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As usual, it’s projection. The case was artifically pumped by murica because Blinken loudly invited himself to China, was probably quietly informed he’s not welcome and needed a pretext to reacall his visit because him kissing the doorknobs in Beijing would be rightly desrved humilation.

Muricans salty that ordinary balloon was more successful than their hyped U-2 and Blackbirds.

Did they send F-35? In such case the balloon could probably win.

Yeah, like every single time UA accuse Russia of deliberately shelling civilian targets, there’s munition depot there. And i’m not surprised at all UA still retains a lot of soviet artillery since Soviet Union had the most advanced artillery doctrine in the world and the equipment itself is still very relevant since barrel artillery is one of the easiest to upgrade weapons. And the current war confirmed that it remains not only as relevant as always on the modern battlefield, but most likely even more. And guess who would emerge from the war with the most experienced artillery corps in the world.

Something tells me Ukraine is more on the recieving end of the biggest practical land artillery guns.

Russia – 60 2S7M in active service, 260 2S7 in reserve as of 2022.[22] Modernisation with new running gear and electronics completed as of December 2021.

There was no civil war involved in fall of USSR, those are years later and are caused by USA losing its grip on the ongoing process of keeping Russia down.

“Muscovy occupation” of other people and nations

And this part goes even further, i heard more than a few times that even Russia is just “Muscovy occupation” of… Russia. They really really want to balkanize Russia and push it back to XIV century, probably complete with lithuanian empire.

Not really, the state fallen, but it wasn’t free fall, it was purposeful dismantling of the system. There was no civil war, government didn’t lost control over army, and the vultures were acting more or less in concert. West was also uninterested in that, they wanted a compliant victim to loot with minimal effort and to fulfill their end of history scenario.

I have no idea how exactly USA will fall, but it will fall under its own weight.

Scariest thing is that yeah, with failing state and nukes they might decide that they are gonna gambit at keeping their world hegemony even if that world is gonna get much worse and smaller - like the fucking Caesar pointing at village and saying “I would rather be first here than second at Rome”. Or outright go “Apres moi, le deluge”.

And even if not, we never before had failed state with nukes, amount of bad things that can happen are endless.

Hey that normal glue delivered to military by totally not corrupted private company cost 10000% more as the seemingly same glue i can buy in shop, that means it’s 10000% better! Capitalism fuck yeah!

Sounds like it, he want US to officially reassure its support for German politics. Same thing is in Poland, our government very loudly rattle the saber, but they won’t even shit without their master orders.

Technical issue
no idea where to post it, so i post it to the biggest community. Since the update in this week, when i'm writing a comment, and someone in the meantime write a comment to me when notification pops up, everything i'm writing currently gets completely deleted. Is there some setting to fix this or i would have to resign from even moderately long posts?


Sacred Private Property
Unless of course, it is private property of people we don't like.

Also few more interesting results: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/c8b7f34c-2f6d-4354-9d4e-6a27e9c42093.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/5288a5d9-70f4-4a43-9117-6e36b3bf4f09.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/da781221-2076-4d93-98a2-a1ba93a02762.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/d5a6cb2a-60bd-465d-a951-9f00faf8a0b0.jpeg)

In case someone had any doubts about why Pacific War started
> On the question of America entering the war I shall say this. People argue that America is a democracy, America has the White House. I say: slavery was abolished there half a century ago. The anti-slave war ended in 1865. Since then multimillionaires have mushroomed. They have the whole of America in their financial grip. They are making ready to subdue Mexico and will inevitably come to war with Japan over a carve-up of the Pacific. This war has been brewing for several decades. All literature speaks about it. America’s real aim in entering the war is to prepare for this future war with Japan. The American people do enjoy considerable freedom and it is difficult to conceive them standing for compulsory military service, for the setting up of an army pursuing any aims of conquest a struggle with Japan, for instance. The Americans have the example of Europe to show them what this leads to. The American capitalists have stepped into this war in order to have an excuse, behind a smoke-screen of lofty ideals championing the rights of small nations, for building up a strong standing army. - Lenin, ["War and Revolution"](https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1917/may/14.htm), 14 may 1917 I seen both here and on reddit that some people seems to have wrong impressions about the origins of Pacific War. So here's the short quote of Lenin predicting it and attributing it solely to the natural developemnt of imperialism (described elswhere in the same article), *almost quarter of century before it even started*. As you can see, everything went exactly like he predicted.

It's so fucking infuriating when they make correct observation, but scratch a surface and then, yikes.

Lib logic: Norway should not exist
Just look at the numbers of votes. According to current lib logic, it certainly means that the referendum was throughly manipulated and invalid. What living under global oligarchy does to mfers...

Abolition of bedtimes - but in reality
From "Capital", v. 1 ch. 10, note 22: "With what fanaticism, according to the evidence of manufacturers given in courts of law, their hands set themselves against every interruption in factory labour, the following curious circumstance shows. In the beginning of June, 1836, information reached the magistrates of Dewsbury (Yorkshire) that the owners of 8 large mills in the neighbourhood of Batley had violated the Factory Acts. Some of these gentlemen were accused of having kept at work 5 boys between 12 and 15 years of age, from 6 a.m. on Friday to 4 p.m. on the following Saturday, not allowing them any respite except for meals and one hour for sleep at midnight. And these children had to do this ceaseless labour of 30 hours in the “shoddyhole,” as the hole is called, in which the woollen rags are pulled in pieces, and where a dense atmosphere of dust, shreds, &c., forces even the adult workman to cover his mouth continually with handkerchiefs for the protection of his lungs! The accused gentlemen affirm in lieu of taking an oath — as quakers they were too scrupulously religious to take an oath — that they had, in their great compassion for the unhappy children, allowed them four hours for sleep, but the obstinate children absolutely would not go to bed. The quaker gentlemen were mulcted in £20. Dryden anticipated these gentry: Fox full fraught in seeming sanctity, That feared an oath, but like the devil would lie, That look’d like Lent, and had the holy leer, And durst not sin! before he said his prayer!”"