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The States’ bourgeois education system refuses to develop the engineering talents of the masses. China, Iran, and Russia (mostly historic investment still bearing fruits) all invest deeply into the math and sciences.

They want to ensure that the people of Donbas suffer for an eternity for failing to be Ukrainian enough

They will get hit hard, but the BRICS countries can increase their trade between each other and co-invest in others. Now Iran and Saudi are willing to get on board there’s even more potential for growth in the ME and Central Asia. Many LATAM and Africans nations already trade heavily with China and Russia.

These countries should ditch the dollar.

BRICS. The financial crisis will only affect dollars. These countries can trade in their national currencies. Later, they can streamline this trade with a common trade currency, that is only used for settling balances and cannot be spent in any domestic country (unlike the USD, which privileges Americans).

He’s been selling Ukraine. In 2020 his party introduced a land reform bill that would end the moratorium of land sales established in 2001, effectively privatizing land in the country once again, this time even to foreign companies. It caused a brawl between the nationalist Fatherland party and Zelensky’s Servant of the People party. This bill was a condition for a 5 billion dollar loan from the IMF.

Zelensky has been privatizing Ukraine before the war, and seeks to complete the process through the war as he has been banning opposition (only the Leftist side) to these reforms under martial law.

The US, the UK, France, and Canada probably.

The UK dominates the oil finances of the Gulf states and Africa, the US and France dominate food finances of Africa. Canada and the UK dominate the mining industries of the Americas.

The UK is basically a money laundering scheme for the US. When the US coups LATAM countries they always come out with getting a British or Canadian company exclusive mining rights. The US and France both actively meddle in the political affairs of African countries, while having actual boots on the ground occupying many of them while pretending to fight their ally in Daesh and killing more civilians than terrorists. France’s famous nuclear energy program is based on cheap mining of Uranium in the Sahel region where environmental and labor safety concerns are disregarded.

The cartels are real, but misrepresented. They are not only drug runners and coyotes, they are cops, soldiers, generals, lawyers, accountants, bankers, politicians, capitalists, engineers, and more.

They are full on multi-national corporations, with deep business ties to “mafias” in many countries. The Batistas in pre-Revolution Cuba are a prime example of the merger of Narcos, US Deep state, and neo-Colonialism.


A few cartel partitions will get thrown as a sacrifice and for PR and the rest will participate in the US ransacking of Mexico. The cartels are the anticommunist forces of Mexico.

It’s the same reason why opium production jumped after the US invasion of Afghanistan. The drug lords and traffickers in Afghanistan were the Liberals that assisted the US occupation.


Lindsey Graham is using the cartels as an excuse to invade Mexico, similarly to using Al Qaeda to invade Afghanistan.

The trick is, the US created the cartels, just like they created Al Qaeda. They’ve always been a backup to invade Mexico when they start to nationalize resources.

The US is going to fall back on dominating the economies of those fooled into sanctioning themselves from Russia and China. The US is targeting certain nations to subjugate in the way they tried with China within Europe and Latin America (like Germany and Mexico). Asking for more “free trade” from these economies which is a euphemism for letting American Capital seek rent on every branch of your economy.

If things go this route watch VW and Nintendo get bought out by American firms, Samsung and Toyota. The US would want tight controls over chips, Lithium, and Cobalt. The Suburban nation collapses without those inputs.

My guess is the US deep state is foreseeing the collapse of Ukraine and is filling the “Russia’s running out of ammo” narrative with “China is shipping weapons to Russia” narrative. They tested the waters with saying the DPRK sent weapons, and nobody questioned it, so now they are sticking it on China to bait Europe and the Quad into sanctions.

No shit Germany, you have to buy them (or face the wrath of the Hegemon) so the LNG cartel gets to decide the price you pay. I hope you notice you’re in a protection racket.

It’s in still quarantine and still gets 5-10 good posts a day.

He just made it, he has another story explaining why he’s on substack and why this isn’t in MSM.

Heh, love that just yesterday I talked about NATOs true mission to prevent a Eurasian power from developing (partnership of Germany + Russia). Ben gave even more direct sources of NATO and Bourgeois figures explaining precisely this goal. Perfect time for Hersh to drop this.

“Deep State” Academic Aaron Good considers Hersh a CIA asset. I was going to comment this earlier today, but now Aaron has spoken about the story himself: https://twitter.com/Aaron_Good_/status/1623473032332210177?s=20

He suggests that Hersh is getting CIA intel from a camp within the ruling class that opposes the proxy war with the Russians. Mind you, all camps within the ruling class have people inside corporate boards, media rooms, elected governance, the military, and the State Department institutions. It’s likely that Hersh’s source was a plant on Biden’s team to begin with.

The US word cannot be trusted, even in writing and signed.

Russia doesn’t want to make a Minsk mistake again.

The deal leaves weapons in Galicia, the fascists who started this are Galicians. Some of the weapons being given could reach Russia, the Russians aren’t going to allow that, not now after the West broke every agreement made so far.

The US is an insincere ally, always has been, always will be. Throughout history the US has always provided aid in such a way that puts their “allies” in a more subservient position, sowing seeds of future crises to take advantage of.

Bourgeois source: Wagner doesn’t exist


Twitter thread debunks Wagner using Bellingcat’s (CIA sponsored outlet) report. The only claim to Wagner having neo Nazis is a picture of a man with swastika tattoos that looks similar to a man named Utkin who supposedly works for a “Wagner” PMC.


“Wagner” is essentially a CIA shorthand to Russian mercenary groups. The same way Al-Qaeda was a CIA shorthand for their Islamic shock troops in Asia. Wagner came about as a counter to the neo Nazis the US used to overthrow Ukraine and invade Donbas. When people started exposing that Ukraine was using Nazis, Wagner was created to muddy the moral waters, because “Russia has neo Nazis too!” Sure, most white countries do, but they don’t come close to state power (or paralegal power for that matter).

Wagner, which is now an umbrella term for Russian mercs in general, is a big thorn in the side of Washington because they’ve been effective at defending the Donbas and stopping ISIS in Syria. Some Russian mercs have taken ownership over the name and refer to themselves with it, unofficially.

Look at the Y axis, note the (Left Axis) and (Right Axis) countries.

Somebody made a corrected version:

The Royal Ascent thing lol, totally just a formal monarchy right.

TERF Island at it again

You’re wondering how they went from missing 6 to missing 3

Three landed so the Ukrainian Defense shot the impact sites again for good measure

I have to agree with moonofalabama on this one: https://www.moonofalabama.org/2022/12/minsk-ii-was-agreed-on-to-arm-ukraine-did-merkel-really-say-that.html#more

Merkel is trying to appeal to the warmongers by retroactively claiming she wanted to give Ukraine time to arm itself. Ukraine implementing Minsk was the best option for German industry, her main political base. It’s not a coincidence that this conflict kicks off when the Greens win in Germany, Washington wanted her out of the way, because she genuinely saw peace as the better option for Germany.

Dissolved the empire by (checks notes) completing the annexation of Hawaii and Alaska, indebting the Allies, occupying Korea, Japan, and Vietnam, indebting the French and British colonies in Africa.

Fake trees! They painted the mountains green!

- some cracker

Ask them what would happen if they are laid off from their job? What if their industry moves overseas, like the automobile industry and petty electronics industry in the US? What if all of their potential employers decide the new “market wage” for their job is halved? The uncertainty that runs with being a wage earner is kinda the big deal, you can only react to the moves the owning class makes.

Like I said earlier the highest paid laborers do make income levels similar to the petty bougies, but they don’t have property to extract surplus value or rent. They have to engage with the stock market and crypto (which, let’s be real, is only available to workers and petties so the high bougies can slurp their money up), or speculate suburban land. Rarely do they actually start a business to extract surplus value. Their reliance on Capital investments means their property will be taken if they don’t meet the returns expected by the Finance Capitalist who invested in them.

None, I repeat, none of this is different from when Marx was writing. Lenin brought to light the concept of Imperialism and labor aristocracy, which holds true. Sure you can buy a home and rent seek it, but we only have so much land, and we know that suburban development is accelerating climate collapse. Sure you can buy stocks, but when the market crashes you lose everything and the richest buy all of your “wealth” for a fraction of the pre crash value. Sure you can invest in crypto and NFTs, lol.

I’m a high income worker in the US. From first hand experience I know what “investments” my peers are making. Our culture speaks more truth to this. Gone are the days of entrepreneurship meaning starting a factory and making new products. Now through TV, YouTube, TikTok, entrepreneurship means land lording, day trading, jumping on the next crypto, buying off of AliExpress and selling on Facebook marketplace and eBay. Now that we have social media, we are hearing from the actual people who transitioned from high earning workers to “bourgeoisie” and look at all they can offer to us as advice.

The concept of the Professional Managerial Class as a distinction from the rest of the so-called Middle Class (the petite bourgeoisie), is telling us even in Liberal terms that they are different, and they are workers. Is a slave that manages the activities of other slaves not still a slave?

Higher rent, higher mortgage, doesn’t own anything, dependent on availability of wage labor. In debt.

Still workers. Sure they match income with petite bourgeois types, but there have always been laborers like that. They can transition into petit bourgeois given the right circumstances, mostly through suburban speculation, rarely through productive means. The land contradiction is exploited by the High Bourgeoisie to make allies of a minority of workers. Unstable, however.

I have not read much about the Kurds in Syria, but the Baath party in Iraq recognized the Kurds as a nation deserving self determination. Like many artificial countries, they preferred to work together with them to build Iraq, rather than split along ethnic lines. The Baath knew that foreign influence was getting in the way of working with Kurds, and so was history, but they still wanted resolve the Kurdish National Question peacefully.

They speak about this in Chapter 4 Section 3 of their report on their revolution here: https://www.marxists.org/history/iraq/baath/ch04.htm