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I think no one should be forced either way.

And the question is weirdly constructed, as if some groups would need to be vegan while others would not? You probably don’t mean it, but food access issues were always part of the classism and racism.

In Poland pedestrians were given the priority over cars on marked pedestrian crossing without traffic lights. Idk if that lessened the number of people being ran over (most probably yes) but it sure is nice to not having to jump like rabbit while going anywhere.

The start of the Great Depression and the subsequent mass unemployment must have seemed like the fulfillment of the popular prophecy of the previous decade (and century): that automation would eventually render too many unemployed and cause societal disorder. Without a concrete cause for this sudden and shocking economic turmoil, even societies greatest thinkers would reflexively finger automation as a key cause.

Good thing nobody ignored warnings about both the nature of crisises and the automation effects in capitalism a certain bearded man wrote few decades before, right?

But just the fact that a major tech company is getting aboard the e-bike trend is noteworthy in itself.

They smell money, meaning there is demand for it.

And what if… what if Frank’s startup and those other 100 ideas just went under too?

Also how is that even “drive trough” when you have to wait in queue way longer than you would have to when on foot. The only really “drive through” thing in USA appears to be the car shootings.

Feels like this comment chain shouldnt have turned into China vs US…

It wouldn’t if they weren’t so painfully hypocrite with this.

This totally don’t look like a sign of impotent anger.

Also, since it was probably inspired by recent name change by Turkey to Turkiye, someone should remind them that this only works when renaming their own country.

There’s enough houses already fo fill the most immediate need. They just aren’t affordable. Capitalism is the problem.

Get the pill out of the fishbowl and the cat off the cabinet. Call his wife.

Cat’s wife???

So many words to just say “ora et labora”

Banning every US based social network when?

Oh who am i kidding.

Chud conspiracy theories are not as “widely believed” as you would think, it says more of you than anything else.

Also, you just did the dreaded Wha-a-a-a-t-aboooooutism!

It’s a good point. The laws of robotics, as proposed by Asimov, would make robots communists.

Just grab the cat, hold the pill in your fingers and wait when he will try to bite them off. Easy.

This is a great example how monopolies can significantly shape society.

They actually did few days ago, remember the thread that had like 80 comment long chain XD

Yeah, anyone using it wiping their own grey matter with the american flag. Also, even if that nonsense had even a speck of truth in it, still better than entirely brown like our COINTELPRO friend here.

Lower half is aspiring to nihilism, upper half achieved it.

Yeah, they are just squawking “Support the people of Ukraine and Russia” - what a trite and idealist take, about as meaningful as the rest of their political activity (that is, only meaningful in betraying the very same people they have on their mouths all the time).

Anarchists and ultras are not gonna like this one. Though i bet they will just ignore it and went back to their usual centrist mantras.

Interesting. Clear attempt to use dialectical materialism in lawmaking.

About the Kallman syndrome, such person wouldn’t be considered minor since that was separate cathegory, but the law does not specify age in numbers, but clearly mention puberty so it would depend on medical opinion most likely.

Well that did happened in the cartoon, without significant effect:

Good one. Source: i know a lot of them.

In return i give you: the birth of truck driver:


First, based on your post history i assume you’re discussing in a good faith.

But you’re probably gonna get banhammered anyway. Thanks to horde of libertarians in the internet every discussion about those things is automatically considered bad faith pedo bait everywhere except liberast pits.

That’s why internet marxist stance is “do not talk about it”. From what i see in the real life marxist theoreticians also basically just accepted current societal norm without any comments.

Edit: i seen Nutomic posts so i guess no ban.

It seems your meme backfired, lol. This is a libyan rebel fighting to destroy a most developed country in Africa and establish the current failed state, just because Libya was oposed to NATO:

So, on the same side as Ukraine in the ongoing struggle for maintaining imperialist hegemony of USA.