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Fish is slowly adding more POSIX syntax, e.g. $(cmd), export ENV_VAR=1 and CFLAGS=-02 make now work as you would expect.

Demonstrating how easy it is to get hacked

I switched from QWERTZ to a custom QWERTY layout but I fear that switching to something else would make it awkward to use computers other than my own. I also use the Vim keys hjkl in many applications.

It is proven that some mathematical questions can never be answered. This is known as Gödel’s incompleteness theorem. Veritasium made a nice video about it.

I also get “502 Bad Gateway” every now and then. Today it happened with https://lemmy.ml/post/330390. Nothing is printed to the Firefox console (except for Quirks Mode because of missing <!DOCTYPE html> of course). Reloading the page fixes the issue.

You guys are overreacting. DDG said they would only down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation. It’s normal for search engines to downrank low-quality sites such as SEO spam.

Here’s a screenshot. I don’t use a statusbar, gaps or anything fancy, but river does offer these features.

The text editor is Kakoune, the color theme is gruvbox.

River, a dynamic tiling Wayland compositor inspired by dwm and bspwm.

The picture shows Sway, Waybar, Kakoune, Alacritty, and fishshell. The color theme is gruvbox, the fonts are DejaVuSansMono and Inter.