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The spectre that haunts lemmygrad enjoyed your comment so much it gave you a downvote buffer 😳

It’s an emoji holding its hand over mouth to show i shouldn’t reveal secrets. Smh capybara.

N’awwwh I’m doing okay thank you 😊

Just touching grass and doing some life admin 💪

This is true, I’m currently helping him complete his pokedex 💪

This is my understanding. ShoeOnHead made her image as essentially “Boxxy from 4chan but more neo nazi” and very pick me and now that the fascist donation pool has waned she’s pivoted to soc dem to maintain her income and fan base.

“Hey when did you realise?”

“Have you heard of the deprogram?”

Ngl but If you can eat an alive animal I don’t care what gender you are, that’s pretty metal.

Okay cool thanks for the clarification 👍

As in e.g. the waves of feminism going from first wave for the bourgeois, 2nd wave for the academics, third wave to include black and lesbian women and 4th(ish) to include all women. Feminism adapted to meet the needs and develop as a movement for equality in patriarchal society but this is rarely understood through a Liberal lens, that’s what we are referring to?

How is diversity and inclusion libcringe exactly?

🫂 yeah it’s like by virtue of characterising it as mental illness you erase a very real thing that’s just not a mental illness at all.

Sorry I reacted with the information available to me and the fact that you’re related to every other capybara featured on this site suggested otherwise 😤

Gunna have to change their name to ChlorophyllEater smh 🤦

Nah you can summon the capybara to any sub.

He just likes to lurk on 196 😊

Fucking clown energy. There a bunch of fucking communists on here who need to go touch grass before they de-brain themselves with their own stupidity.

I’m done, it’s fucking exhausting.

“Uwu we can never stop explaining comrade”

Balls to that, take your contextual factors and choke on it.

My existence isn’t a debate and my rights aren’t a conversation “we can have”.

Either you engage with reality or you conform to the same Liberal oppression and false space you claim to oppose.

I’m not going to argue 2+2=4 when some reactionary has already convinced themselves it’s 5.


Why are our rights a debate comrade? Why are our literal right to exist an after thought to those who claim to oppose inequality?!

I’m sad and tired and it hurts and I just want to be happy for once 😔

I’ll take that mantel 👑 because at this point all I do is fucking is log in, see crap, get triggered and rant.

You’d think I was on lemmy sometimes. I want to help others grow but I’m not a wizard, I can’t make greenery out of toxic sand.


I don’t know what to say other than damn 🫂 i’m sorry 😭

Oh damn I don’t know how you cope, the anticipation alone would have me shaking.

My nurse knows I’m a coward so she just gets me waffling about how much I hate tories and then stabs me when I’m distracted the fiend.

"Have you tried explaining it to us through polite and considered discourse?

We won’t listen to you but as an oppressed minority its technically your responsibility to educate us oppressors as we are far too busy oppressing to do it ourselves."


Imagine running someone over and then telling them to ring the ambulance because only they can explain the situation properly 🤣

Right, but I don’t stop explaining.

I just don’t do it to walls.

This is one of those situations where I shouldn’t have to put myself into a traumatising engagement to explain to someone who doesn’t want to listen in the first place.

I’m not achieving anything and in this situation it’s clear that even if I did the person won’t listen or trust me on it.

I’ve dropped enough walls of text in the past and on this thread to articulate why their position is untenable as have others.

This wasn’t a “someone explain it” scenario.

It was “this is my position and I’m not changing it”.

Explaining isn’t going to help right now and only make me feel worse and any other affected party who has to sit and engage or read the back and forth.

Allies can pick up the slack in these situations but I’d not expect anyone to just piss their time away on someone who isn’t ready or willing to listen and learn.

There’s enough comments and explanations in this thread and one user even offered sources and reading material.

To maintain this “uwu we must never stop explaining” veneer just feels the same energy as libs telling people to keep voting and trust the system will work. It won’t and when the material evidence suggests that explaining won’t do any good then I don’t think I or anyone else is at fault for writing someone off as a lost cause because they chose to take that position when they dropped their stupid rant.

I feel you mean well in your comments but my existence because of homophobia and transphobia is fundamentally affected and negative as a result of the aforementioned views and takes.

I have to be aware of people in public and put safety behaviours and actions in place to protect myself from people who share those views whether that be from physical assault or verbal.

There’s genuinely places I can’t go at certain times because I could be hurt as a result of bigotry.

Having to deal with that daily and thats not even including all the systemic bigotry and discrimination and then to have people erase my oppression or act like it’s not a big deal when it’s purportrated and enabled by those same people is enough to make you sick with anger.

Imagine if white people went to globally southern countries “well you haven’t considered our contextual factors in why we support colonialism and I can’t help but feel you as the colonised need to explain more to help us understand despite us making fully clear we won’t listen” lmao.

We’d all be flipping out over white chauvinism, coloniser mindsets and racism so why am I as a queer person expected to do the same to a homophobe?

The point is we don’t waste our time with coloniser libs if they aren’t engaging in good faith but there’s an expectation on queer people to confront their oppressors constantly and explain to them why they are wrong and that feels hypocritical that we are expected by the majority to kindly tolerate their bigotry and address it daily when the majority can’t even be bothered to meet us half way.

To support this comment I think it’s fair to say I’ve dropped a few tankie walls of text in my time here and I’d do again dammit if it meant genuine progress and education on issues that affect me.

If people came in good faith and asked “I don’t get this please help me understand” provided I wasn’t exhausted I’d engage because that benefits both parties and I absolutely take contextual factors into account in these discussions.

The above however was not that, it was fueled by anger and reactionaryism and not the sort of person who wants to listen and understand but someone who’s decided that’s how it be and I’m not defending my existence to someone who’s already decided its irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Thank you, that genuinely makes me feel better 🫂

Awwwwh 🫂 it’s just one of those fears that is kinda totally rational. Why would you be okay having metal pierce your body?

For me it’s the fact you can feel it go in and I got told a horror story of someone tensing their arm muscle and trapping the needle inside one time as a kid so now that haunts me 😱

Having blood drawn makes me giggle uncontrollably. Like I just burst into manic laughter lmao 🤣 wtf is wrong with me 😖 I get super nervous around needles so I assume its an anxiety and fear reaction.

Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/rafaelshimunov/status/1591133819918114816?t=WDWT69ZlD0WdsahiroqR0Q&s=08

Ah yes, the blue tick subscription. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/6b57650b-8c17-49de-9891-b32bee5e3e62.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/ebaff6b7-9429-4b98-b532-8c98ebf3a6a5.jpeg) FYI: if anyone isn't aware, basically you pay for the blue tick with a subscription now (Musk's latest grift to try and make money of twitter) and that just means anyone with a spare bit of cash can make a fake "verified" account for people.

I'm asking in good faith here, not trying to start a fight but if my understanding of the content that person posted is correct (abjectly transphobic) then why was their perma ban changed to a 2 day ban? Frippa got two days for posting a statue with a dick, this clown posted hateful shit and gets the same punishment? That doesn't seem right at all. If this was an accident fair enough but the mod log doesn't give us justification for these decisions and it leaves it open to speculation and having their ban changed to 2 days seems sus af. If this is something to do with lemmy vs lemmygrad then fair enough can that be explained please. Thank you.

![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/dbdc5f74-5687-4821-9b33-2714b2fb8ca0.jpeg) I genuinely didn't believe this was real but: https://metro.co.uk/2022/10/31/london-theatre-slammed-for-romeo-and-juliet-with-nazi-and-jewish-girl-17670883/ Who greenlit this idea in the first place?! 😭 Also I love how a lot of the coverage was initially about their failure to cast for a Jewish actor for the role of Juliet and not for making this holocaust Romeo and Juliet in the first place 🤣 we live in the wackiest timeline.

The sequel to this post: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/399158?scrollToComments=true

Apparently this is a map showing cannibalism from ancient China through to today. Obviously that context is intentionally left out of the post unless you read Chinese which on a primarily Anglo/English speaking site is just malicious at best and down right racist at worst. Interestingly there is no mention of the fact that at a time when China didn't do this, the Belgians were cutting the limbs of workers for failing to hit their rubber quotas. I hate reddit.

I however am wise to their ruse. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/621b0d58-2527-482c-a7de-dbba9b4f54ac.jpeg) Can't get away that easily old chum.

![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/498f1670-9959-4222-aeba-8f97684744be.jpeg) Text in image 1: Fu Zhenghua, former Minister of Justice in China, on Thursday was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve for taking bribes worth more than 117 million yuan ($16.76 million). Text in image 2: For people that don't know, the reprieve part basically means that if they find some strong additional charges the death penalty will happen(execution), but if they do not find any in the set period. Instead he will have a normal life sentence.

Context for anyone who hasn't seen it: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/378831?scrollToComments=true Tldr lemmy mods apologising for fash on lemmy and the mods/admins/users defending the bigot as they recruit others to their dogshit instance. Oh also one user calling lgbtq+ user a pedophile pushing that same vile rhetoric used by fascists to dehumanised lgbtq+ people and they didn't get banned immediately. So criticalresist gets banned for telling users to fuck off but using dehumanising homophobia to bully a Comrade is a-ok by lemmy mod standards. Leftist social media? What a laugh. They stand for nothing and fall for everything. Update: the wolfballs admin seems to have fled while deleting their comments and the abjectly homophobic comment by another user was removed but further comments continuing the bs idea that a user here is a groomer because she is part of the lgbtq+ community persist further legitimising that assumption that the two (lgbtq+ and noncing) are somehow linked. Do better lemmy.

God save Arrrrhhh 🏴‍☠️ 🦜 Queen
![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/c391b67c-ca51-4385-aea5-e7a2fdbb92ce.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/c5f828c1-7ae9-408c-aeb3-8302a9013db0.jpeg)

Papa the cat 🥰
![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/e74bbc8d-6b07-470d-aa69-a3ec6b440703.jpeg) https://twitter.com/CGMeifangZhang/status/1518921213594251264?t=Dcu9s0Mfv6xgYNay3DVajg&s=19

“The piano’s ivory cage” or why piano has regrettably defined music in the west.
"There are also broader cultural and aesthetic problems which have arisen from the piano's dominating role. When a fretless instrument such as a violin gets introduced into a new culture, it can adapt itself to the indigenous musical language, as for example in India. When a piano gets introduced, however, the indigenous music must conform to the piano's tuning system. Historically, the piano has been a kind of "colonizer" in this regard. Moreover, the privileged cultural status of the piano has lent an authority to 12-ET which makes it appear superior and more legitimate than other tuning systems. The more acclimated we are to hearing almost exclusively equal-tempered music, the more natural it sounds and the less accepting we are of alternatives. Music and instruments which use alternative systems, including non-Western music, are perceived as irrational, archaic, experimental, exotic, or just plain out-of-tune--not just different, but deviant from so-called normal 12-ET."

I don't know which one as I don't have twitter and the stupid login thing covered it up but still lmao.

So this transphonic piece of shit came out as a terf and went to court against stonewall (uk lgbt charity) and lost. BIG. However because she won one minor victory against her actual employers because they leaked her bigoted views on social media when they fired her scumbag ass so won in an employment tribunal (not against stonewall for her bigotry which was the other 4 out of 5 counts) but the British press are running the narrative she won. Literal scum her and the shit rag papers who have bent the narrative to yet again attack trans people. Fuck this island and fuck terfs. Rot and die.

But he apparently stalked Jodie Foster after obsessing over her as a child actor so still a fucking creep 🤮 and possible nonce.

Some snippets: Shock rocker Marilyn Manson is being sued by a bandmate for using their earnings to buy Nazi paraphernalia, African masks made of human skin, the full skeleton of a 4-year-old Chinese girl – and ex Dita Von Teese’s $150,000 engagement ring. According to the suit, band money also paid for Manson’s collection of Nazi artifacts, including “SS typewriters, swastika wall tiles he had installed in his home library ceiling with custom rugs made to match and Nazi government coat hangers owned by Adolf Hitler.” Manson is also accused of buying a handbag that once belonged to Hitler’s mistress, Eva Braun, which he later gave to his then-fiancée (and now estranged wife) Dita Von Teese. He's also a fucking rapist: https://people.com/music/marilyn-manson-joked-about-rape-showed-off-oral-sex-tape-report/ The amount of defense he's getting from his fans in the alternative crowd is disgusting. "Hes just edgy, he's a provocative person, he does it for the aesthetic!" Nah he's a nazi rapist. End of story. To the wall 🧱