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Ukraine will have state-mandated girlfriends. It’s a fuckin reddit country alright.

We’ve got a prospective NFT based economy, they replaced a statue of Lenin with Darth fucking Vader, I just don’t get it.

I am morbidly curious of on Facebook/Twitter/other hellholes what kind of discourse is being generated by this news if any. My eyes would likely melt out of my skull at the site of johns and pseudo-feminists giving this idea praise. Entrepreneurial girlbosses supporting the brave Ukrainian troops!

I have created a feminist men’s lib community here and I’m curious of others’ thoughts, if any. It may flounder immediately. It may even be a bad idea! And the logo looks like shit.

I would appreciate any comrades who wanted to check it out though, and hearing any criticisms or ideas you may have!

mfw like fuckin 20% of this community is straight up trans lol

just ignore all the pro-lgbt shit we’ve constantly posted, personal stories regarding our struggles w it

ignore all the pages-long critiques of patriarchy and misogyny.

these are those people incapable of accepting truth when it opposes their own view. they dehumanize us and anoint us reactionary homo/trans\phobic misogynists because they will never visit our space in good faith. these are those liberals it is best to save breath against and just patiently hope that they have absolutely lovely re-educational experiences when our primary goals are achieved.

Communists shouldn’t torture anyway. The Chinese revolutionaries literally rehabilitated and re-educated royalty. It’s worth trying for most, I think. The Vietnamese revolutionaries did not torture yanks, they worked to convince their “POWs” (captive invaders) that they were fighting an evil war. Beria worked to have the torturer Yezhov executed.

Obviously it is more complicated than that when it comes to the willfully ignorant and the opaquely malicious. We should hold no qualms with fascists eating lead in revolutionary self-defense.

Thank you comrade.

One of the most jarring things was hearing from people close to me that we were lucky, that nobody (we) knew had died or gotten really ill - these were my friends and they were unaware of the connection I had to the people under my care, so I don’t blame them. “Oh right, your residents”.

I miss them. The idea that it’s just the way it is, just a hazard of the workplace - no. I did not work in hospice care. People got covid and they died, painfully, because the scum behind the industry found out that their profit margins couldn’t sustain safety for more than a couple of months without dipping 0.1% or whatever and the state did nothing, absolutely nothing to save these people’s lives.

Life goes on. Just the way it is. 🫠

Precisely what I was going to say and you said it 10 months ago. There is nuance here that needs to be understood rationally and through a historical materialist framework, even if it is uncomfortable and even callous.

DAE feel like your experience ~during the pandemic~ took decades off of your life through an onslaught of sheer psychic damage 🤯 (but feel it’s kinda treated as blasé to discuss this anymore)?

< sicko mode, absolutely unhinged >

I feel you, though. I worked in the healthcare industry throughout the pandemic and hahaha, HAHAHA however bad anyone thinks healthcare (for the poors) is here, just holy fucking shit. It’s worse than you can imagine unless you’ve seen it.

I had a few breaking points. People I cared for (in the professional and personal senses) died and it was treated as an emotional occupational hazard, “these things happen.” FUCK YOU! Motherfucking managers keeping track of profits occasionally side-eyeing the everpiling coffins of those they’re supposed to care for and only wondering about how much the funeral’s going to cost and how much they might recuperate from a memorial fund, just fuck.

Worked in a pharmacy for a bit, too. Mfw the entire fucking world has collapsed (pestilence and now war!) and I have to explain to this 25 year old that I’m so sorry but your insulin is ringing up as $1500 for just this 1 month’s supply? Is that normal? Oh, it is normal. Uh, sorry you randomly drew a $1500 monthly alive tax, fuck.

Btw you should know I was touchin your fuckin’ pills w/o gloves with my snotty little hands. A few of your pills fell on the floor? Sorry bud, I’ve got 300 other orders to fill in the next 3 hours and fuck you if you think I’m going to open a whole new bottle just for you. It’s all so fucking inefficient, so dirty, so cruel, yet there somehow exists a chain of command of people who somehow fucking believe in it (insofar as it can fatten their goddamn wallets and somehow all of your coworkers believe in it and they think it’s totally fucking normal to be prescribed extra strength adderall so they can go to work and school at the same time full-time dude WHAT THE FUCK??

I do not know of any great advice. I share in your struggle, though, as do many others. Modern liberals have fully embraced a politicized apathy and it’s so defeating to try to deal with. How the fuck did no one learn a damned thing?

Well, the important thing is that some of us did I guess. Many of us. Many, I’d wager, are on the verge of complete radicalization but yet lack the coherent enough ideological foundation to express it. Many more… are probably more than content to know absolutely nothing and believe absofuckinglutelyeverything. Just following orders. 🫡

So frustrating. I don’t want to seem like le enlightened westerner, but communists everywhere have to see past the mockery of social progress empire and its vassals support. They want these nations to crack down on LGBT freedoms and that’s why they create and fund these groups of liberal instigators, not some culture war malarkey they actually support. They “love” LGBT people up until it’s time to live next to them. What they really love is chaos in the periphery and the global south, and using human rights as a cudgel is one of their favorite tactics, and in supporting these “family protection” bills or whatever these communists are only feeding the imperial machine.

LGBT people disproportionately support socialism - this is a completely anecdotal statement, but how many of our comrades here are trans? How many are otherwise “nonconforming?” Have you MET trans women? Them mfers be (disproportionately) the tankiest tanks I’ve ever fuckin met. Most of us are proletarian, too, just as with most non-LGBT people. It’s bad optically, it’s bad ethically, it’s bad on an anti-imperialist basis, it’s just bad.

Homophobia to the extent that it exists in modern practice is a distinctly western invention. You wanna embrace Greek culture? Greek culture is gay as shit you compradors! You wanna separate Russia as a distinct cultural entity from the West? Stop allowing your ideas of universal Christendom and other such nonsense imported by western-fetishist nobles to muddy your fight for liberation of all peoples!

Imperial snakes created modern homophobia and transphobia and exported it globally. Cut their fucking heads off and reclaim national-cultural LGBT histories! They exist everywhere and they are more often than not revolutionary as shit!

I am burdened by Western/English language and vernacular. LGBT serves as a stand-in here for our sexual and gender non-conforming siblings and comrades everywhere, and this screed obviously excludes pederasts and other predators disguising their intentions with a “sexual minority” label.

Western do-nothing communist yells at cloud moment over. Hey, at least I’m aware of it, right? 😅

KKE and KPRF are correct like 99% of the time. That’s why it absolutely pisses me off when they’re wrong - maybe just the western Purity Tester within me, and if they were dispassionately wrong about these issues it wouldn’t bug me as much, but shit. Gay ppl are not a bourgeois imperialist influence you fools, you’re playing right into imperial NGO hands by supporting crackdowns on social progress. 🙄

They don’t need my support, caveat caveat western communist etc. etc. Just venting frustrations I guess.



mfin Colgate ad lookin flags fuckin toothbrushin propaganda lookin asses get some new creative directors smh

The primary point of DBT is basically to learn to control one’s emotions without stifling them, for instance bottling up suicidal thoughts rather than talking to people about them and analyzing the true reasons one is feeling suicidal, rather than allowing that suicidal ideation to consume oneself.

Depression hits. Hard. Suddenly you start hating yourself. What the fuck?

There’s a reason. There’s always a reason. To deduce those reasons, though, we have to practice mindful thinking - easier said than done. “I am depressed and hating myself. Am I feeling guilt? Have I slept enough? Is said undersleep facilitating fatigue, which in turn is facilitating the overall depression?”

Let’s say in this specific instance the core issue is indeed lack of sleep. One must learn to understand that those emotions stem from a source, they do not come from nowhere. Those emotions are also a natural response to this stimulus, and one should not feel guilt for feeling this way. One should allow that emotion to occur and pass as others do rather than attempting to shut it out, and this one in particular should get some damn sleep.

The point is to pinpoint stimuli and accept the emotional repercussions as natural and surmountable rather than all-consuming and inherently negative.

I hope this made some semblance of sense. There are more in-depth explanations online. Another tactic is emotional inversion - a specific instance I use this tactic with is the sun. I’m a vampire and I hate the heat. With the proper thought process, you can learn to love it - the sweat, the weight of the air if it’s really humid, the beauty of the sun’s mere existence and the fact that it is the true wellspring for life on Earth - suddenly the heat isn’t so uncomfortable, it is human, it is animal, it is plant, it is life.

Going and have gone through similar myself.

Sometimes I paradoxically like to feel sad and miserable, because it reminds me I’m still alive and I have skin in the future of this hellworld.

💯 Personally, I like to blow stuff in my personal life up because chaos feels more natural and safe to me than stability and reliability. I have ruined many relationships this way. I have always existed in mental chaos. I can’t be content with the good - I just get bored, I guess - of people, situations, places. For now, it’s got me homeless.

I’m glad you’re getting diagnoses and help. I’m medicated bipolar II after years of thinking I had borderline, which I still arguably might - comorbidity etc. I mean personality disorders are diagnosed usually via list of displayed behaviors, and I absolutely display all of em. The medication… allows me to exist. With regards to personal relationships, though? I’m still the same chaotic asshole I’ve always been, except now the asshole in me springs entirely from my subconscious and I have absolutely nil awareness of when I’m acting up. Great.

Talk therapy is paramount, and I’m sure you’ve already looked into dialectical behavioral therapy - I use what I’ve learned from researching it myself to utilize it in my own life… to an extent. It would be far more effective with a professional to guide me along. I hope you find yourself with others to help guide you, comrade.

dear god lol I saw that and I’ve seen similar with NPA twitter larpers being outed as amerikan Red Guards. It’s so cringe. Reminds me somewhat of when u/frgskncht tried to convince people on reddit that he had something worthwhile to say about communism in the Philippines (he was involved somehow or something) and it turned out he was a German living in Germany.

I am interested in knowing what the CPP and NPA are actually doing - do they have control over some land? Are they an inert lumpen party like the Shining Path has become? All seems to depend on who you ask, but none of them seem to really know the answer.

Maoists are funny. hope the twitter OP grows up

Great comment.

I am sure a protracted proxy conflict is not what the pro-SMO proletarians and communists had in mind.

I have heard from comrades that Andor lets us have the football for once, though I have not watched it.

I am watching DS9 and it is amazing to me that this show was released in the 90s with how obviously communist it is. I have not seen the famous “workers of the world” scene yet, but I did just watch Past Tense and just, goddamn. I did not expect the moral of a rather mainstream scifi show episode to be that people deserve to be fed, housed, and protected simply by virtue of being people, and we are all victims of capitalist circumstance, including the violent and angry. Violence can also be justified when in pursuit of revolutionary change.

Idk. Sisko is a Marxist-Leninist chad and I love him. It bums me out that popular scifi has only seemingly gotten worse since then.

2029 hahaha, the absolute efficiency of Amerikkkan bureaucracy and supply chains. They can’t even provoke conflict without it taking ages anymore!

I always read Mars as portrayed in the Expanse as like, idk, a “rogue state” a la the DPRK or protectionist socialist states. They’ve got some war communism shit going on when they’re constantly on the brink of war, but


we witness after peace is all but guaranteed between Mars and Earth a systematic looting of the former including the destruction of productive industries based around defense/war leading to some service-economy type shit. All of this is IIRC as I haven’t watched in a while.

I feel a little Kilmonger’d by the Belter revolutionaries. Maybe I shouldn’t, idk. It just felt to me like the football was always just out of reach.

I read that tweet as basically a subpar tankiejerk quote anyway, am I misinterpreting his intent or are the tankiejerkers just eating other anti-MLs

Absolutely. My workplace is unionized as well, so maybe it’ll be easier to get… something.

Nah. Have to stand at self-checkout and make sure the machines work properly and scan IDs for liquor etc. Could very very easily add a stool or fuckin anything, but nowhere I’ve worked like this lets you sit.

Kinda ironically the worker who trained me today is in a wheelchair and they’ve given him some special accommodations. I’m not visibly disabled but maybe I should ask about getting some kind of accommodation anyway. It’s jading because I “received accommodations” in college and my other workplaces, insofar as they all gave me some paperwork and then practically laughed in my face without giving me an inch. “Sure bud, we’ll get right on that” type shit.

Got a job. Did 6 hours today. Fucking hurt.

It’s a fuckin’ cashier job. I’m so sick of hurting so much from shit that others seemingly just walk off.

Better than having -$30 in the bank I guess… which I still have right now and I’m not sure when I get paid.

We live in hell. Amerika is hell and I was a dick in a past life to deserve being born in this shithole.

Barbados comes to mind primarily because of its vicinity to Amerika and the fact that all the lines are goin’ up if you know what I mean (GDP, PPP, poverty reduction etc.). Successfully undergoing an anti-imperial transformation with the support of the socialist world, kinda epic. Afrika proper is still being plundered and destroyed, and even Ghana is not easy to get into anymore, but some parts of the Caribbean may be a refuge for black asylum seekers. Barbados is safe, healthy, and educated, and even if it ain’t Marxist-Leninist like Cuba, it is excellent to see a nation of those descended from slaves - a nation of black people generally really - doing so well and on its way to potentially becoming a (limited by size) regional power, especially given its proximity to the core.

I can’t give much advice on how to get there ofc unless you got $2 million lyin around to invest in the Barbadian economy. Still worth lookin into I think, preachin to the choir I’m sure but I’m just sorry and fucking angry that you can’t sleep peacefully around here cuz who knows when some white mob is gonna get angry again. If they never get angry enough to mob up, it’s just cuz they’ve managed to keep black people “unsuccessful” enough that they don’t have anything to be envious of. (Though, no worries, we’ll consume the best bits of black culture and resell em to ya for a standard markup). Just fucking awesome. You deserve some rest, comrade, is all I’m tryna say.

I do not want to pretend to know what your experience is like or like I have any worthwhile advice as a #FFFFFF sapiens, but have you looked into Barbados at all?

92% black, 20% irreligious, social democrat ruling party, recently became a republic (Nov 2021). Good and growing relationship with the PRC and part of the BRI, literacy rate around 100%.

In 2006, the U.S. sanctioned Barbados for not agreeing to exempt U.S. personnel from the ICC. China gave them aid, and in 2016 donated $3 million worth of military aid free of charge.

I don’t want to say it’s a perfect alternative to being here, but it sounds like a place on the up-and-up. Rent is considerably lower but general ‘cost of living’ appears a bit higher on average.

I’m vaguely recalling I may have suggested this before, to you lol. Maybe just a powerful case of deja vu. I want to fight for a better life for you and all of us in Burgerland comrade, but I get wanting to dip out, I’m sick of this shit. Just a potential option.

Also, Rihanna could be your national hero. So that’s… something.

Damn. Thanks for your insight into that aspect of Chinese (at least internet) culture. It makes sense that some would feel the need to over-correct as it were as China finds itself in a place of a ‘world power’ again after an extended period of imperial ‘humiliation’. Doesn’t make it right obviously and I hope the problem is properly contained - that being of reactionary nationalism taking the place of revolutionary nationalism and internationalism.

Prosecutors said Ionov operated an entity called the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia that was used to carry out its U.S. influence efforts, overseen by the Russian intelligence service known as the FSB. They recruited U.S.-based organizations to help sway elections, make it appear there was strong support in the U.S. for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and backing efforts such as a 2015 United Nations petition to decry the “genocide of African people” in the U.S., according to the indictment.

How can these people be so fucking evil so as to view this worthy of being called espionage or treason. If this is the type of “espionage” Russia is doing, then they are sending human rights warriors here. Demanding the U.S. acknowledge its colonial present is worthy of support.

1984 doubleplusungood tripleplusbagofshit

Looking into the way their legislature and parliament work, from my limited understanding, it’s quite similar to Western “democratic” systems, especially the U.S., except there’s one unelected guy who has stronger veto powers and political dynasties are much more apparent and encouraged (the House of Saud of course, which exists throughout all levels of government).

I am not sure if there are any scientific comparative analyses of the U.S. and KSA, but I would be interested for sure. I would wager the systems look perhaps surprisingly more similar than different.

Fucking Chinese communists, not supporting sexually abusing minors. How authoritarian.

A mythical union between fascists and communists. Usually a phrase used by liberals to claim that Molotov-Ribbentrop was such, similarly with the anti-imperialist coalition between the CPC and the Kuomintang.

Such a thing has never really existed as liberals like to posit and it’s mostly a meme a la horseshoe theory. Dumb shit. Mostly joking about it, just saying it’s depressing as shit seeing fascists see beyond the veil of Sinophobic propaganda while liberals refuse to relent.

For sure. Just a few reddit weirdos spring to mind. Some names pop into my head, but those users, although popular in their own cults of like-minded weak-willed limp-ass “Marxism”, have pretty much plateaued in their reach to niche Strasserite and adjacent circles. I lump the InfraRed crowd, much of stupidpol and 4chan-obsessed “leftists” in the same sphere of ideological influence.

This will only be a real problem when it starts affecting real organizing rather than materializing as attempts to infiltrate Gab and convince Trumpites of communism or whatever. Still worrying I guess because we’ve seen that online nonsense can infect the minds of many and damage organizing, as we’ve seen with anarchism and Breadtuberism, whatever you wanna call it - ‘social liberalism’ rebranded as revolutionary. As long as the most popular and potent Marxist(-Leninist) formations in the country refuse to align with this silliness, I think the once-again burgeoning communist movement in the U.S. is in a relatively good position - as in, a position with potential.

True enough. The social democrats and the Kerensky types - AOC, Ilhan Omar, etc. have already made clear their position on empire.

I dunno. It’s difficult to parse ideology anymore in this shithole. If it’s allowed to exist in the public sphere, it’s capitalist/imperialist/fascist/austere, etc. etc. Just minor differences in policy and preferred enemy.

Just weird times we live in. I didn't *not* expect this from CGTN necessarily, I guess I'm still pleasantly surprised.

> Psyop memes are taking over social media, in particular across post-ironic meme pages, where anti-establishment currents are supercharged. In the mainstream, HBO Max’s new Velma cartoon has prompted conspiracy theories that it’s a right-wing psyop, while Fox News is convinced that the M&M girlies are a Chinese psyop meant to pedal candy-coated femininity. It’s not that we’re all collectively losing our minds, although it certainly feels that way. It’s more a reaction to our increased awareness of the propaganda and subversion that we are all exposed to every day. As the late Robert Anton Wilson said all the way back in 1980: “Anyone in the United States today who isn’t paranoid must be crazy.” I like this article.

I'm not crying, you're crying. 😭 ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/b00e02c3-5fe4-4c5f-919d-aff657a736a0.jpeg) Damn moving speech. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Y'all see this? Nuts, I'm glad Afroman's using the situation to his advantage and spreading awareness like goddamn wildfire about this shit. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/771f8ba1-6511-43c4-8951-ab3005135e8d.jpeg) Good.

Twitter thread detailing China’s place as the world leader in sustainability
This is actually nuts. Remember that every time the imperialist dogs call for overthrowing the CPC, they're calling for the destruction of one of the last and most important bastions against climate apocalypse that exists. The CPC is leading humanity into the future, and the oilsuckers are pissed.

![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/24021605-60ef-4110-ba0d-ce1d84a21b34.jpeg) This is horrific, straight up fascist terrorism. Only gonna get worse.

Took this pic 5 years ago while on a small boat in the Amazon. Also saw: Some pretty spooky cayman ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/9fef1906-8a3a-4427-ae5c-7bb1d584873d.jpeg) And a family of otters! ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/024eb402-d08c-4b7a-ac96-9ad88f3ab997.jpeg)

His public statement: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/1b9da3c4-d407-4eba-abc7-3eb4ac90d0c7.jpeg) Note: the anecdote is sourced from "Mao" by Michael Lynch, a biography I have not read. This is a really insightful view into Mao's life and totally counter to the idea we're sold of him as an uncaring father and a totally cold, calculating larger-than-life narcissist.

Five killed, 18 injured in Colorado Springs gay club shooting. Can't wait for all the thoughts and fucking prayers. Can't wait for the hand-wringing about guns and not about the hateful ideology being tube-fed down the throat of Amerika's collective psyche. Can't wait for the pathologization and mental-health scapegoating. Can't wait for absolutely nothing to be done, ever.

Very important update on the alleged missile strike. Making a new post so that the headline is front and center. Looks like some propagandists bit off more than they could chew. Of course, the fault is still solely Russia's and not the Ukronazi idiots who fired the missile. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/a4e84fb4-996e-44de-b2e3-8464467f288b.jpeg)

University of California was the 10th largest donor to Biden’s 2020 election bid
Some of the people who I consider comrades are falling into the brainwormed pit of critically supporting Biden or viewing his actions as a progressive force unfortunately being shot dead in their tracks by reactionary Republican forces. This "partisan" divide, ever-growing and increasingly violent as it may be, is a *facade*. Biden doesn't want to forgive shit - personally, ideologically, financially, politically - whatever! He doesn't want to because some of his largest donors don't want to. The education sector contributed $73.6 million to his bid, the 5th largest industry to do so. In comparison, Trump got $8.5 million. https://www.opensecrets.org/2020-presidential-race/joe-biden/industries?id=N00001669&src=t I promise it's not because Biden is better on education. It's because he's good on maintaining the usurer's stranglehold on this nation.

Oh. No. Update: Russia denies striking Poland https://www.rt.com/russia/566589-russia-no-strikes-on-poland/

Marilyn Monroe, contrarily to the figure we've been repeatedly told she was -- dumb, blonde vixen aspiring to live the life of the rich and famous, was an incredibly well-spoken, empathetic and intelligent comrade. I think it's disgusting the way her radical legacy has been buried so deeply under the rug. Great OpEd by the always brilliant Yanis Iqbal remembering Marilyn Monroe's revolutionary history. >"The stifling nature of Monroe’s Hollywood career meant that she was naturally attracted to counter-hegemonic political positions that promised to liberate humanity from the alienating effects of capitalism. She openly defended the Communist Party members who were under investigation by the House Un-American Activities Committee during the McCarthy period. For her, the following reason was sufficient enough to associate with members of the Hollywood Ten and with trial victims like Arthur Miller: 'They’re for the people, aren’t they?'. In 1955, she applied for a visa to visit the Soviet Union, after which the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) started surveilling her." >"On issues of sexuality, she was similarly progressive, willing to question Hollywood’s privileging of heterosexuality as the only legitimate form of love. Years before the emergence of the queer movement, she defended the gay actor Montgomery Clift against press harassment and ridicule: “People who aren’t fit to open the door for him sneer at his homosexuality. What do they know about it? Labels – people love putting labels on each other. Then they feel safe.” “No sex is wrong if there’s love in it.” ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/c46f6670-3e7f-4b14-81f0-96822f155a7c.jpeg)

CW: pedo Bolsonaro to Be Investigated for ‘Apology of Pedophilia’
**CW: Pedophilia** Y'all see this? I've only watched a clip. The chemistry comment was utterly fucking deranged and disturbing. I've heard that the full context of the tirade was pertaining to how sex trafficking from Venezuela was a problem. Unsurprisingly the only people calling for muh context are fascist Bolsonaro stans. Even with the full context of the statement, 1. What the fuck was that chemistry comment, Bolsonaro? You have sexual chemistry with literal children? 2. If you just so happened to *stumble* across a child sex trafficking ring, why didn't you report it? Why only bring it up as a rhetorical policy recommendation or whatever in an interview? I'm curious to see how this impacts his support, if it will. We saw with Milo Yiannopolis that fascists will often tolerate many vile things but pedophilia apologia is still a line many of them refuse to cross, thankfully. Hopefully this helps further tank his support.

Oh, good. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/585fb662-dc85-45de-8309-6525ff209f0a.jpeg) Ukraine is a fascist state. If it comes out of this as a sovereign polity at all, it's going to be incredibly fucked by the west for all it has to give in their reconstruction, restructuring of govt, demolition of labor rights, and predatory loans -- and the people will be the ones to suffer. If Ukrainian leaders had any care for their civilians at all, they'd pivot East instead of West. Profit comes first, of course.

This fucking worm is going to kill us all. How does this look if NATO says no? If they say yes, that means the U.S. and its puppets are officially at war with Russia! Holy fucking shit! Hopefully they just sweep it under the fucking rug and continue losing a war of attrition rather than bring nuclear apocalypse down on us.

Protests in Iran
BBC report: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-62967381 A better source’s report: https://english.alaraby.co.uk/news/khamenei-aide-visits-mahsa-aminis-family-media Tudeh (communist) Party of Iran statement: https://www.tudehpartyiran.org/en/2022/09/20/statement-of-the-tudeh-party-of-iran-down-with-the-dictator-there-is-no-end-to-the-regimes-murderous-thuggery/ A woman was seemingly murdered by the IRI’s religious police after being taken into custody for not wearing her hijab “properly”. Iranian officials deny this and claim she died of a heart attack. Looks like no one is buying this line. Danny Haiphong thinks a color revolution is underway because of Iran’s pivot to the east. I haven’t seen this sort of line taken by anyone else yet, but I’m more keen to trust the Tudeh Party than a non-Iranian, as much as Haiphong is usually right. From my understanding and their own statements, Tudeh is not clamoring for some relationship with the West and are very aware of and against NATO, EU and U.S. imperialism. I doubt they’d be in favor of these protests if they thought they were spearheaded by western NGOs. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/2b831ca2-ee7b-49b3-b4ab-af1465673885.jpeg) Lots of protests all over the country. Many chants recorded such as “long live socialism, long live communism” and “death to the dictator, down with Khamenei”. Complicating matters is that the murdered woman was Kurdish-Iranian and fittingly a lot of the protests began in heavily Kurdish regions of Iran. This is not to dismiss the plight of Kurdish people or their capacity for revolutionary struggle, but Kurds have been insidiously used and abused by the West to forment ethnic tensions in Iraq, Turkey, Syria and elsewhere before, and western media outlets are seemingly attempting to continue that legacy by drawing a clear divide by Iranian Kurds and non-Kurds. There is a fog of reporting currently, with a lot of protest info being relayed to western media by Chatham House, a British think tank known recently as having been pushing a lot of anti-Russia stuff. U.S. officials also immediately “demanded accountability” of Iran and claimed the act was “unforgiveable”. Any MENA comrades have thoughts? Do you think this could be a revolutionary moment, or a cynical attempt by NGOs to weaken Iran after they’ve closened to China?

Accelerationist comrade Biden really trying to hurry up nuclear apocalypse

Gun was inches from her head but didn't go off. Absolutely crazy shit happening in Argentina right now.

A third of Pakistan is underwater.

Y’all know any good revolutionary/communist fiction?
So difficult to find sympathetic fiction online. Currently looking at a book called The Sympathizer by a Vietnamese author about a pro-Vietnamese double agent living in Amerika, seems interesting. Every other search result is anti-communist piss splattered over pages and sold as "gripping, realistic, startlingly accurate". Even if it's bad writing or whatever, I'm curious if any of y'all know some explicitly or implicitly communist fiction worth checking out.

Applying for a job and…
![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/6552cfb5-5ff6-48b8-8c74-171788e75a36.jpeg) The fuck o_o

Is this what collapse looks like?
![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/6995c972-b2e5-4466-b025-fb578aaba0e2.jpeg) Electric bill. I can't afford this shit. No one I know can. They're offering payment relief for "needy families", you just have to spend hours upon hours collecting financial and personal information from everyone in your household, talking to call center robots, going back and forth between out-of-the-way buildings and waiting in line... etc etc. only to MAYBE get a 1/3 refunded. They're blaming it on inflation and pwetty pwomising they're not making any extra profit by charging people double this month. Despicable.

I was utterly convinced for the longest time that alarmism related to EMFs, microwaves, RFs etc. was nothing but quackery. "Rational" liberal types love to talk about these fears as such, of course -- I remember distinctly how utterly shat on Jill Stein was for questioning the safety (in a very "we don't know yet" sort of way!) of wireless devices by the media and by reddit liberals. I would bet the last of my savings that Verizon or the CTIA bankrolled a psyop to inject the idea that 5G causes gay Chinese cancer or whatever into Q-brains so anyone not snorting Qopium dismissed fears related to the tech out of hand. The European Parliament is apparently continuously championing research on the potentially carcinogenic effects of these rays and has been for a while... Idk. Shit's just wild. (On my mind because I just watched a doc called "Generation Zapped", something I thought would be right-wing conspiracist garbage that turned out to be something I recommend, if you're okay with feeling even more fucking insane)

Our man Chen made into today’s crossword
Universal Freestyle crossword by Billy Bratton. Just thought it was neat. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/69f251b9-0627-49dd-9aca-214bad210bbc.jpeg)