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I don’t know. I found this this to be an interesting read, so I thought to share with everyone here.

This was really cool to read about. Hopefully this becomes widespread once improved.

Why shred ART??? 😮😮😫😫😥😥

Put that away! RIGHT NOW! Go in the corner In this house we use native code for native apps

As long as it’s harmless sillyness, then ya

Poking at the truama brings it back. It’s bullying and not helpful.

This article hardly looks at trying to solve problems and even suggests that banks are safe.

Reading the comments, I saw one commenter giving really good counter arguments, their name is Lauren Young

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBUv85g3o84 looks very similar to this, font, borders, grass and trees.

If the app works, leave a review if you may please.

That is open source on github https://github.com/grapheneos/Camera there’s a different appstore they use for it.

This will do the trick. I use this app for my camera! It works very very well and only requires one permission needed, which is camera. Also camera quality is better than the default camera app.

QR Code scanner on this app can scan really large QR’s.


Hope this helps

Single place for all things. No need to open different sites, apps etc. Lazyness I gues? Let’s not name call people please, just because we happen to look for our own info doesn’t mean the rest of the people even think of this, as they barely know anything about tech or their own phone/computer to know how to find things.They are uneducated as they weren’t taught how or about these things. Let’s educate them instead of belittling them.

Sorry you had gone though that. I hope you are healed now.

I love all your other points too. They’re so true. It’s sad we do almost nothing to truly help better each others lives. In fact if we as a society truly showed real compassion to others in systemic ways, we’d have far happier, healthier and kinder people as a whole, not to say we wouldn’t have an occasional abusive person here or there.

Thank you for sharing and sticking up for others worse off than you. We need more people like you in this world.

The reason I say don’t feel bad is because that you were likely affraid of making it worse for the victim and yourself.

Hopefully they are doing better now and healed from their truama

Well, they should unless they want to be forced to pay for bail when they are arrested ontop of other fines their government may charge them with during things like this.


Also, there’s no reason to be rude in your reply to me, as I wasn’t rude to you. Was I?

Odd that religion would come up… People ask way invasive things… Religion doesn’t determine morality.

I was in primary school, but not as much in secondary. In secondary it was verbal abuse/manipulation.

My definition of bullying I am using is the simple name calling you normally get like “dweeb” or “pea brain” etc.

They will not be able to accept cash. Depending what country/province/state it may be illegal to accept cash in “unlicensed manner”, so the driver would need to join or setup a registered taxi business themselve before they could do this.

I see transphobia… the image where they call someone an “it” after what appears to be them correcting pronouns… No racism or homophobia however.