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“Fuck Putin” on steam.

Is it bad that I laughed at the libright wojak?


Det lagde jeg ikke mærke til

And I don’t feel like replying to this in English.

Hvad mener du med “Hvad er denne haj”?

I see now

Reminds me of this quote

Now I see. You deny your weapon its purpose! It yearns to bathe in the blood of your enemies… but you hold it back!

TRUE or FALSE: Mette, Denmark’s leader, was voted on by the people of Denmark.

TRUE or FALSE: Margrethe, Denmark’s leader, was voted on by the people of Denmark.

That was a surprisingly quick response

I think you should have posted this on the China bad times

thx for the explanation comrade

What does that have yo do with Rick and Morty?

(Insert flat earther joke here)

I swear all anti-communists are either parrots, NPCs, or broken records

Fucking nazis stealing mythological symbols

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