Karateka, (quasi ex)catechista, ex-DM e stregone digitale; sono il Robin che ha litigato con Batman.

Faccio sempre breccia se dall’arco scaglio una freccia, ma di solito non scaglio.

La mia principessa sta in un altro castello

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@dessalines @cypherpunks

The simplest system may be 13 months of 28 days: every month has exactly 4 weeks, starting with a Monday and ending with a Sunday.
The l
365th day (and 366th in leap years) is a bonus day, a jolly outside of weeks, maybe a bank holiday.

Everyone is happy.

But maybe it doesn’t worth the effort to change a system which is the same in almost all the world, even with a simpler one

@lxvi @Zerush I think only very few professional categories really need an high-profile laptop to do their job… I’m thinking about designers, graphic and video-editing professionals, (some kind of) musicians and some kind of programmers. I can’t think other categories