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Sending this to my English friend immediately

There is no such thing as better or worse when it comes to animals, just different. You’re wrong though, birds are quite clearly better lmao

The artificial competition between cats and dogs is so silly. They’re both great animals but they’re completely different from each other. It doesn’t even make sense to compare them. They’re not the same. It’s like comparing rabbits and birds and trying to rank them. Why the fuck?

You clearly know nothing about socialism. Socialism isn’t when ice cream factory you stupid dumbdumb it’s when genocide and famine and stuff. It’s when big spoon moustache man eat all the grain and controls the weather with the spectre of communism (like the holy spirit but for commies)

Nazi Germany. But yes, Pizza Hut is a close second 🙂🙂🙂

So Russia is causing the amount of Ukrainians in Ukraine to lower? Wow, genocide much? You redfash tankies really will twist any narrative to suit yourselves smh my head

War is peace

Pizza hut is socialism

It’s pointless sadism. It’s one thing to kill a nazi, by doing that you’re essentially protecting yourself and/or everyone that isn’t a straight white cis man. That’s violence which serves a purpose. Torture doesn’t help anyone.

There’s also their humanity to consider. I know, I know, nazis are worthless scum. But they are still sentient. They can still suffer. Which I guess is the point… But I don’t think that’s the kind of impulse we should be encouraging. Compassion is always the better choice. That’s our strength. That and our gigantic penises.

As the designated buzzkill, naysayer and contrarian I am obligated to declare that actually, torture is bad. Even if it’s a nazi.

Maybe it’s a little less bad. Okay if I HAD to torture someone, a nazi would be a pretty good pick. The only remotely okay pick, actually.

But overall, torture = bad.

You’re all welcome. I have much wisdom to share.

I didn’t say he abused her. I don’t know enough about their relationship to make such a claim. I just think it’s messed up to marry a teenager as an adult.

Nadezhda Alliluyeva. She was only 18 when they got married. Then she eventually killed herself.

Obviously I can’t say that it was his fault that she killed herself, or that he had bad intentions by marrying her. But I still judge him for it.

Edit: Seems this was a bit controversial. I’m not mad about it or anything, but I do wonder why. Please do feel free to share your thoughts and tell me why I’m wrong.

It sure seems that way, but I’m worried that there’s an angle here I’m not seeing.

Really really starting to think that the US has bought into it’s own propaganda to such an extent that it doesn’t know wtf they’re doing anymore. I get that they’re loving the war in Ukraine and the insane profits it’s giving the power companies and whatnot, but is no one thinking long term here? What about the CIA? Are they just fucking stupid now? Are they delusional enough to think that WW3 would be good for them? Are they just so used to dominating everything that they’ve lost touch with reality?

On the one hand I am really happy that the west is shooting itself in the foot like this. On the other hand it scares the shit out of me because we all know they won’t hesitate to sacrifice us. Is that the point? I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the US likes to be unpredictable in war. Not just cause that’s hard to counter, but also due to the psychological effect it has on their opponents.

Does anyone have any good theories or explanations?

Okay but did he die??? If you complain about censorship in China they harvest your organs and inject you with bleach!! Typical Russian CCP shillbot whataboutism 🙄🙄🙄🙄

I should have listened to you. Westerners are beyond hope. Truly more brainwashed than they imagine North Koreans to be. It’s insufferable.

You were so polite. Lib was definitely being condescending and rude. For whatever reason they can never resist the urge to be smug about their own ignorance. They’re real quick to accuse others of being brainwashed. It’s ironic but it’s not funny lol.

I think they need a reminder that there are far worse things that could happen to them. Truly, if you survive a working class revolution as a former member of the bourgeoisie and you’re not executed you really should be grateful. They don’t deserve mercy, we’re just kind enough to extend it sometimes.

Just 1 in 10, no big deal :) I sure am very glad that the entire western world is supporting them :)) just 1 in 10!!! 🙀🥳 haha I sure am happy

“Create more government”

The most intelligent racist

So we can’t tell people to fuck off when we’re unjustly accused of being fascists and constantly strawmanned, but libs get to ban us entirely just for calling them libs. Wtf else do you want us to call you? “The correct ones”? Are we allowed to have opinions that differ from yours so long as we kiss your ass or is us having a different opinion a slight in and of itself? Like jesus you people have all of mainstream society. Let us have this ONE thing.

It’s all just a way for libs to cultivate their identity. They’re not communists or anarchists in any meaningful sense. Like you say, they don’t do anything. It’s all about social credit and the unmet need to be seen as distinct and valuable individuals in a system that has alienated them. It’s cope.

That’s what I think anyway.

Bad. My cat died yesterday and the world is a cold, cruel place with no mercy for sweet, dorky cats.

Don’t get pets, folks. Eventually they die and it’ll break your heart.

Maybe they were falling apart. There’s no context so who knows? I mean other than all the China experts on reddit, obviously.

What do you mean when you say sociopath? Afaik that’s not a diagnosis that’s used in psychology anymore (if it ever was? The difference between psychopaths and sociopaths was never clear to me). I believe it’s called anti-social personality disorder now.

Starting to think this too. It genuinely seems like they’ve bought their own propaganda and they don’t know what they’re doing.

Recently some idiot from the furthest right party in my country loudly complained that a newly built school in the city “discriminates against drivers”. You see the lot they built on wasn’t ideal, and they ended up having to sacrifice parking spaces. So there’s not enough parking for everyone. If you want to work there, you may have to take the bus or park elsewhere.

To this right-wing idiot, this was a huge scandal unlike any other! It’s a war on the people! It’s irrational hatred of drivers! The left has gone too far!

It was ridiculous.

Just fucking fund better public transportation jesus fuck.

Literally everyone did, psychiatric facilities were fucking awful for a long, long time. Still are in some ways.

I’m thinking even if this report is honest, it’s still manipulative. 100 people out of billions, over several years is not what I would call a big systemic issue. Also things like being forced to take medication? That’s what happens if you get committed against your will. Anywhere.

New propaganda just dropped
"In China, posting a political comment, submitting a complaint about a corrupt official, or shouting slogans in the street, will quickly get you locked up in a detention centre. Or it might get you committed to a psychiatric hospital." (https://safeguarddefenders.com/en/blog/mental-torture-china-locking-critics-psychiatric-facilities) Thoughts?

I wish Dan Harmon wasn’t such a lib :( The dude is genuinely a talented and unique writer. Such a lib though. It’s exhausting.

I don’t know how to feel about this