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How giving up Privacy Affect Normal People?
So, I have been in a heated argument with my School Friend about Privacy. I constantly tried to convince him on how Privacy Matter and you should be serious about it, but, in return he said that he don't care about Privacy and he don't care about Discord, Facebook, Google, Microsoft spying on him. I even tried to attach some links to **Facebook-Cambridge Data Scandal** and tried to show him that how these Companies are using our data to manuplate us, but still I got the same response. He also stated that, *"And how is it bad for you if they are getting rich bcuz of u?", "What i asked was, how is it affecting you? Is it taking away your money? Giving u a bad reputation? Wasting any of your time? Energy?", "If it's not giving me any loss, i don't care what they do with my data, I mean, if i don't get any bad reputation or embarrassment cuz of it, i don't even mind going to the bathroom with the door open"* Please help me to explain to him the Importance of Privacy and how it Matters the most! Thank you, Have a great day ahead.