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I suppose the most important question is whether the proletariat can actually use this split in capitalist interests to their advantage or if class solidarity between capitalists will win out and create a compromise.

What I heard was that it was an expression that translates poorly and basically comes from some old story of a Tibetan king with a black tongue that was evil or some shit to show they weren’t him. No idea how true this is but a lot of things do translate poorly. For example, in Korea “Live 10000 years” is a phrase that is basically just wishing someone a good life as well as a phrase used to shout in triumph. I remember a DPRK documentary trying to spin people using that phrase as some crazy thing that shows how brainwashed they are when really they were just celebrating a holiday and shouting in excitement.

I see. Sorry, kind of forgot you said that because of the gaps in our conversation. Thanks for the reminder.

Yes but this is more asking about why it isn’t imported from poorer countries.

Do carbohydrates generally not hold well or are they too bulky to be worth transporting?

I see. I’m surprised. I thought most developed countries largely imported foods.

I mean, I thought most food production (except for that which spoils to quickly) was foreign due to it being cheaper too produce.

I suppose manufacturer of paper products and the like will stay, but that is the only thing I can think of that necessarily needs to stay here.

So what, toilet paper (sold domestically) and service? Can you build an economy off that?

So what happens to the economy if office jobs were outsourced?
I've just been thinking about this recently. Remote work is getting quite common, if a job can be done remotely there is no reason it can't be sent overseas. If you've read Marx you know that commercial capital does not add value, all it does is bring things from areas of low demand to those of higher demand to bring in profit. What jobs would be left in the first world in this case? Service jobs. I'm skeptical on service jobs alone being enough to hold an economy together. They are low paying and largely serve those who make more than them. A major if not main portion of which are office workers. It seems like this will at least cause the unemployment rate to skyrocket if not collapse the economy entirely. Been thinking about this recently.

I mean, anti depressants aren’t even fun drugs usually. Especially not mood stabilizers. Both of which often give depressive symptoms to healthy people (including driving them to suicide). I could see being more cautious on prescribing Adderall (as that is just meth) but Lexapro isn’t gonna be a fun time. Gonna be a pretty shit party if the drug of choice brought out is Lexapro.

There is a difference between liking something and viewing it neutrally. I don’t “like” abortion but I don’t view it negatively. Its ultimately just a routine medical procedure. I feel about abortion the same way I feel about surgery. Its good we know how to do it, sucks it needs to happen and it should ultimately be between the patient and medical provider to choose to do it.

Also abortions are very safe procedures. Its not wire hangers in a back alley.

If you replace “bourgeois” with “Jew” you take a communist and make a fascist, as it turns out replacing words changes the meaning of a sentence. Shocker I know.

Legalize it, regulate it, address poverty, and have open access to educational and career change opportunities. Hit all of these and sex work will naturally fall away. Just banning it only drives it underground making the lives of those forced into by circumstance worse. Its important to keep in mind that sex work is a symptom of larger societal problems, not a direct cause in and of itself.

It sucks that we can’t even trust the EPA completely as they lied about stuff like this before. Easiest example is 9/11 where they lied to first responders and residents saying the location was safe to be in when in fact it was still dangerous with many getting sick.

EPA says its safe, but how trustworthy are they? They broke public faith really bad there and the trustworthiness of the government has only declined. Plus as far as I know there haven’t been any independent groups checking the water and air so the only data we have has a strong chance of just being lies.

Is that a Disco Elysium reference? Based. Love that game.

At least for me, accepting that its impossible to address these issues is partially why I’m an ML. Way I see it, its definitely never gonna happen through reforms and legal means, so the .0001% chance we actually succeed is worth betting on as if I fail, I die, if I do nothing, I still die, but slower and more painfully. On the off chance I succeed I get to live so I might as well roll the dice. Nothing to lose and a world to gain at this point for me.

At least to me this more realistic outlook is far more appealing than being optimistic as optimism in my experience runs counter to the facts and generally causes poor decision making. If you just believe things will work out because capitalism will inevitably kill itself or something you’re just giving yourself an excuse to not actually try to do something.

Then again, maybe my thinking is a bit tainted as my experience with those who are optimistic is blind optimism combining with the toxic positivity culture here in the US to create the least empathetic, least self aware, least outwardly aware, least effective, and least honest forms of thinking imaginable.

Yeah, euthanasia is a good thing but it cannot be the only viable option for someone as if it is it isn’t really a life choice anymore so much as straight up murder.

No. Nothing I’ve seen leads me to think we’ll actually win. But when my options are die from fascism, die from capitalism, die from climate change, or fight and potentially survive a communist revolution then the choice is obvious. I’ll do what I can when I can. Only choice I really have.

I gotta ask, anyone know what happened to Grace? I remember they were a pretty active mod on reddit and here for a while but then fell off the face of the planet.

The majority of the money is wasted in a variety of ways. Weapons and ammo that sit, never used until they are obsolete, trucks, planes, helicopters, etc that again, sit unused until obsolescence. Prices are boosted because politicians are bought by weapons contractors so they agree to outrageous prices because the contractor has the politicians on their pay roll. Plus there is probably a large amount of embezzlement going on.

Clothes that are never used is also common. There is a reason military surplus stores exist in the US. Its because a lot of the crap the government buys it doesn’t need so it just gets sold at pennies on the dollar to one of those places who sell it to average Americans to turn a profit.

If you ever need a good quality jacket at a low price then those are probably one of the best places to go as the things there are near thrift store prices but are brand new.

Maybe, but that’s how it is at the top of any kind of organization. At least, any functioning one as the leadership needs information to make decisions. For a group like the Freemasons that are more social in nature this is even bigger because you spend all your time finding new contacts. Orgs like that are basically a perpetual networking event.

A lot of people put way too much stock in these groups power. I’ve been a part of secret societies and met others who were a part of them aswell. Although their oaths do prohibit them from talking specifics I’ve toured temples and seen what they do. Largely these are just social clubs that do community outreach and support fellow members. A lot of the ritual is their for traditions sake and because its liberating to have a space free of judgment.

Yeah, I fight in the war on drugs. On the side of drugs.

I’d personally prefer a Soviet to make up the highest body with one generally elected person (instead of just elected from their industry) to be given a position as head of the council with 1.5 votes to prevent ties. This general councilor could be given emergency powers if its necessary to have faster acting government but in peacetime such a thing isn’t necessary.

I’d say the class problems created and perpetuate racial problems but race/national antagonisms have taken on an independent form and will still need to be addressed by a socialist government. Yugoslavia ignored the national question, look what happened. A modern socialist republic would need to immediately address such matters as one of its first acts.

Thank you! These work great.

I hope not. Its my favorite website. What else am I supposed to read on my lunch break?

Yes, necrocolonialism. When you revive dead collaborators to run a colony instead of finding new ones. Big brain.

Hopefully the site is fixed soon. I need my theory fix. Without theory I’m just an angry poor person.

I was looking for Neocolonialism by Kwame Nkrumah and saw there was a copy on there but I can't seem to reach the site. My internet still works as evidenced by this post but I can't access that site itself.

The communist party will not be able to take power through elections. You cannot vote capitalism away. There is nothing to be gained by giving the bourgeois state more guns to use against the revolution.

Assuming a revolution happens then a red army ofcourse forms to fight the bourgeois apparatus and to defend itself. This is entirely different from remilitarizing Japan as is however.

Communists in the 3rd world: “Finally we’ve achieved free accessible public education for the masses, now our children can read and eventually become doctors and scientists and create a better world for us all.”

Anarkids: “Literally fascism schoolcuck!”

If modern Russia is no longer doing these things then it’d be unfair to still consider it settler colonial as the settler colonial model is built on exploitation of a specific nation, if that nation is no longer exploited to a greater degree than the colonizer proletariat/labor aristocracy then its no longer a colonizer settler dynamic as the basis the the settler system no longer exists.

I mean, if it was the case during imperial times but not today then they are no longer settler colonial, they just used to be.

I’m not sure if Russia could be considered a settler state. It doesn’t predicate itself on the exploitation of an internal nation. There are indigenous groups, but I’m unsure how they are treated. If they are given equality to slavs then its just a multi ethnic country. If they are mistreated by the government and actively given worse economic conditions then you could argue that those indigenous areas are colonies but at least European Russia is natively Slavic so it still doesn’t qualify for settler status.

Basically everything in the Americas is settler colonial though.

“But Ho Chi Mihn said he loved his country!!” - PatSocs

These people cannot seem to put together that nationalism and its manifestations are inherently linked to the conditions around it so a nationalism that arises from one condition cannot be treated identically as another from its polar opposite material reality. Like, yes, steam and ice are both forms of water, but you can’t use steam to cool down a drink. It would have the opposite effect in fact.

I mean, Mexico is also a settler colonial state. Just look how its treated its indigenous people.

People don’t think about it. They just choose to accept it without any deeper analysis. Or one time they prayed and got a warm fuzzy feeling so now they are convinced that something is watching them (but in a good way).

I wonder how many people will start straight up fleeing red states because of these actions? Hopefully a lot. The huge influx of voters out of red states would immediately cause swing states to be near permanently blue and blue states to stay as is. Plus it would also reduce the presence of red states in congress which would mean they are basically burning the candle at both ends. Gonna be funny if it plays out like this as dems will have an effective one party state and still pretend to be powerless. Or best case they go Singapore style.