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The Russian Federation is currently fucking occupying it, which definitely puts them on the “list of suspects”. Really, trying to keep interacting in good faith with a lot of you folks gets increasingly harder given how much some of you seemingly want to give Putin a blowjob. :P

Did you even read what I wrote? Indeed the NATO needs reforming (they tend to exarebate waay to many issues in this world), but I can see why e.g. Finland wants to join it now Putin and friends are increasingly authoritarian towards their own populace and increasingly aggressive towards nations outside Russia.

Eh, Putin is primarily responsible for this war. Yes, NATO does outright dubious stuff and needs to reform or disband in the mid to long run, but as of now Putin and similar are the bigger problem.

Are you using any of the phone apps, or a web browser? In order to help you we ned to know a little more about how you access Lemmy.

Edit: probably you are accessing with a web browser, reading your post again.

If it is about minimal differences like quotes, Calckey might be a closer alternative than Friendica. I get your point though.

Hopefully it will be past you soon. I wish you and your relatives better times.

So they would have left anyway, regardless of whatever Musk would do to the platform. The headline may make people believe otherwise, but it mostly boils down to market differences, as the article’s body points out.

That link is not exactly working, even after I omitted the “/r/” from it.

I sincerely doubt that Musk did sign that open letter, even if somehow his name was on the list.


Especially for those in the States. Nevertheless, good (dad) joke.

You mean I should have used an Invidious instance? I will do that next time if that is a rule (I understand why it could be one).

Arguably you could have just reported instead of doing this comment lol.

There probably are many reasons to doubt the likelyhood of using Discord, lol.

Then again, what query would I have to use on Searx (or any other search engine) to find more info whether any official from the Pi Foundation would have made those claims in the first place?

And what are you trying to communicate with that?

I have read some news on it a while ago and I still think everything got a bit overblown. I do not remember at this point ( I got bigger stuff to care about RN, like possibly most of us do right now), but was that officer not even actually hired but rather a community contributor instead? Plus, surveillance does not have to be against citizens but could also be against organised crime rings. I do understand that cops can be proverbial bastards (especially in the US and certain developing nations and dictatorships), but are some activists and netizens not overreacting a bit?

And what is your reply* for kind of comment anyway, after your showcase of maturity (/s) when calling something more akin to a potential (massive) PR blunder, “trolling”.

*Your “have it your way” remark.

Not sure on the veracity of all that, but I doubt that a company (or rather their PR team) would “troll” people.

Most SBCs would be too large to fit inside headphones, lol. And tbh, I do not get the RPI hate that pops up in a lot of places recently.

They are not a chipmaker, lol. They make chipmakers’ machinery. Edit: I see OP or a mod adjusted the title.

I believe I have seen this posted before, albeit on a different /c/. Nevertheless, the author states Mastodon being a protocol, and that is not entirely correct. Not sure though whether that matters for his audience.

The last part of the article makes a good point about this not exactly being the way to do it.

I am thinking for quite a while now that you should not take that blog too seriously. Not just for still having that typo in “kernel” after all this time, and usually not even really discussing kernels in the first place (afaik). But indeed for things like you mention.

I think OP was thinking more along the lines of those “content creators” with their shopping vlogs or similar.

As I pointed out in your other thread about this, Atomic Frontier.

I think we need far more context to give you a useful answer.

Perhaps including the water needed for growing what they eat? Just a guess.

The Falconeer (good Indie game, btw). I definitely would not be able to fly on the back of large birds dogfighting with others doing the same. I would not fare well as a sailor either (another big sector of the game world’s economy, at least when considering what NPCs are often doing). So I would be stuck on one of the countless islands not really making a living. Indeed there is the Mancer Order, who have a lot of workplaces in archives, libraries etc. (besides more manual labour) but unless they make good enough spectacles (their tech is still not ours) I would not be of much use to them either.

I think that maybe someone (either singular or plural) had too much “sticky” money that needed some washing, as well as needing some propaganda to not appear “backwards”. Hence money-wasting, over-the-top “futuristic” city projects that are doomed to fail and will waste grandiose amounts of resources.

The official app for Lemmy is known as “Jerboa for Lemmy” in the Play Store. It works pretty well.