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Whoever downvoted this doesn’t understand plants and their interactions at all.

In a world without plants nearly all animals die. In a world without animals some plants don’t reproduce.

That’s what I’ve thought about all of the government phone bans. Even people who opted to use their personal phones for work business have the work data/apps sandboxed by default. The bans seem more symbolic than anything.

It isn’t even about privacy for me. The ability to control my appliances remotely just adds no value. Why would I bother? It is an opt in process so I imagine other people think the same way and just don’t take the extra set up steps. Put security and privacy concerns on top of that and I’m not even curious to try.

The idea of a functional closed system in this sense is flawed. Over fertilization, synthetic fertilization, and misuse of water are problems in conventional farming because people don’t care enough, we subsidize synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and don’t regulate water usage correctly. Do you think that will be different for people who have enough to spend on a new 500 hectare farm building? Efficient use of nutrients through building soil and water via the same plus mindful irrigation are possible on large scales. People will say that vertical farming won’t lose water or nutrients because those are valuable resources, but how is that different from traditional ag.

Verical farming is only efficient if you want to buy growing space with energy. In every other way it is the next phase of factory farms. You still have to move stuff and the idea that this will be local to everyone instead of plopping huge factories in areas where energy is cheap to take advantage of scale is wishful thinking. Land will be converted, giant machines will be used, and international supply chains will be set up. Also building materials will be mined, manufactured, shipped around the world, and put in place, and when we’re done with the building it will go to land fill when a new building is put in it’s place. Farm fields can be relatively easily restored to native ecosystems. Building sites tend to be permanent conversion.

I am not even going to start on the benefits of indigenous farming for local ecosystems except to say that vertical farming wants to be apart from the environment instead of a part of it.

Really? People didn’t see that the flaws would be where to get energy, where to get nutrients, and where to get water? This is literally the problem with growing any plant anywhere. At least outdoors you can count some or all of them being provided - weather, you like it or not.

I don’t think their legal position is ambiguous at all. Subscribers agree to terms when they sign up. The part that will kill them is popular opinion. If they start prosecution on subscribers how many people will keep using the platform? That’s why they’re sending out the emotional message too.

Yeah, that’s why I called stoves out as the exception. Ovens are 50/50 depending on the design. Modern gas water heaters, furnaces, and fridges are not safe to take a lighter to though.

Unless it has a pilot light it needs electricity to function. So most modern gas appliances are as useless as electric ones when the power is out. The only exception I can think of is a stove where a normal person could probably safely get it lit with a match or lighter.

Oh, I completely believe those figures. I just think it is the beginning of the end for new additions. Heat pumps and induction cooktops are viable alternatives to gas and governments are starting to react. My prediction is that we’ll hit peak new gas in the next decade and it will tail off after that. Might just be wishful thinking though.

There are municipalities in my area that have started mandating electical appliances in new buildings. I think gas lines are on their way out. My guess is that it will be 50 years before they are all gone in cities in the US.

Very real. I work in remote places where I have to find high ground, stand on my truck, and hold my phone as high as possible just to get SMS in/out. There is no reason to expect there will ever be anymore towers up there, so data or even calls are a no go.

Yep, private 1st class if we work hard after being drafted.

Yep, we started using them for plant pots in addition to general kitchen use after they started piling up and it still doesn’t dent the pile. Only way to go zero waste is to not get them in the first place.

Comitted to helping another person find themself. Not guiding, not shaping, just helping with the only motive being that their life satisfaction increases.

Yeah, I have been there. I’ve spent all of my free time going place to place looking for any work that suited me. Found restaurant work, janitor work, random labor, and finally, while doing combinations of those and volunteer work in my field, something that paid in my field. Just a strategy and how I wanted to live my life. You do you if you see a better path.

In my experience lying doesn’t need to be done at all. I approach jobs/interviews with fit in mind for me. I am not pitching myself just informing them of my skills, work style, etc. Knowing that I am not creating unreasonable expectations of what I can do means that I can be confident on day 1. For me bringing piece of mind is way more important than some job that I wasn’t even qualified for.

It depends on the field and the employer. Some will definitely not do any verification. I wouldn’t go any further than a simple, ‘Yes I have [degree]’ though. Having fraudulent documents made up takes you into a new category of breaking the law. Also, nobody wants your paper records anymore. Anything short of changing the university database and you might as well do it yourself.

Having a degree, I have very little respect for them and don’t even look at it when I am included in hiring decisions especially since requiring degrees perpetuates inequities. Maybe focus on developing the skills for the job you want? That’s what can’t be faked and has actual value.

What kinds of jobs are you looking for? There might be someone here who has good advice for getting one without a degree.

Yeah, afaik it is not widely used by the Spanish speaking community here either unless there is an intersection with queerness and/or English speaking. Also, it is not a new term at all, but it seems to be used more lately.

It is a gender-free alternative for Latino/Latina. In English speaking communities in the US it is pronounced as “latin ex.”

Can confirm for US laptops. They all have ‘wide range’ adaptors.

Whatever you get make sure it is ‘self fertile’ meaning that you don’t need another plant nearby to provide pollen and allow for fruit.

Point taken. It is part of the package you get and most people don’t know that. The ‘get X free with purchase’ thing is just a pet peave of mine. It is basically everywhere in advertising.

More like “Simplelogin is included with proton unlimited subscription.” It is hard for something to be free if you also have to pay to get it. Good marketing but not very honest.

Some do and some don’t. As they redo the roads pullouts are being installed where it is feasible.

You’re right that that that seems to make sense logistically, but then you’d have people cutting in front of a bus to make it to the turn lane. It might actually be safer to place in the turn lane and have the bus pull into traffic.

I have thought a lot about this because they’re the same in my city. My best guess is that you don’t want a driver to try to rush loading to make a green light. The other guess is that there is some advantage to clearing the turn lane as soon as there is a green. It would be especially hard to place before the light if there was a dedicated turn lane. What do you think? Maybe a bus driver would know.

100%, I won’t even believe that they’re going to deliver and especially won’t believe the specs until they have started rolling full production. Way too easy to die at this stage because of “supply costs” or “scaling issues.”

I am rooting for them though - a 1k mile battery option with potential to charge 40 miles a day on solar. Nice!

Pull the battery then microwave the other part. Still metal and sparks though.

industrial application

Towing and carrying crew. Let’s say you have a heavy duty trailer for hauling supplies or equipment. You need towing capacity at this level. Then to eliminate a chase car for a crew of 3 to 5 you need a decent cab. Trust me that a tiny backseat is not acceptable (try exercising for 8 hrs straight and then holding a crunched up position for an hour and you’ll get the point).

All of that to say that there are real uses for vehicles like this, but most people who buy them don’t have those needs. Nobody would buy a semi to tool around town in. It doesn’t make any sense that these are treated differently.

Ah, i thought negative downvote was just a double negative. Thanks for the explanation.

Deleted because I didn’t know what was going on.

Yeah, I have been there. Car drivers don’t totally respect other cars either, but they tend to give them a little more space/forgiveness than bikers in my area. I would be interested to see the compared reaction of car drivers between you on your bike going 15 and this thing doing the same.

I thought I would throw this out to everyone in an easy way after seeing this post https://lemmy.ca/post/76405 What do you think the lemming mascot of Lemmy should be called? Top level comments should just be the name.