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The miracles of the free market.

He almost died from it because he went cold turkey on them. Which he should know to be a very bad idea. In Russia they put him into a coma to his body could suffer the withdrawal while his mind was afk.

Kazakhstan is on the same trajectory back towards a federation state as Belorussia, their membership in the security organization which put down that colour revolution recently was a good indicator.

Nations in the region seem to understand that they’re either going to get enslaved by the west (Armenia seems not too keen on having Azerbajan invading, Georgia is not too keen of becoming a battering ram against Russia again, Kazakhstan is interested in developping its lands, not having jihadists running around beheading people, and no one wants to be the second Ukraine) or unite under a common banner. So currently they’re in the phase of finding acceptable conditions with the gravitational center, that is Russia, for such a union. At least that’s how it seems to me.

At a certain point you can either cry or laugh. The latter is the better option in my opinion.

Read the earliest entry regarding Germany. A wild ride.

I love the part where they claim the Spartacists and make the SPD into marxists.

I think we all need a laugh from time to time.
Its a goldmine. I only checked a few so far and its full of omissions, claiming random movements to be anarchist and decreeing random ones marxist. This is what the radlibs mean when they claim the ebil tankies always killing them.

Exactly. People forget that “Special Military Operation” does not mean “anything goes, get mah warcrime gun”. In other words, the SMO indeed is not the same as a declared war.

Maybe I spend too much time with particularly clueless people but that’s my reading of the general place Germans are at right now.

It’s my impression too. The only good thing here is that the offical lines are pushed so heavy handed and oppressive that many people get weirded out by it. But those people are also kept atomized and thus have no influence. Which also is why some mass media is already calling Sarah Wagenknecht “the biggest threat to Germany”, because she resonates withmany of the people not being on board with this and that part of the offical line.

This is getting out of control, now there’s two of them!

Aswell as ensurance and so on. But yes, most it are wages.

Being the most special snowflake of them all. You can think you’re the underdog, but also perfect while everyone else is shit.

Even more unrealistic. Ukraninian pilots are not trained for either, and handling a jet well enough to fight in it takes even longer than with a tank. Furthermore, support equipment for western jets does not exist in Ukraine. Nor do doctrines to use them. Romania switched to F-16 years ago and they admit to not being nearly finished with integrating them.

Yeah, none. Germany said it would deliver tanks if the US and other euopean countries did too. And none of them did.

Oh fuck poison gas. Propably the biggest “The way to hell is paved with good intentions” of WW1. The guy who came up with it knew what horrible slaughter trench fighting was, so he wantewd to create something that made fighting outside trenches viable again. Thus the whole affair less gruesome. Fast forward. It only got worse.

In trenches? Yes. No cover, not much space. Might aswell use a grenade launcher, no difference.

The spartans were scared shitless of arming their slaves.

Slaves were not really used in war until the early middle ages, because during war you need discipline and reliability in your troops. Slaves tend to fuck off. In the middle ages, islamic realms used warrior slaves, first the Ghulams, then the Mamluks, then the Janniseries. They were kept reliable by good treatment, a fostered elite culture of their formations and religious incentives. Always worked for a while, then the slave solders took over and cut the middle man.

In short: Slave soldiers. Not a good idea.

Nazis in MY government?! The only suprising thing is that they tried to hide it.

They were trained well enough to know when to shit was fucked and surrendered. The training saved their lives.

Took until the third photo to find Waldo!


OUN emblems.

They’re getting better.