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The population will continue to increase, and there isn’t much you can do about it. 10 billion seems to be the new consensus. After that the population will stabilize and will probably start to shrink. So you may as well think of ways to improve our energy efficiency.

There are a lot of places where we are wasting energy needlessly. Transport chains, cars, cities which are built in car-centric ways, overproduction, packaging. If we can fix all of these, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of energy to spare.

Our planet can produce food for 10 billion people. However this is not possible, if we keep the current waste of food under capitalism. As long as we continue to waste half of our food before it even reaches the supermarkets, doing intensive agriculture, deforestation, etc… There is just no planet that can sustain so much abuse.

I know, but the Western media insists on calling it a draft to pretend Putin is desperate.

It’s not a draft. It’s merely the reserves being called to active service.

Maybe this is the crisis that turns a lot of countries away from the unstable western financial system.

What good is peacefully marching if fascists can come to a protest, gun down people and leave with impunity?

I think it’s mainly due to outsourcing. They de-industrialized themselves and can’t even manufacture enough to supply their own imperialist armies. Europeans have no idea how lucky they are that Russians have so much restraint. If Russia wanted to go all the way to Berlin again, they could and without much effort.

Obviously I don’t like a nazi Ukraine. I understand perfectly that it’s not a sovereign country. Since 2014 it’s been ruled like a US colony. But I still believe that Russia coming in and chopping up the country as they see fit, and leaving the rest as a failed state is far from an ideal solution.

I think we need to clarify that Russia annexing Ukraine is most definitely not based, and also attacks the legacy of the Soviet Union, especially of Lenin. This war could’ve easily been avoided if the West had respected Russia’s red lines, which they purposefully crossed.

Decided to have some fun and balkanize the US. If the filthy liberals can have fun balkanizing China and Russia, then so can I with the US. I'll follow the Legend order: - **Florida**: Is an independent country. It's pretty much a fiscal paradise and tourist resort. Suffers with drug cartels which emerged after the fall of the US. The worst are the ones run by Cuban gusanos, which were forced to resort to crime when their US state funded subsidies went dry. - **Bible Belt**: As backwards and reactionary as you can imagine. Slavery is legalized against all non-whites. Christianity is the only legal religion. - **Free Men States**: These are regions that managed to break free from the Bible Belt. They frequently make armed incursions against the Bible Belt to free slaves and disrupt governamental operations. - **Native American Communes**: Similar to the Free Men States, but their larger Native American population banded together with common ideals and culture. They are in a state of unofficial war with the Bible Belt. - **New California Republic**: Has a large industry of high tech products, which it exports to several Asian countries. (Yes, the name is inspired by that game, you know the one). - **Soviet Union**: Yeah that's right. The Soviet Union is back and better than ever! Alaska just couldn't resist the offer and decided to join Russia. - **York Conglomerate**: Modeled itself after the EU (which no longer exists). It portrays itself to be a beacon of civilization in a sea of chaos and savagery, which it claims the rest of the US to be. If Canada falls, it has the daunting task of being the last bastion of white liberal civilization that's left on the planet! - **Canada**: It's still Canada, but its proximity to the Soviet Union is causing instability in the country. Many worker strikes are occurring across the nation. - **Great Midwest**: What's left of the US. These states are more or less independent with mostly local governments. Their economies rely on resource extraction and farming. They are suffering with mass emigration to their border regions. Many towns and villages only have old people left. There are a lot of lawless regions in this zone. - **Hawaii**: It's still the same but an independent country. **EU**: The EU dissolved in 2025. Following Russia's victory in the Ukrainian war, the EU was left with massive debt and crippling electricity prices that forced its industrial sector to relocate to the US. After the war many Nazi combatants felt betrayed by the EU and vowed to make the Europeans pay for such betrayal. Terrorist acts devastated what was left of the EU. Some governments, like Germany's, even ceased to exist! Following the massacre of 2027 where Ukronazi terrorists managed to bomb and kill the entire German cabinet of ministers. Many politicians fled the country for fear of further reprisals, and the country was left in a state of shock and disarray. This devastation lasted decades. Many Nazi terrorists eventually formed street gangs and mafias. However, in 2050 when the terrorism has finally subsided, a new wave of leftist militias have been ending these nazi gangs and establishing safe zones. Could this be a turning point for Europe? What about the rest of the world? It's actually doing pretty well. No longer oppressed by the boot of Western Imperialism many countries managed to develop their economies and mostly eradicate poverty. Socialism and Social Democracy are the reigning ideologies in the world. Global Warming has mostly been resolved. While extreme weather events still persist, climate apocalypse has been avoided. Humanity is also venturing into other planets in the solar system. A new Space Age is beginning and the future looks bright!

Well, if everyone becomes imortal and keep having kids the population of this planet will explode.

I don’t believe we will se immortality anytime soon. I mean, even if they manage to make your skin look younger, and clone new organs to replace defective ones, what about the brain? It will continue to age and develop more complex problems the older it gets. And even then, if immortality was invented that would raise massive sustainability issues, because of the massive population boom.

What about pipes and cables? How do they handle those?

I think in order to fight such a virus, we need a global coordinated response, which is something the West would never do. So there isn’t much point in continuing to fight it all by yourself.

The whole coverage of this war has been a blatant violation of journalistic standards.

Yeah, if we had a coordinated global response, I think this pandemic could’ve been over in less than a year.

I think China is gonna open the economy.
I'm sure some of you have seen these types of [posts](https://www.asiamarkets.com/exposed-china-concentration-camp-as-far-as-the-eye-can-see/). We can't expect much from the idiots that write these articles. But there have been multiple posts on Twitter, of supposedly massive Chinese internment camps. If we know something about the Chinese government is that they plan ahead. They know that if they open the economy, they'll have a colossal number of infections. These buildings are very likely hospitals or quarantine zones where the infected will be sent to receive appropriate medical care. Of course Westoids can't imagine what it's like to live in a country where the government actually thinks of the future and cares about the lives of it's own people. So their conclusions are as shortsighted as their governments. I think the Chinese government is going to do a full reopening of the country and try to be as ready as possible, since their economy can't continue to operate like this. What do you guys think?

Yes less diversity is better, the perfect civilization is just a gigantic clone army.

When this happens just temporarily disable the downvote button, they’ll get tired and think of some other lifeless hobby to do.

What I find funny is that they assume that everyone that posts on a communist sub, is a fully informed and knowledgeable Marxist. Not just someone who is starting out, and still has a mind filled with liberal ideas and pre conceptions. Just seems cheap from them to mock this.

Take extra good care of yourself. I heard this new variant can avoid Covid immunity. I fear this will get worse if new variants keep showing up. Governments are playing with this virus, and this has the potential to spiral out of control.

All Western countries are. Guess they aren’t very concerned anymore, about pretending they’re democracies.

hmmm, Is it based? Has Juche server but implies Taiwan is a country.

I’ve stopped wearing a mask because the government here in Portugal has declared that Covid is now a normal disease. That’s right, if you become infected you have to come to work and there is no isolation anymore. This is irresponsible. So I’m not sure if there’s a point in continuing to wear a mask, since they seem to be actively trying to get everyone infected.

the father of the Soviet space program was Ukrainian

Yeah but he worked with Russians, so they would probably just shoot him dead today.

Thanks you wholesome US for getting us rid of the Human Rights violator cheap Russian gas. Now we can get wholesome Humanitarian Saudi and Native American gas for much higher prices.

But what’s the point of lying to British millionaires? Are they supposed to decipher some code? I’ve tried reading the Economist but it just seems like blatant liberal propaganda.

Remember when they pretended to fight the Nazis? They sure took their acting to an extreme level!

One very dangerous thing that is forming, is the idea that the Russian army is weak and incompetent. This will only make it easier to manufacture consent for a war with Russia. Westoids are really starting to believe that NATO can easily defeat Russia.

Lol, if the EU can’t do business with Saudi Arabia, where the hell are they gonna get NatGas and oil from? Europe is over. There’s just no way the US can fulfill all their energy needs regardless of the price.

I suggest people take a look at Garland Nixon. He’s pretty left wing and quite funny too.

I can't even watch the mainstream media anymore, since I automatically discard everything they say as a lie and start getting anxiety, from the anger of listening to their bullshit.

I’d argue it’s even worse now. These Ukronazis have loads of Nazi insignia on display and Westoids couldn’t care less. Like you point that out, and they either say the Russians are the fascists or that these Nazis deserve support for fighting the Russians. It’s sickening.