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Suddenly started having difficulties with archive links. Checked with a friend - so does he. They’re timing out. Anyone else having the same problem?

Nuclear power for starters. Look at the rate at which USSR was building nuclear power plants. Many of them are still operational (i.e. Zaporozhina in Ukraine). Energy usage under capitalism is also inefficient, as is the infrastructure upkeep - one of the worries about nuclear are various incidents, but those can be (and are) prevented by timely upkeep and maintenance.

After that, it is entirely possible for fusion to start being viable.

“Secretly”? There’s a pipeline going from Russia to Europe through Ukraine, which is still fully operational and in fact carefully avoided by all sides

Eh, they just feel the balance of power shifting and flock to the perceived new head honcho. I doubt they are willing to rid of practices and policies that led to this shit in the first place

Nice. Hopefully aforementioned billionaires are kept in check afterwards as well. I’d imagine they would have quite an incentive for betrayal in hopes of restoring thei status back

Doesn’t France have the Foreign Legion performing police functions? Operation Sentinel, I believe it was called. Have they been used in these protests?

Best guess it’s Ukraine. There’s been a trend of portraying Ukraine as a pig in recent memes. Not entirely sure why, possibly due to lard

On Russian terms being what, Russia not collapsing under the economic strain?

I have only just noticed I have a 502 in the nickname, and now I’m questioning my sanity, because I could’ve sword it was supposed to be a 52

Correct me if I’m wrong, but at least the early, Cromwell and Robespierre era capitalism was more about industry than finance

And this is on top of the still-visible effects from the 90s economic collapse and the increasing pollution by various sources. Several people I know personally had noted their sinuses and throats “suddenly” felt much clearer after leaving the city and visiting places outside - i.e. mountains in Kazakhstan

positive development for Russia.

Eh, I remain cautious. Sure it beats getting plundered by the “garden” who then refuse to let you in on the feast, and it certainly beats getting fully isolated and starving.

posts racist content

Acts surprised and aghast at further racist comments

Like clockwork

Guess that’s expected when the goal is to make some very select people in a very select country richer than god

The problem is that such a war will very likely go nuclear and then we’re all done for

Also, looking back at the title, I have to disagree. “They” have learned a very valuable lesson from this war - anything goes. The ghost of USSR is finally at rest, there is no-one left to challenge the Hegemon. No lie is too blatant, no atrocity too great. They can do anything and get away with it.

I thought we solved this problem around the end of WW2?

So apparently this, all this, doesn’t count as “deliberately targeting civilians/civilian buildings”, but a Russian missile getting intercepted mid-course and falling - does.


And plenty of jobs involve simple, but tedious actions. Including IT shit.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories.

Anything you would care to share?

He knows which side his bread is buttered. Make no mistake, these older oligarchs have a very good idea of class interests as a concept and in practice

You’d think so, but material conditions have been worsening all over the world for years, and all I’m seeing is more fascists cropping up

Hugo Chavez, he’s from Venezuela and has sadly passed away

Frankly I doubt it will go like this. More like “Reee fuckin rashka, fuckin Putin! Can’t escape from this swamp! Muh glorious democracy has expelled me because Putin is Dr Evil! I am ashamed to be Russian! Slave mentality!”

I am not entirely sure what to make of it, given how shit GDP is as a meaningful statistic.

cross-post from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/463061 > So the Russian government is dismantling the Ukrainian power grid with one hand, and helping the EU keep the UAF war machine running with the other. Yeah.

Crosspost from: lemmygrad.ml/post/346815 Head of Ukrainian Energoatom Piotr Kotin has suggested using artillery to destroy power lines going from the power plant. At the same time, UAF have began shelling the *nuclear power plant* with MLRS and plain artillery, as well as the nuclear waste storage.