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seems like 99% of the toxicity on Lemmy comes from 1% of the people

my experience too

Anarkiddie here, it’s good that you put effort into this post and it’s at least mostly good faith

I agree with lisko’s point (above) that some users will not be disciplined, but others will be, but i’m uncertain as to why some are considered the golden children. The problem users ive blocked aren’t disciplined by staff

Blocking the awful people for yourself is even worse because you don’t see the shit anymore, but new people will be confronted to it anyway as soon as they arrive.

Great insight!

xpost https://lemmy.ca/c/bestofthefediverse

very interesting! Media hypes up the doom scenarios but doesn’t cover people like you. You’ve prob done more leftism than all of lemmy.ml combined! Great work!

Where do i buy leftist swag? How do i find it? Preferably don’t say amazon or ebay :p supporting ebay/amazing for this kind of thing is, you know, lol

those symbols aren’t bad in their meaning, but until today, i’ve never heard of them. So even if i was out and i saw a person wearing those symbols, i wouldnt know its relevant to my interests haha.

sounds good :)

Wouldn’t it be a better starting point to organize with people because of their political thoughts

I forgot some of what i was gonna reply already lol! But basically the point of me wearing a symbol in public is a conversation piece. I want leftist (doesn’t matter what kind of leftist to me) to ideally see that symbol, recognize it as something relevant to their interests and then walk up to me and ask me about it. Then roughly ask them if they wanna join me for some praxis and add them to facebook or whatevr afterwards.

I know a grand total of 0 leftists atm irl, and i’ve been to a few protests too

It’s good that you’re asking questions but mate maybe make a ‘nsfl ask lemmy’ or like ‘ask lemmy after hours’ sub for these kind of super controversial questions. Not a good look for lemmy.ml’s biggest (?) sub to have such a controversial question here

I have a reply, but

After all, it is probably important to think before you post, sorry.

makes me think you’re not here in good faith? I checked your profile and not enough posts for me to tell if you wanna chat or if you’re just here to dunk on peeps.

But if you mean your post in good faith, i have a reply :)

hammer and sickle pin on my work uniform

Wait what? Your work must be unionized, bc ⚒️ means you’re in favor of unions

All of this really doesn’t help you,

My rough plan is to ask them if they wanna join me for some praxis and add them to facebook or whatevr afterwards