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The most i can narrow it is top three, but so much strong contenders after…

I found the reasons to be pretty simple: they lie. They do not earn this much, they get crunched in the work and they brag to get their selfesteem a few points up since they are being treated like shit and they don’t like it.

Having inestinal flu, thank you for asking >.<

Sure, not to mention of everything that don’t exist. No one guarantee this talk won’t be nonsense though.

I’m pretty sure most people in USA would like to decrease the military budget to various degrees, but it’s not like they ever have a choice, whomever their vote for, the military is always coming out the ballot box.

Yeah, i was more meaning what silicon have to do with monopoly in particular, since that wasn’t ever lacking. Nevermind, probably i just read the headline weirdly.

I do get that making qualitative leap in technology will reset the playing field, especially that afaik the chokepoint here is the chip making technology, so developing the graphene chips will make that point nonexistent.

PS. Don’t tell that to Tom Clancy, he probably still think everyone except USA is still using vacuum tubes :D Or would if he was alive anyway.

For the same reason nation buying all its weapons or nation buying products of industry cannot be considered military or industrial power. It’s as much about ability to develop, produce, maintain and upgrade them as about just having them.

Because you can’t just conjure them from thin air. Country having the most and best supercomputers means that such country first needs to be the most developed country.

Depend. If you think of utopian theories, it will never end, at least until idealist philosophy would completely disappear, new ones will be still formulated. If you think about realising utopias, just from the very definition it never was and never will be realised.

As long as the state is owned by the bourgeoisie, nationalisation (especially the crisis nationalisation), is often a form of bailout and capital concentration. It would be even worse now in the advanced imperialism phase.

Unbelievable. Whomever wrote that spent first half of the article to point out how deeply the fossil companies are corrupting the political establishment in USA, and then they propose that the very same establishment… nationalize the sector.

Quite often it did even retained many the same people, a lot of aristocracy, even in the countries that had bourgeoise revolutions, managed to stay afloat.