still has scouts because of the ‘no imposing socialist values’ part of the joint declaration.

Chinese government websites have all switched their colour schemes to Black & White.
Including in HK. Went to check observatory website on my phone to check the weather and thought I'd pocket dialled some setting on my browser. https://www.gov.cn Presumably for comrade Jiang Zemin

No surprise that the best version of the French Lyrics on the internet comes from Liu Huan singing at a talent show in China.

Does anyone know of any VPN services that still offer Russia as an endpoint?
The service I'm using removed its Russian endpoints shortly after the Ukraine conflict broke out. I neither know nor care if they did so of their own volition or were forced to do so: either reason is a huge ~~red flag~~ NATO flag against being able to trust them.

/r/AskHistorians is bestowing its knowledge of China upon the masses again (“Did the CPC make reasonable decisions?”)
The current top answer cites its sources as: white person, white person and white person... oh but you see, it's not because they're white. It's because they're *reputable*. It's very important to put stringent answering criteria in place to get factual, well-researched answers to the loaded, subjective question.

As someone who works in education, who isn't 'allowed' to talk politics to my students, movies and stories like this are so useful. Getting young people to critically think about fact that the prevailing narrative is treated as the 'correct' one simply because it's the prevailing one is so important. The earlier it happens, the better. Anyway please check this out if you can, but please don't go telling liberals about what the red sea monster really represents... then they won't let their kids watch it!

They're ditching the black sun from their insignia. It would be unsurprising if all the coverage of Azov from a few years ago (where mainstream media was acknowledging they were Nazis and documenting their youth camps etc) started disappearing. Please make copies if you can. I know nothing on the internet ever really disappears, but the propaganda machine can effectively suppress. Make them work for it.

Churchill and Stalin’s quotes about how history will remember them go alarmingly well together.
> History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it. - Churchill > I know that after my death a pile of rubbish will be heaped on my grave, but the wind of History will sooner or later sweep it away without mercy. - Stalin I've known of both of these quotes for some time but it never occured to me how much they complement one another. We've seen the truth steadily eroding Churchill's reputation as his conduct during the Bengal famine (among so many other things) becomes more mainstream knowledge. Cathartic to see it happening.