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Because they are experts and they know the difference between “secure” and “private”. A lot of hackers also said HTTPS is secure.

Well, I recently switched to DE (to see if I can get used to them), I have been using WM for years too. XFCE is probably the best light resource usage and more usable as LXDE/LXQt is too light and has not many features to use it for daily.

Would be nice to have a review of WM.

Well when I said the OS doesn’t matter I mean into Linux distros… hahaha I discarded Windows/Apple of course!

And about the desktop environments, people needs to find their balance, I loved XFCE too for their low resource usage and speed, but I think LXQt or LXDE is supposed to be more light on resource usage.


Did you try a tiling windows manager? That is the true low resource usage, configure just the minimum to work. The OS you are using doesn’t really matter.

About apps like signal and those, I always use the web client, I don’t see why I should have electron or a bunch of packages just to use a web client separately from browser, on browser I even have add-ons the autocorrection and any kind of things you want.

It’s not the same, any open source app can easily be checked if the build code matches with the official build, official build normally has a public log about the compilation (normally a branch/commit from git source).

Websites is harder to know if it was modified and what they do with the data collected on their database, what they do with each request as they can do a patch before deployment to change stuff from the backend.

You can type on your terminal torsocks mpv https://yewtu.be/watch\?v\=F-POY4Q0QSI and you can skip frontenders and still using Tor.

This is the second ad you post about Proton.me. Please, post something interesting, not ads.

I feel like this post is mostly a free ad for Proton… there are more tools to get privacy and ways to get privacy without even need to pay anything.

Tell people to just element.io, by default you don’t need to select any server, it uses matrix.org by default.

That is your only problem? (password requirement can’t be a problem…)

When a friend wants to talk to me, I just reply their MSM (simple phone text message) to get element.io and add me with my username, and done, they are in already.

All messages are encrypted by default unless on public channels. Speed is something they are going to improve now.

I don’t have any other issue.

Well, I force my social circle to use element.io (matrix.org) or they are not going to be able to talk to me. I don’t need to talk to anyone, but they need to talk to me to ask me to help with their stuff, so they are joining to element.io. I never used Signal because asking for a phone number or making closed source claiming it is to stop spammers sounds stupid requirements or arguments.

I don’t get any spam on matrix.org and on channels we have bots to review and block spammers.

Also, I neither like how Signal discard F-Droid and forces us to use Google. I think they also use Google Push notifications.

Yeah, I know, I just use Garuda because I know they use pipewire by default. I just think it’s weird they saying it is more compatible with pulseaudio but isn’t working, there is an issue, while on pipewire I could make it work (on a live garuda).

Awesome, thanks!

Only problem is that they have an issue and I need to wait for the fix to be merged on master. https://github.com/theRealCarneiro/pulsemeeter/issues/65

On a live Garuda distro with pipewire seems to work. But they said it should work better with pulseaudio, and they are doing improvements for pipewire, so I will wait to test it with pulseaudio first after they fix it.

What do you need to do with paprefs?

I just add a simultaneous output. I didn’t find a way to add this option to pipewire. Right now I already removed pipewire, and I’m fine, I don’t feel any difference, so I stay without pipewire.

If you know any easy way would be great to know to test it next time. I’m not sure if I tested with pipewire-pulse, but I will check it next time too. Thanks.

Ok I tested it and seems it still doesn’t work.