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Yes, you heard it right. Azov Something just said that leftists should buy up houses and become landlords, so that they will be "nicer" to the tenants. And this guy claims to be a socialist lmfao

Wow, that must have been crazy, changing your whole worldview like that. I have not read Furrs book on Katyn yet, tho i have read his chapter on Katyn in “Blood Lies”, so i do have a general idea of the evidence on Katyn. I agree, nazis did it most likely.

Lmfao, PiS is nuts. Btw, as a polish comrade, what is your take on Katyn? Do you agree with historians like Grover Furr that it was nazis who did it, not soviets? Or do you think soviets did it?

I dont think its about womens rights for the people im referring to, i think its just a moral religious thing. For example the sandinistas in Nicaragua, while banning abortion, are still deeply feminist. They invest huge sums into helping mothers have children, pushing them into the workforce, including into leadership positions. In fact i think they have some of the best gender equality in Latin America. I too would be uncomfortable working with actual sexists, who oppose abortion because they think women are their objects. Thats not the case with the sandinistas, for them its just a moral/religious thing, so i would be fine working with someone like them. My defense was for people like the sandinistas, not for actual sexists/bigots.

I love everytime Russia supposedly “poison” someone with ultradeadly chemical weapons yet they never die. Russia must have the worst hitmen ever.

Im not asking them anything. All im saying is that no, being against abortion for religious reasons doesnt make you autonatically an enemy of communism. You should read about the theology of liberation and christian socialism. All im saying is working class people who are opposed to abortion for religion are just as welcome in the communist movement as workers who support abortion. Sure we wouldnt elect them to the top leadership, but they are definetely welcome in the movement. Do you see what im saying?

I agree, i wouldnt support it either. But that doesnt mean the sandinistas in Nicaragua are now our enemies just because they are deeply christian (which they are). Thats all im saying, do you get me now?

Yes please, i agree. Lets stop with the threats and attacks. I already explained my position, if others dont agree or dont understand then thats that. Not worth the fight.

Its official guys! Both Russia and Ukraine admitted that, with the liberation of Lisichansk, all of the LPR has now been liberated and denazified. Now the brave fighters are continuing towards the DPR! Yes!

Debunking Liu Xiaobo, a proimperialist buffoon
If youve ever heard the name "Liu Xiaobo" in western media, you probably imagine some "heroic freedom and human rights loving Gandhi style advocate murdered by evil CCP regime". However, a detailed read at his Wikipedia article quickly proves otherwise. Liu was either a CIA paid provocateur or a self hating bootlicker angry to the world for having been born chinese instead of "white", and i will prove so in this post. Liu was born in a communist family, his father being a loyal CPC member. Li grew up during the Cultural Revolution, which made him prone to maoist ideas. However, in the mid 1980s, as he graduated university, he became increasingly anticommunist and prowest. He started saying chinese culture was "vile and corrupt" and that China should embrace "western values". He proclaimed in 1988 "modernization means wholesale westernization, choosing a human life is choosing a Western way of life. The difference between the Western and the Chinese governing system is humane vs in-humane, there's no middle ground ... Westernization is not a choice of a nation, but a choice for the human race". This is already quite the bootlicker moment, but it gets worse. When asked what it would take for China to realize a true historical transformation, Liu said "[It would take] 300 years of colonialism. In 100 years of colonialism, Hong Kong has changed to what we see today. With China being so big, of course it would require 300 years as a colony for it to be able to transform into how Hong Kong is today. I have my doubts as to whether 300 years would be enough". This mf is defending colonization of his own country! But it gets worse. Liu participated in the 1989 Color Revolution in China, and was imprisoned for it. After that, his views became even more extreme. He was a huge fan of George W Bush and fully supported the War on Terror, including the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, saying that this was "one of the best examples of how war should be conducted in a modern civilization". He also added "regardless of the savagery of the terrorists, and regardless of the instability of Iraq's situation, and, what's more, regardless of how patriotic youth might despise proponents of the United States such as myself, my support for the invasion of Iraq will not waver. Just as, from the beginning, I believed that the military intervention of Britain and the United States would be victorious, I am still full of belief in the final victory of the Freedom Alliance and the democratic future of Iraq, and even if the armed forces of Britain and the United States should encounter some obstacles such as those that they are currently facing, this belief of mine will not change". On Islam, he said that "a culture and (religious) system that has produced this kind of threat (Islamic fundamentalism) must be inherently intolerant and bloodthirsty". He was also a huge supporter of Israel, saying that "without America's protection, the long persecuted Jews who faced extermination during World War II, would probably be drowned once more by the Islamic world's hatred". In 2008, Liu signed "Charter 08", a US sponsored manifesto calling for the overthrow of the CPC, the mass privatization of all state assets and the immediate institution of shock therapy neoliberalism in China. For this he was imprisoned and somehow received the Nobel Peace Prize. Nothing more peaceful than calling for a coup and neoliberalism right? Liu died in prison in 2017, good riddance! Show this to any lib idiot who stans Liu Xiaobo. Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liu_Xiaobo

All the other countries i mentioned (Iran, Syria, Nicaragua, Venezuela) are all modern day socialist/antiimperialist countries where abortion is banned. Do they get the wall?

So the USSR under Stalin, Romania under Ceausescu, Albania under Hoxha, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Libya under Gaddaffi, baathist socialist Syria, Nicaragua and Venezuela, all get the wall, no critical support for them. Got it.

Literally justifying a blatant murder. Floyd was handcuffed and laying on the ground, he was no threat to anyone, yet they still murdered him. US “thin blue line” people are either insane racists who hate black people or delusional who live in parallel reality where police are the victim somehow. Disgusting 🤮🤮

I do want to add though, that despite our heavy disagreements and heated discussion tonight, that you are still my comrade and hope we can reach a friendly resolution to this debate soon. I also want to applaud your extreme professionalism today as a mod. I really thought you would ban me in a fit of rage or something today, but im very happy to have been proven wrong. Im proud Lemmygrad has professional mods like you who can be objective and separate their views from moderation. I look forward to have more amicable and friendly interactions and debates here on Lemmygrad with you in the future, despite our heavy disagreement tonight! I want to make clear that you are still my Comrade. I salute you Comrade Muad Dibber! O7

Yes i did know that, the Congress for Cultural Freedom and all that. However LaRouche is very weird. Hes anticommunist and preaches the “cultural marxism” conspiracy theory that Ben Garrison and the far right love, but at the same time supports China, Iran and Russia, all while supporting Trump too. Very bizarre.

How is the KKE chauvinist? Just because they are patriotic? Who are they being chauvinist against? EU bureoucrats? Jens Stoltenberg?

The KKE DOES NOT consider Russia imperialist, where did you get that from? (Edit: My bad, they do, i didnt know that) Also apparently when J Sakai has stupid opinions on China that doesnt discredit him, but when communist parties that disprove your revisionism do it then it does discredit them. Curious how it works.

First of all, the Greek and Italian parties i cited are not eurocommunist, they are as stalinist antirevisionist as you can be, especially the greek one. I cited european parties because the argument here tends to be that patriotism is only ok for antiimperialist countries, so i showed that even communist parties in the imperial core are patriotic and always have been. Are you disputing that too? Socialist patriotism is NEVER okay now? Because ALL AES states were and are extremely patriotic, including modern day ones like China, Cuba, DPRK, Vietnam and Laos. I thought that wasnt in dispute, which is why i focused on Europe, the imperial core.

Thoughts on the LaRouche Movement/Cult?
I just discovered the existence of this thing (i dont even know what to call it, party? movement? cult?). So what i understand is the founder Lyndon LaRouche was a trotskyst whose faction was part of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), a radical communist student group of the 1960s USA New Left. He was then expelled and founded the National Caucasus of Labor Committees (NCLC), a trotskyst group. However, in the mid 1970s, his group suddenly turned more and more right wing. They declared that the enemy was now "on the left", and set up paramilitary street gangs that would violently attack members and meetings of CPUSA and other communist parties. The group became quite rich somehow, which makes me think that they function like a cult, an accusation that has been leveled against them many times. With this money they set up more organizations, like the Schiller Institute think tank, which promotes LaRouches ideas. This same institute would invent and push in the early 90s the conspiracy theory of "cultural marxism", that "Frankfurt school cultural marxists" are infiltrating western society through "blacks, feminists and homosexuals" and pushing "political correctness" to "destroy western civilization". If youve ever heard this conspiracy theory, you know its a favourite of the far right/alt right, and often has antisemitic derivations. With this in mind, my instincts are to say that its a far right/fascist cult. However, the LaRouche Movement also heavily supports Russia, Iran, China and the Belt and Road Initiative. They have defended Russia now with the whole Ukraine fiasco. For this, they have often appeared on antiimperialist media like RT, PressTV and CGTN (an example of this: https://youtu.be/X2H0RP547gM ) criticizing the west. What do you make of all of this? I really dont know what to make of it.

Ok, you want sources, ill give em to you.

Article by General Secretary of CPUSA Joe Sims defending working class patriotism from 2014:


Article by the Spanish Communist Party (PCE) defending socialist patriotism from 2020 (in spanish):


2 Articles from the Greek Communist Party (KKE) defending socialist patriotism from 2000 (in greek):



An article by the Italian Communist Party (PCI) (not the original since it dissolved, an ML splinter) defending socialist patriotism (in italian):


All of these countries are imperialist, and one (the USA) is even settler colonialist. Does CPUSA support colonialism? No! It explictly supports land back, but proletarian patriotism isnt incompatible with that, in fact its fully compatible. Same with european countries, antiimperialism and proletarian patriotism go hand in hand.

All MLs are patriotic, proletarian patriots. Im european, and here all communist parties acknowledge this, from the spanish, greek, finnish, russian, moldovan, ukrainian, etc. Even CPUSA akcnowledges it, only maoist ultraleftists deny this. I havent read Sakais book so i wont comment on it, but isnt Sakai maoist? I wouldnt make my gospel a guy who is so “materialist” he thinks China is capitalist and imperialist.

LMFAO you just said that its false that “all workers have the same interests long term, socialism”. Do you realize the implications of that? By saying that, you are saying that capitalism and imperialism is a sustainable system that will last forever, thus forever bringing benefits to the labor aristocracy ie white workers. This is “the end of history”, completely antimarxist and antidialectic, the world is not static, its constantly changing. If US white workers will always benefit from imperialism, why have living standards consistently gone down for them since Richard Nixon? It is simply impossible to keep bringing surplus value to the labor aristocracy forever, the laws of capitalism, the falling rate of profit, make it impossible. Sooner or later the bourgeoisie will start exploiting the labor aristocracy too, because just the value of the third world wont be enough to sustain capitalism due to the falling rate of profit. This is third worldism, this is maoist bs, this is not marxism wtf dude.

Israeli workers dont want to “keep the palestinian land” unless misguided by the israeli bourgeoisie through chauvinism, but its not in their interests. This is the problem with this “settler” bs, it often fails to define the class charachter of things, just an abstract notion of “land”. Workers only want land to live on, but colonialism isnt about that, Israel isnt evicting palestinians because they wanna live in their house for some reason. The proletariat wants land to live, the bourgeoisie wants to land to exploit. Colonialism wasnt driven by an irrational drive to “settle white people”, it was driven to extract profits from the colonized territories, both in the form of natural resources and in the form of slave labor.

Thus, for the bourgeoisie, land is capital, not just a place to live in. However, as i assume you know, by definition, workers do not own any capital, thats why they are exploited, at most they own the small house they live in (if even), but not any capital, nothing that produces wealth besides their own labor. Thus, it is the israeli bourgeoisie, by definition, that owns the palestinian land, not the israeli workers! Sure they may benefit from that now, but that is a temporary concession to divide the working class, and will not last forever due to falling rate of profit and the limits of capitalism and imperialism.

Thus, decolonization involves abolishing private property, taking the means of production (an actual marxist term, much better than this abstract classless notion of “land”) from the colonizer bourgeoisie, and redistributing them to the workers, both colonized and “settler”, while taking into account the damages caused by colonialism on the colonized, which the colonizer bourgeoisie will repay, not the workers. It doesnt involve killing or deporting all “settler” workers. I mean seriously, even the bourgeoisie can be proletarianized, such as with petty-middle bourgeoisie during heavy economic crises, but somehow the labor aristocracy cant? Ridiculous! This is not marxism nor dialectics!

Those “poor proles” are dead, from centuries ago. Their descendants have not evicted anyone, they are just trying to survive amid the low wages, inflation, police state and opioid overdoses, just like nonwhite workers are. Race is a social construct used, first to justify colonialism and the profits it gave to the bourgeoisie, and in the modern era is used to divide the working class and pit them against each other. When white workers go on strike, what do you do as bourgeois? You hire nonwhite workers who are more desperate and resent their white peers due to them being racist.

But when white workers realize that racism only serves the bourgeois through the mentioned mechanism, they stop being racist. And when nonwhite workers see that white workers arent racist anymore and are fighting for them too, they will fight for them too and not work like scabs anymore. Thats the strategy CPUSA used in the 1930s and it worked. United the working class is strong, divided its weak. Racism only divides, racism only serves the bourgeoisie, it doesnt serve white workers.

According to Wikipedia, whites are 60% of US population. If you say whites are all bourgeois settlers and cant be proletarian or revolutionary, you are literally saying that there cannot be a revolution in USA unless you kill or deport whites until they become a minority, which is a ridiculous ultraleft message. All workers have same interest, whatever benefit white workers might have gotten in the past from colonialism and imperialism is only a short term concession to divide the working class and strenghten the bourgeoisie, just like social democracy and imperialism in Bretton Woods era Western Europe.

Long term, all workers have same interest, socialist revolution. The vanguard of the USAs job is to make workers see that, and unite, ditching away this ridiculous “race” idea. Like americans think “latino” is a race somehow, literally just another excuse to divide US working class and pit them against one another. Thats what the Trump people are all about, “illegal immigrants” are the problem. But instead of showing that thats bs and that all US workers have same interests, USA left says the problem are racist poor whites whose interest actually is being racist somehow and thus the solution is to cancel them. That is an unmarxist idea that wont work.

Israel is a similar example, only rolled back in time. Israeli workers do benefit from exploiting and genociding palestinians, but this is again just a short term concession by israeli bourgeoisie to divide the working class of Israel/Palestine. The Communist Party of Israels position has always been to unify palestinian and israelis against the israeli genocidal regime, not to cancel all israeli workers as “bourgeois settlers”. Israeli and palestinian workers all have the same interests long term.

With this in mind, the socialist patriotist position in USA would be to love all US workers and want socialism and equality for all workers, since that is their interest. Same in Israel/Palestine, one would want a united palestinian israeli state, where both languages and cultures are respected and all workers are equal, since that is their interest. It would also be important to pay reparations to victims of colonialism, to decolonize. But the mistake of people here is that such things should be paid by “settler workers”, meaning white and israeli workers. That is a ridiculous position. It was the US and israeli bourgeoisie that benefitted the most from such colonialism, so it is them that should pay it, not the workers.

Also to add, i havent read Sakais book, but i do know that the group that really popularized it, MIM (Maoist Internationalist Movement) were an extremely secretive Gang of 4 maoist third worldist group. They believed that USSR and Deng Xiaopings China were social imperialist, capitalist and revisionist, that the Cultural Revolution and the Gang of 4 were great, and that white americans are all exploiters and will never be proletarian (which is unmarxist bs as you already said). This group was very secretive and dissolved in 2008. There are a lot of conspiracy theories about them and J Sakai.

With anti war i meant more Trump supporters than Trump himself.

Ah i see, so “gender studies” is the correct term. Thanks! I agree with your post 100%, 99% of people here attacking Maupin and Infrared have no idea about them. I tend to agree more with Maupin than Infrared, Haz is too hostile to identity politics for my taste, and has some weird twitter takes too. He still has interesting things to say sometimes, which is why i prefer having an open mind.

Proletarian patriotism is love towards the people, towards the nation (or several nations in complex examples like USA). Its not love towards the bourgeois state, thats bourgeois patriotism.

Yes, and? My point isnt that we should ban abortion, we shouldnt. My point is that Stalin is still a Comrade, and so are people who might be against abortion for religious views or otherwise. Simple.

Ive never encountered them so i thought your post was an attack on Caleb Maupin and similar people, which i find stupid. My apologies, those accounts do look quite stupid indeed

I think you are confused. Noone here actually hates or is against anglo people, we are just circlejerking. Most people here are anglo anyway.

99% of americans dont support antiimperialism either, whats your point? Also i would dispute the notion that conservatives are more hostile to antiimperialism. In the George W Bush neocon years sure, but since Trump the situation has turned id say. More and more conservatives and libertarians are against wars, while democrat supporters love the Azov Battallion and want war with Russia. Tucker Carlson, of all people, has been the only mainstream media voice to expose lies on Ukraine. I think this reflects a divide in the US ruling class, between top billionaires like Jeff Bezos who support democrats and want interventionism because it benefits their international corporations, and smaller millionaires and billionaires like Rupert Murdoch who support Trump republicans and want isolationism and reindustrialization of the USA since they benefit more from that. I think this explains the Trump movement and related stuff. Ofc this isnt 100% mathematical, for example Elon Musk is a top billionaire but supports republicans, but i still think this model explains the situation quite well.

He does support trans rights, he has marched many times for trans rights in his activist days. He insists on human rights to drive home the point, that even if trans people were “degenerates” and “mentally ill” as transphobes say, that wouldnt justify attacking them and discriminating them. Its to drive the point home that, whether you think trans women are “real women” or not, there is no justification for bigotry, discrimination and hate. He also often says that he does not know anything about gender ideology/transgender ideology/however you wanna call it, so he doesnt take a position on that, which i think is fair.

PD: By gender/transgender ideology i mean all of these studies and ideas on whether trans women are same as cis women, gender vs sex and all that. I dont know what you are supposed to call it, so i call it gender/transgender ideology, pardon me if its offensive.

I will steal this quote Comrade, its hilarious and i love it.

In american minds, advocating free universal healthcare means you are a radical stalinist somehow xD

I really dont care about flags, flags are just a piece of cloth. I care about the values someone has and their actions. If you support antiimperialism and worker solidarity, you are my Comrade. I dont care what flag you use, thats up to you. If you like USA flag its ok, if you dont like it its ok.

Today, 1 July 2022 at 00.00h, marks the 25 year anniversary from the liberation of Hong Kong from british imperialism. Hong Kong is more prosperous and democratic than ever, and despite still being capitalist under "1 country, 2 systems", it is nevertheless integrating with the rest of China and moving towards prosperity and socialism. The recent imperialist attempt to carve it off from China again failed miserably, thanks to the strenght and determination of the chinese people under the leadership of the CPC. Chairman Xi will attend the celebrations today and give an important speech. Long live China! Long live socialism!

Iran and Argentina have applied to join the BRICS economic alliance, despite Russia and Iran being very sanctioned by the west. Its obvious the global south doesnt care anymore about the west, the west is finished.

Opinion: The SMO in Ukraine is the WW1 of our time for the left
Remember when you had the 2nd International, huge marxist parties like the SPD in Germany, all saying they would never support an imperialist war and were true marxists, and then when WW1 began they all sold out and supported the war? Good times. Very few, like Vladimir Lenin, Rosa Luxembourg and Eugene Debs, remained true to marxism and opposed the war. Well i think a similar situation is happening now with the SMO in Ukraine. From "democratic socialists" to MLs to maoists to anarchists, they all said they would never support US imperialism, they would never support a new Iraq WMD lie. And yet, when the SMO began and the west started demonizing Russia and beating the drums of war, most of these ostensibly "leftist" figures, especially western figures, sold out and supported the antirussian histeria. From BreadTube to YoungTurks to maoists like Marxist Paul to anarchists, they all sold out. Even some principled MLs like Second Thought and Hakim have shied away from condemning this war histeria and supporting Russia. I think this will be the collapse of the 2nd International of our era, the new divide between true antiimperialists and sellouts. What are your thoughts?

Today both Russia and Ukraine confirmed that Severodonetsk is under russian and LPR control. Ukraine called it a "tactical retreat" xD. More than 800 hostages held by the ukronazis were freed. Now russian and LPR forces are entering Lisichansk, fierce battles for the city are going on.

Among the pearls of wisdom in this video we have: "Russia is imperialist because it has state capitalist monopolies" Yes, you heard it right, having certain economic sectors under exclusive state ownership is imperialism. Guess Putin should privatize Gazprom like Yeltsin did, that way he wont be imperialist right Paul? "Russia is imperialist because it has a big state owned bank called Sberbank" Yes, having big state owned banks is imperialism "Russia is imperialist because it invests and isnt indebted" He uses the Net International Investment Position (NIIP) as "proof" that Russia is imperialist. That index takes foreign assets held by residents of a country and subtracts it the total debt, both public and private, of a country. Thus, if the NIIP is positive, the country is a creditor/invester, and if its negative, its a debtor. Russia has a positive value, but what does that prove? That Russia isnt indebted, thats all it proves. He says this proves "Russia is a major exporter of capital", which it doesnt, the index doesnt account for Russias biggest export, commodities, which makes it NOT imperialist. The NIIP only accounts for investment/credit and debt. Also this index has many flaws, since all you have to do to count in is be a resident of the country. Tax heavens thus have insane positive values, but that doesnt mean they are imperialist. I mean just look at the NIIP values online. France and the US are negative, yet Argentina and Botswana are positive! I guess Botswana is imperializing the US, you are right Paul. "Russia is part of international monopolist organizations. Russia is a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a BRICS member" yes, he fkin said this i swear. Does this guy know the USSR was a permanent member of the UN Security Council? Im sure he would say they were dirty revisionists. Also apparently BRICS, an alliance formed by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, with no western countries in it, is imperialist. He does specify tho, that of BRICS only Russia and China are imperialist. Thanks Paul! "Russia sending its military into Donbass, despite the people of Donbass wanting it, is imperialism" Wow, guess the Soviet presence in Afghanistan was imperialism. Nevermind hes a maoist, he probably thinks that. "Russia helping Syria against the US is imperialism" I dont even know what to say, besides that he should go to Syria and tell the people there that Russia should leave them alone against US aggression, see what happens. Fkin idiot. "Supporting Russia, China, Iran, Syria, etc is lesser evilism, they are all imperialist" 🤦‍♂️ "We must support the oppressed nations such as Cuba or Venezuela" Does this anglo idiot know that Cuba and Venezuela support Russia? The doublethink is insane. "Russia is not an oppressed nation" Does this idiot know what happened in Russia in the 90s? "Only anticapitalist countries can be antiimperialist" Oh, so i guess Venezuela (whom he supported just 2 seconds ago), Nicaragua, Allendes Chile, Bolivia, etc are not antiimperialist. Nice one Paul! Then he finishes with an "inspiring" "no war but class war, long live communism" speech. Yeah yeah great words, says the stupid brit from his privileged house in the imperial core. Hes the true marxist, not the people of the third world who overwhelmingly support Russia and China, whom he calls "capitalist imperialist". Fkin idiot Edit: I want to add that Marxist Paul has good videos regarding theory and criticism of the west, but when he steps out of that, especially regarding China and Russia, he says the dumbest shit. Considering hes a maoist who loves Gonzalo and the Shining Path, i guess that was to be expected.

Lithuania just started blockading the Kaliningrad Region, a russian enclave between Lithuania and Poland, citing "EU sanctions". Now no trains or trucks carrying commercial goods are allowed to go to Kaliningrad Region from Mainland Russia. Russia warned Lithuania of "serious consequences" if they continued this, saying that their response "will have a serious negative impact on the lithuanian people". Shits getting real.

Ethnic russian latvian imprisoned in Latvia for supporting Russia, denounced torture and beatings to force him to confess
In a new episode of baltic nazi brutality, Kirill Fedorov, a 20 year old youtuber who made prorussian youtube videos and has spent the last 3 months in maximum security prison, denounced in a letter sent to his family that he has been repeatedly tortured. He said that he had been beaten, cuffed for extended periods of time in painful positions and electrocuted repeatedly. All of this to force him to confess to spying for Russia, when hes a 20 year old nerd who makes youtube videos. This is "western democracy", they are imprisoning and torturing ethnic minorities. Where are all the libs claiming a genocide now? Show this to any idiot who thinks the EU is all about "human rights". Edit: Also someone (probably the police) doxxed him and now his name, face and address are on a public online list of "traitors to latvia". Literally the gestapo

Gustavo Petro, leader of a leftist antiimperialist coalition (which includes the Colombian Communist Party) and former fighter in the communist guerilla group M 19, just won the presidential elections in Colombia! He is the first left wing president in the countrys history! He defeated Rodolfo Hernandez, a Trump style alt right billionaire who was quoted in a radio interview a few years ago saying "I love Adolf Hitler and his philosophy, he was a murderer but i still love him". YESSS this is great news! A spectre haunts Latin America. Edit: Among several things, Petro made it clear he would reestablish diplomatic relations with Venezuela and recognize Maduro as the legitimate president (Colombia had until now recognized Guaidó). Rip bozo for Guaidó the loser. Edit 2: Petro also promised to enact land reform. In Colombia there was never any land reform done, so peasants live in almost feudal conditions, with landlords, oligarchs and corporations using far right death squads to enforce their will on the peasantry. In fact, the new vicepresident, a black woman, is of peasant background, having herself lived under such conditions. Edit 3: Btw, this is Colombias first black vicepresident ever. Will the libs still simp for her if she doesnt suck up to the US? 🤔🤔🤔

Syrian socialist President Bashar Al Assad announced Syria would immediately establish diplomatic relations with the Donetsk Peoples Republic. Lugansk may soon follow.

The flag is now the official flag of the liberated Kharkov region ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/95b417b0-3689-4e28-ab8e-1d7ff088aefb.jpeg)

Alina Lipp, a german independent journalist who has been living in Donetsk and covering the war crimes committed by the ukronazis there since 2021, is under criminal investigation by a german court for "spreading russian disinformation". All her assets have been seized, including the PayPal donations that allow her to do her independent work. Her fathers assets have also been seized, even though he lives in Germany and has nothing to do with Alinas work. Prosecutors ask 3 years in prison, all for spreading the truth about Donbass. This is the "freedom and human rights" of the EU. We already know of 6 people under criminal investigation in the EU for telling the truth about Donbass. 5 of them are in pretrial imprisonment in maximum security, full isolation, no contact with anyone.

Very wholesome video, watch to make your day instantly happy! Juan Guaidó, the fake US puppet "president" of Venezuela, gets beaten up, insulted and kicked out of a restaurant by angry venezuelans. Nothing like justice being served am i right? 🥰

GREAT NEWS! US backed bolivian coup leader Jeanine Añez sentenced to 10 years in prison for the 2019 coup in Bolivia!
Jeanine Añez, the reactionary far right ultracatholic and racist bolivian politician that staged a coup with US backing against socialist president Evo Morales, has just been sentenced to 10 years in prison for the coup. She is still awaiting trial for the numerous massacres of indigenous people she committed during her 1 year presidency, so the final sentence will most likely be much longer. Western media is ofc spinning this as evil communist totalitarianism. During her presidency, Jeanine signed a decree giving full criminal immunity to the military and police for crimes committed against protesters, which resulted in several massacres of mainly indigenous protesters who were protesting the illegal coup against Evo Morales. Jeanine is now in prison, getting a taste of her own medicine. RIP BOZO, REST IN PISS YOU WONT BE MISSED 🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌

Also fuck the west and Gorbachev for killing him, evil bastards. May our Comrade Rest in Peace! ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/10e1d2a7-c896-4b00-91cc-5a35406b2d1a.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/6e25d330-820d-427f-a984-6afbd8cb4801.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/054c4f96-470e-4da8-b45d-a598fa653793.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/093c3226-8100-49b1-bca1-ab59b133786b.jpeg)

Communist Party of Sweden: NATO is an imperialist alliance. No to NATO! Azov Something: This is literally proputin tankie fascism smh my head

First of all, i know Infrared isnt popular with many of you here, and thats ok. However i think this interview will be valuable to many of you, even if you dont like Infrared. For those who dont know, Professor Grover Furr is a historian who has written many books debunking so called "stalinist crimes". He investigated extensively topics such as the Holodomor, the Great Purges, Khrushchevs Secret Speech in 1956, the deportations of ethnic minorities during WW2, the Katyn Massacre and many more. These topics are discussed here. Enjoy!

Last minute news! 2 British and 1 moroccan mercenaries who were captured in Mariupol by DPR forces as they were fighting with ukrainian forces (including the nazi Azov Battallion), have just been sentenced to DEATH, for mercenarism and attempting to illegally seize power in the DPR, by the Supreme Court of the Donetsk Peoples Republic, in Donetsk. We are waiting for more details. UPDATE: The 2 british mercenaries are Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner. Both exmembers of the british army, Aiden had fought in Syria against ISIS and the Assad government with the Rojava kurds (the YPG), while Shaun had fought in Northern Ireland during the troubles (fighting against the IRA) and in Bosnia during the imperialist invasion, both times as an official british soldier, while Aiden fought both in Syria and Ukraine as a mercenary. So yeah, 2 imperialist pigs. Aiden also had a Twitter account that constantly spread russophobia and bragged about killing russians. Aiden claims (he started claiming this only after he was captured by the DPR) his twitter account was stolen by a friend while he was on the frontlines in Mariupol and that he didnt post that stuff. Truth be told, its true that his twitter account "CossackGundi" is still posting, so its clear that, at least since his capture, someone else has accessed and used his account. I leave it up to you to decide whether you believe him or not. No information until now on the moroccan guy. UPDATE 2: The convicts have 1 month to appeal the sentence to the Supreme Court of the DPR. If the appeal is accepted, their death sentence may be commuted to life in prison or 25 years in prison.

How can westerners be this dumb? Its the most obvious propaganda ever! Oh yes, random people outside a window are CCP agents! And everyone is just nodding along and giving Gold to this obvious CIA shill all while screaming that "Reddit is controlled by CCP this will soon be censored!!!!1111"

More genius takes by Azov Something. Literally just a bad buzzword salad lol. "Authoritarian state capitalist ethnonationalist regime"

In the last days, the ukronazis have launched a terror campaign against Donetsk civilians, using the US supplied medium range MLRS systems to mass bomb the city centre. Shocking videos are appearing of the centre of Donetsk being mass bombed, Baghdad 2003 style. Several schools have been hit and children and teachers have died 😭. You will not hear this in western media! 😡😡

Thoughts on Turkmenistan and Niyazov?
What are your thoughts on post soviet Turkmenistan? Western media and "youtube historians" portray it as "evil north korea style totalitarian regime". But if you look at the facts, we see that Turkmenistan, along with Belarus, is the only post soviet state that didnt mass privatize. Its first president himself, Saparmurat Niyazov, supported the failed 1991 August Coup that tried to save socialism and the USSR. After independence of Turkmenistan, communist rhethoric was replaced by conservative nationalist populism through his Democratic Party of Turkmenistan (DPT). Still, he did not follow western dictates. He refused to privatize anything or even impose market principles in the economy. To this day, Turkmenistans economy remains dominated by state owned planned economy, focused on exports of gas, oil and cotton (as in soviet times). Social welfare has remained extensive, with basic necessities like water, electricity, housing and gas being free for all citizens. So, i was wondering, what do you think about Turkmenistan and its ruling DPT? They definetely arent socialist although they dont seem very capitalist either. What do you think? Some sources on this that you can read (with a lot of skepticism cuz its wikipedia): https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_Party_of_Turkmenistan https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saparmurat_Niyazov https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkmenistan

Azov Something, our favourite "exaltright" hungarian banderite loving liberal, continues his journey towards nazism by advocating straight up invasion and balkanization of Russia. He just said in a debate, in response to the question "how would you solve the Ukraine crisis?", that "we must send massive arms shipments to Ukraine so they can crush Russia and get back Donbass and Crimea. Once that is done, we can do more fun stuff like breaking up the russian empire so we will have no more imperialism". Yes, he literally said this seriously, its not a joke. Absolutely DISGUSTING. Literally advocating for genocide and balkanization of Russia. What a scumbag. If you wanna see for yourself, open the youtube link i posted. His quote is at 1:27:40. Be warned tho, its SO DISGUSTING. PD: Btw i do know that Infrared and Jackson Hinkle are kinda cringe in some things, but its nevertheless hilarious to watch Azov Something overdose on copium, despite certain wrong opinions his debate opponents may hold too.

Huge queues are seen in Melitopol, Zaporizhye Region, for obtaining russian citizenship. Similar images are also seen in Kherson Region. Vladimir Putin announced a few days ago that all citizens of Zaporizhya and Kherson Regions would be allowed to get russian citizenship if so they desired. Now watch the libs cope that they are being forced to 🤡🤡🤡

Ukraine just blew up a massive nitric acid tank at a chemical plant in Severodonetsk according to Telegram reports. Videos of a massive orange cloud of toxic fumes are appearing. BEWARE, the west may soon start screaming about Russia using chemical weapons!

TLDR: Virgin Russian Federation vs Chad Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Fuck Jimmy Carter though, he started the criminal terrorist war against the afghan communists.

A wholesome story, with a happy ending 😍😍🥰🥰
An IDF soldier (aka nazi) who in 2019 joked/bragged about raping and murdering palestinian girls on Twitter just got destroyed by a Hamas rocket. I love happy endings! 😍

The Ministry of Justice of the Donetsk Peoples Republic just announced that the death penalty will be on the table as a punishment for the nazis and mercenaries that will soon be put on trial for their crimes against the people of Donbass. The trial will begin soon. The nazis are being charged with crimes against humanity, genocide and mercenarism (all punishable up to the death penalty). There are 2 british citizens among them. Nazis be shitting their pants, libs be coping 🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌👌

Ramzan Kadyrov, President of Chechnya, reports on Telegram that Severodonetsk, the last big city in the Lugansk Peoples Republic still occupied by Ukraine, has just been liberated by russian and LPR forces. The nazis fled the city in tears trying to escape the russian offensive and encirclement, allowing Russia to liberate the city without bloodshed. The nazis fled in such hurry that they left all their western weapons behind. The weapons will be transfered to the LPR army. Hurray!

The UN Security Council, under pressure from the west, was about to slap the DPRK with even more sanctions. And this during a Covid outbreak, completely heartless! But the imperialists didnt count on internationalist solidarity! Russia and China, despite the deranged cries of the imperialists ("muh dictatorships and nukes"), vetoed the sanctions package. Yes!

It includes a condemnation of the genocides of native people all over the world by colonialism and a statement that those white people who get uncomfortable when those facts are brought up "are part of the problem". Based.