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It’s probably copyright infringement, so I’m in favor of it :)

How can I learn to subtitle/caption or to translate?
Is it pointless given that software does or will do it automatically? Certainly not everything is subtitled. I have subtitled short videos, but it took me a long time, what if I wanted to try to subtitle a movie? Is there a faster process? What guidelines or standards should I follow? Are there any educational materials that you recommend? I'll appreciate any kind of comment, thank you!

Thank you, this does give me more confidence. I’d like to hammer, sounds fun, it but I probably won’t. But just to be curious is encryption really that good. As far as I know 4 pin passwords and patterns are the most common way to lock a password, isn’t that easy to crack?

I don’t have a solder, and even if I had one I wouldn’t know what to desolder or how. But thanks for the info about disk encryption :D

Don’t batteries explode? Sounds dangerous, I’m definitively not doing that. I hope that’s sarcasm?

well, that’s how most of them got broken anyways. Sometimes water and sometimes coffee. That’s why I think that if I ever by a phone it should be waterproof.

Is it safe to throw away broken phones?
I have several smartphones that no longer work. I was going to rid of them one way or another, but it concerns me a bit that someone could recover information from those devices (photos, accounts, etc). Is it safe to dispose them? I can't delete anything since the phones don't work. I can't just remove the "hard drive" can I?