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The scary thing is that I feel like our leaders are quickly running out of options that isn’t one last desperate war to try and take out the competition. And considering just how much of a threat we consider China to be, I wouldn’t rule out nukes.

Even if I wasn’t perma’d on reddit for somethign stupid, I’m certain this Ukraine shit would’ve done me in. Especially considering how absolutely rabid reddit was for those first 6 months.

My favorite part was how the Quarantine didn’t stop us whatsoever so the admins stepped in and made the sub impossible to access.

After all, the people in charge still want to be in charge.

At this point, I think it’s pretty safe to say that something is going to happen in the next couple years to “justify” a hot war with China. This rhetoric has gotten out of hand.

Just saw some posts on reddit about the Putin visit to Mariupol

Imagine believing, for even a moment, that assassinting the leader of one of the most powerful countries on Earth would end the conflict. This is exactly the level of delusion I was hoping to see, just a peak at the insanity under the surface of “rational” minds.

The people in power knows it’s bullshit but the narrative depends on the ignorant believing that this is literally WW2 complete with a holocaust.

To the shock of no one, her speaking up like this triggered the fuck out of all the conservative white men. It really shows how threatened they are by a woman saying “extreme” things.

It’s pretty insane that anti-China propaganda is so mindbending that Peterson seriously believed that the CPC is so inhumanly evil that they’re harvesting sperm from people for…some reason.

Which, as I recall, is a thing that happened in 2020. A man walked up to protesters and started unloading a pistol. Wasn’t in the news more than a day.

Isn't it interesting how libs and cons are both fine with the romantic idea of revolution until someone actually seriously suggests doing something drastic? Y'know, in minecraft?

Just found a YouTube channel called “Memeology 101.” There are no memes. It’s 100% a conservative propaganda channel.

Question: How many people actually care about this guy and how many are Nazi weirdos being boosted by internet algorithms? This trend of lionizing “war heroes” you know nothing about in countries you don’t live in is stupid as hell.

They’re definetly getting ready to distance themselves from Ukraine now that the war is clearly being lost, despite all the help.

It’s pretty funny on all fronts. We know that NATO proxies blew up the pipeline, and they know that we know, so they aren’t going to insult our intelligence by playing dumb instead they’re going to admit that a third party blew up Nordstream. But if they outright say the US did it, it’s war so here we are.

My favorite part is how the Ukraine shills clearly don’t know how to take this. NAFO is still taking the stance that Russia blew up their own pipeline or that it doesn’t matter and then you have guys saying that it’s okay we blew it up because Russia bad, but overall they’re pissed at NYT for rolling out the new narrative and clearly not telling them.

Talk abotu white savior complex. They do realize that we didn’t actually win the Korean War, right?

I don’t know about being a CIA asset or anything, but she’s for sure controlled opposition. She’s the hip young “leftist” to keep all the kids from looking too deeply into actual socialist ideologies. A whole article about how badass and witty the Ukrainians are, and then buried at the literal bottom of the page they admit that they lost Bakhmut. You can't make this shit up.

I guess that it’s less that he’s “winning” and more that Ukraine is finally running out of bodies to throw into the meatgrinder. The situation over there must be like something out of a horror movie. Or it would be if 80% of the fighting force wasn’t made up of neo-nazis.

That must mean they’re scared of someone finding out the real cause.

This new Scott Adams drama is doing a great job of showing off just how easy racist white people have it now. Normally when someone gets “cancelled” for being a bigoted piece of shit, they just fall off the radar. Not Scott, suddenly Twitter is abuzz with “13/50” memes and plenty of “Oh woe is me, they treat us whites so bad” posting.

Then these same people will turn around and be shocked that minorities don’t trust them.

He’s the stunt double. I wonder how big is the check he’s cashing.

The level of delusion to think that we can beat Russia and China in a hot war, at the same time is unfathomable.

I know the odds that these people are actual human being is low, but imagine seeing thousands of people gather to march against supporting a war and thinking they’re the bad guys.

The sitting president of the United States randomly popping over to an active warzone has to be one of the most suspicious things he’s ever done.

Boy I hope what you’re implying won’t come to pass.

You can tell the war ain’t going well because Atomic Hearts has become a hotbutton for the NAFO trolls. Popular nations winning a war aren’t worried about people playing a video game.

They’re pretty bad actually. Cool to watch but once you actually think on them for a while they fall apart.

It’s almost comical just how right the soviets ended up being. They knew the Nazis had to be destroyed from the word go.

What is the proper response to the claim that the USSR and Nazi Germany were allies? I know it’s bullshit, but what are some quick facts that you could pull up?

Imagine for a second actually believing all the chatter about Russian soldiers going into battle with sticks and rocks.

Sooooo he just admitted that Putin isn’t trying to be Hitler.

The irony of “opposing” fascism and ignoring all the ways your country is falling into it.

Evidently the Bakmuht campaign is not going well. I say allegedly because, as usual, the sources of this are pretty shaky. Hopefully it's not true because this is a major escalation otherwise. Like point-of-no-return level.

The cognitive dissonance is insane: "China owns America...but also, we're going to attack China in the next few years and, despite my many racist tirades to the contary, I think that's a bad thing!"

How fucking deep does this go? I know I sound like an r/conspiracy poster but this is absolutely insane. Even the Pope is telling everyone to send all they can to Ukraine. No other charity, no other warzone, ***JUST*** Ukraine. The same Ukraine that just outlawed Orthodox Christianity and suddenly has Neo-Nazi rituals and witches all over their social media. This is a scheme, there's no other explanation, this is a massive money laundering operation. If a person can't see that at this point, they're beyond help. Maybe the US finally ran out of free money to give and that's why it's being called "donations" now instead of lethal aid or humanitarian assistance.

Thousands dead and there's allegedly a horrific genocide going on, but the Ukies are putting out videos of pretty girls dancing in the snow? Makes you wonder...

You have to understand how agitated I am that I felt the need to make this.

The news out of Ukraine for the last 6 months has been nothing but this huge war, but suddenly it's safe for kids to go back to school? Including entrance ceremonies? Does this read as strange to anyone else?

"You shouldn't even be allowed to look at Russian media. And if you do, you're a Putin supporter."

The entire "joke" is that the evil Chinese are spying on you and you should be afraid of them. At this point, I that every TV show over here that gets really popular is obligated to start blasting pure propaganda at the viewer.

cross-posted from: > I don't actually believe in WW3 as a possibility, but it's the blind arrogance of these people that it wouldn't be a big deal that keeps me up at night.

Also, that thread is full of Marvelbrain. Apparently half of Reddit doesn't about real arms manufacturers and their only frame of reference is Tony Stark.

The Truck of Peace strikes again.
Roe/Wade protests kicked off today and in record time, some asshole just tried to murder some protesters by running them over. Murder apologists are already in the comments talking about how it's totally okay to do this because they're "standing in the street" Fucking nightmarish.

You know, I used to think that the majority could never be wrong. That, in the end, most people will be able to discern the truth from the lies.
And then Ukraine happened. I realize this is probably the same logic that Holocaust or Sandy Hook deniers use, but it really is fascinating just how many people can be fooled by propaganda or group think. Even when the facts are staring in their faces they just don't want to hear it.

These tweets by Musk are really rubbing me the wrong way
Putting aside all the Elon Musk drama, this stuff is just annoying to have to see. "I hate the far left !and the far right." First of all, false equivalence, secondly like that's such a bold statement. Newsflash: Everyone hates extremists. I defy you to find a single person who likes them. But more than that the problem is how many people quietly believe far right bullshit and think it's normal. Most Nazis aren't goose stepping Hitler cosplayers, they're just bigoted people who don't see themselves as such. The kind of people who claim to be centrists that "hate both sides" are just fashies who are afraid to be upfront about it.*___**___*

I think I’ve nailed down what NATO’s plans for Ukraine are
The goal is to create a European Israel. A proxy state controlled by fascists that routinely commit warcrimes against other ethnic groups, funded and armed by the US. That's why Zelenkskyy is being treated like a rock star and paraded around everywhere: So they can continue pushing the narrative that it's impossible that Nazis control Ukraine because their "leader" is a Jewish man. They'll be used to carry out black ops against Russia for the foreseeable future, and then when Russia retaliates, the plausible deniability kicks in and NATO won't have to get involved because Ukraine won't be part of them still. The "genocide" rhetoric will be used to make Ukraine completely uncriticizable because you'd be lumped in as one of "them" (a fascist, ironically) denying the atrocities and not allowed anywhere near the MSM. From there, one of two things will happen: Ukraine will get nukes and then we'll all be in big shit or Europe will descend into chaos because of armed Nazis spilling over into other countries.

It’s crazy how quickly dehumanizing Russians has become normal.
On Reddit, there are two ways to see Russian people: Brainwashed toddlers who have no idea what's going on in Ukraine or hordes of viscous, evil orcs (the amount of Tolkien lingo I've seen to describe this conflict is disturbing. I don't think he'd want anything to do with it.) that should be destroyed. On Twitter, it's common to see Ukranian journalists, probably Nazi simps themselves, call for the average Russian civillian to be punished and equate their culture to some warlike barbarian tribe. And on Facebook, you can just say "Kill all Russians" and get away with it. Like I always knew that the West was slowly sliding into fascism, but I did expect it to happen this quickly.