Canadian cosmonaut desperate for comrades in the worst province.

Yes, the dogs are also communists.

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Hopefully he loses his credentials soon, I heard he’s being reprimanded by the College of Psychologists due his behaviour, specifically online.

I remember he was addicted to benzos and almost died from it. I believe he was placed in a medically induced coma as well. Maybe he’s back on the benzos?

Is this true? I can’t find any articles about it.

Not only in Europe but also surrounded by NATO members. If Portugal was on the east they’d have a better chance

I would’ve said Portugal should be red, or even pink, but then I remember they are in such a shitty location.

This is a weird question and please let me know if this isn’t the place to ask. I was wondering how to embed videos on posts. I made a funny meme video but I can’t share it directly from my camera roll so I uploaded it unlisted on to YouTube but I’m still unsure how to make the video appear in my post rather than redirecting people to YouTube.

My condolences. I got my midterm back yesterday where I basically wrote my own version of the communist manifesto and I’m terrified to look at the comments he wrote lol

She probably can’t talk to him like before because he’s got PTSD like every soldier ever.

Was this from one of his recent speeches? If so I think he was talking about “trans ideology” when he said this….

What a pathetic excuse of a human being. I want to know what this person has done and continues to do in their day to day life. How much you wanna bet they’ve never been faced with any type of conflict in their entire life.

So what the fuck is even the point of anarchism? I figured the only way they’d ever “succeed” is with a revolution.

I’m surprised this is on Quora considering how many reactionaries permeate that site.

They’re very inconsistent considering Trudeau arrested Huawei CEO’s daughter and is just fairly antagonistic towards China, but because he looks like Castro (I guess?) and he’s not homophobic or whatever suddenly he’s a communist.

Unfortunately I live in Alberta so I kinda have to think about it

Provincial? 10, I’d make it higher but I’ll stick to the scale.

Federal? Like, 9.5, I’d give them higher but I flip flop due to how conservatives have been acting up. Any valid criticism gets drowned out by reactionary dumbasses complaining about stupid shit.

Actually, I’ll bump it up to a 10 because of the war mongering, talking shit about China, supporting “victims of communism”, and just stirring up reactionaries even more.

I don’t like Trudeau but my hatred for Danielle Smith outweighs.

I saw this a while ago but forgot to post it so thank you for this! He really just showed the world the US will invade anyone, including “allies”. Can they at least wait until I move before invading, I’d rather not be around for that lol

Thank you for giving details on this. I knew about the dictatorship but was a little unsure if Taiwan had an indigenous population or was uninhabited before.

So guy who has never been to, or been raised in China wants to judge his mother’s concerns when she has spent a majority of her life there. I don’t know much about the history of Taiwan, but when it comes to “ethnicity” wouldn’t indigenous Taiwanese people and people who actually live on the island have more of a reason to hang said flag rather than some kid who’s family isn’t even from there?

Yeah, I don’t think saying Azov is indistinguishable from the rest of the Ukrainian armed forces is helping them beat the Nazi allegations….

Huh. I remember learning way back in elementary about mustard gas and how chemical weapons were banned from war due to how horrific they are. Guess it’s fine when certain people commit war crimes against a designated “enemy people”.

Like, what did they expect? If you volunteer to kill people don’t be shocked when they kill you back.

“Volunteers” is doing a lot of heavy lifting here. It implies that these were just little helpers giving aid to civilians à la Doctors Without Borders, rather than signing up to fight in a war where everyone knows that death is a guarantee. But the death is only okay when it happens to Russian soldiers, anyone else it’s suddenly senseless killing. I’m a fairly empathetic person but even I have to say that when you sign up to fight in a war don’t be surprised when you end up dead. That’s literally the whole point. Did they not think that by killing Russian soldiers the same wouldn’t be done to them? This isn’t Call of Duty, you don’t get to respawn.

I remember during the beginning of the war people were praising Zelensky for being on the battlefield while Putin was sitting pretty in the Kremlin (their words not mine). Now that he’s not fighting himself I haven’t heard a peep of criticism on the same level of what they used against Putin. Very weird.

1,000 Blind People See For The First Time
cross-posted from: > So this video has been the subject of online discourse. It was trending on Twitter and even Hasan talked about it which resulted in even more eyes on the topic. His fans don't have the best takes, to be honest, but a few did. > > People are obviously split on this, with leftists getting the most heat for being critical of Mr. Beast and the system that curates the "need" for people like him, relying on charity to solve systemic issues. > > On the opposing side there are people saying that Mr. Beast isn't the problem and he doesn't owe anyone anything. Beast is doing a nice thing and is not the person to attack or criticize. He doesn't need to use his platform and influence to educate people on systemic issues. > > My perspective is that criticizing Mr. Beast brings light to systemic issues. He's clearly a very large creator and has many eyes on him, using his content as a stepping stone to introducing the general public to these problems. Sure, he's not the main contributor to homelessness and unaffordable healthcare, but his videos are clear examples as to how the system is an abject failure. Mr. Beast's name and image garners a lot more clicks than many of the other bourgeoisie that we criticize. The left can use his videos and connect it to other contributors to hyper-capitalism. On the other hand, this can clearly backfire if not handled carefully. If one criticizes Mr. Beast himself too much it can brew more enemies > rather than allies. > > Anyway, just thought I'd share since it seems relevant.

Weren’t European countries literally complaining about population issues with Syrian refugees? Like they said there’s no room for them but suddenly there’s space for Ukrainian refugees….

My province has a website dedicated to Ukrainian refugees but I don’t remember seeing any of that for Syrian refugees…

Yeah definitely not suggesting mines, this only reminded me of a conversation with a friend about land mines. I was saying how devastating they are and I didn’t understand why they exist, he told me it was for tanks. So seeing a post about defenses against tanks just reminded me of that.

I recently learned that land mines were created to take out tanks. Not saying they should be used since Europe has issues with land mines being everywhere, plus they’re horrifying. Just thought I’d share that. I don’t know why I’m making this comment.

This is fucking horrifying, but are we surprised? Here is a [twitter thread]( that goes over the refugee issues, as in Ukrainian refugees being fast tracked into other countries while non-white refugees have to fight tooth and nail just to get some space in a camp.

Chinese is such a widespread language it’s considered a huge asset. Learning it would open a world of opportunities, I’d love to learn it myself.

We’re made to take French classes here, up to high school level, but I don’t see people complaining about that. Also wouldn’t language lessons help with communicating with the workers?

Model UN Club (Can I Ask A Question Like This?)
Hey everyone! As some of you may know, I’ve finally started university this month and am pursuing Psychology and Political Science. My PoliSci professor mentioned we have a model UN club that even goes to the actual UN in New York! The problem is I have to fill out a registration form listing 3 countries I’d like to represent, I also have to submit a one-page position paper, and a 90 second speech about climate change. I’m asking here because I’d like your input on what countries to list and how to go about my position paper. They’re kind of vague on details about how to write said paper so I thought I’d look for guidance here since you’ve all been somewhat of a rock for me. I feel safe and balanced here especially since school is full of well meaning libs. I have horrible debilitating anxiety and I’m sort of throwing myself into the fire but I feel it’s necessary for my journey into fighting misinformation and red-scare propaganda. I want to take advantage of the resources available to me that many are barred from accessing. So yeah, that’s my whole thing haha. If you have any advice for dealing with the anxiety especially when it comes to debates I’d be incredibly grateful. Will be cross posting this to freechat as I’m unsure if this fits here.

I had my first class of Political Science today and I come bearing notes!
It’s seems okay so far, a nice small class size and my professor seems nice. Though he did make me pause a few times. I couldn’t gauge where he lies politically as he seems to see Trump as a joke while also making neutral comments/examples on the likes of Danielle Smith. It is the first class so I’m not going to make quick judgements of his stances. What did make me *slightly* uneasy is his sprinkled comments about China here and there. By comments I mean him using China as an example for a few of the terms we were learning about. The first comment that came up was China using ”soft power” to influence African countries and to push Chinese culture on said countries. He gave the example of the push for learning the Chinese language. The next time he brought up China was when we discussed Jus Soli and Jus Sanguinis, this sparked the conversation about the idea of dual-citizenship and how China is very against it. You can only be Chinese, nothing else. The last time he brought up China was in regards to Taiwan. We were learning about what the definition of “State” was: - building blocks of politics - legal entity - sovereignty—absolute control - territoriality - population - government - external recognition (UN) Taiwan was brought up as an example of a place wanting to become sovereign, a state of its own, but China having absolute power to veto their request. At this point I put a little star in my notebook that my Professor seems to be very focused on China. He never had anything good to say but so far he hasn’t said anything explicitly negative. Anyway that was my first day of PoliSci, by the end of it I sent in a request to join the model UN club lol. If anyone has some great resources on China to dispel any misinformation, both common and obscure, I would appreciate it very much. Even just pointing me in the direction of certain books and/or historical events would be incredibly helpful. If any of you would like me to share more of my experiences in, not only my Political Science class, but also Psychology, let me know!

Love my Twitter comrades, the only ones keeping me from leaving (mastodon is not my cup of tea). I wish I knew some of the skills required but I’m not great at sneaking lol

cross-posted from: > cross-posted from: > > > AKA Canada is not a sovereign nation. This is not to say the Canadian State does not have free will at all, in most cases it does especially with domestic issues. But I swear to god every time NATO, and more specifically the US, we always follow suite and do whatever they want. > > > > I don’t recall any other nation having beef with Canada, at least not to the extent of needing warships. The Trudeau government is just starting shit with other countries, for what? I have no fucking clue. Not that any other mainstream party in parliament would do better, the cons would definitely do the same. Are they embarrassed that Canada isn’t as noticeable as the US? Do they want to make themselves look big and strong and not to be trifled with? > > > > I’m not advocating for Canada to start conflicts by itself, hell no. I just wish our politicians had the balls to sit out of NATO conflicts and say no. Stop being lap dogs, it’s pathetic.

Does anyone have more info on this? The [OP]( doesn’t link any articles…

People on Twitter freaking out about Snowden swearing oath to Russia and receiving passport
Here’s the Washington post [article]( The twitter replies are laughable, but not funny Ha Ha, funny weird…

The restaurant’s Facebook response: ![]( They also have a gift shop where you can buy the Nazi flag and one with Bandera’s face on it! So many NAFO fucks are flossing the replies, plus Ukraine flags in general.

The videos posted are extremely shocking, so trigger warning for death and Nazi paraphernalia. I’m wondering if people are finally realizing what this war is actually about, though I can’t say a trending topic on twitter is indicative of rising view points. I’m hoping it gets through peoples heads but only time will tell.

Hated shark tank ever since I was a little lad who loved berries and cream. With this interview coming out I feel somewhat vindicated in my early hatred for these fucks. O’Leary claims it’s amazing that 3.6 billion people are living in poverty while the 1% hordes all the wealth. He condemns redistribution and believes that poverty incentivizes the poor into idolizing billionaires and thus “working hard” to become one. Every day I become more and more enraged, to the point I scare myself.

Context: ![]( Other responses: ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![](

Why The Fuck Is Sean Penn Giving Zelensky and Oscar???
Literally just saw this being covered on the Portuguese news station tonight and had to run straight here to post about it. I have no idea what’s happening but I saw Zelensky with an Oscar and thought “oh how poetic. Him being an actor and winning an Oscar for this performance.” This is so embarrassing. Also I only linked that article for context, I did not read it lol.

Replies to this [tweet]( ![]( The lady means well but is very misinformed. Poor Dimitri gets some of the most shit replies ever (not Sheila, she’s a little confused but she’s got the spirit lol): “Let me talk to your manager” energy: ![]( Are you trying to gaslight Dimitri?: ![]( Babe, do tell *why* they’re against this resolution, out loud, quickly: ![](

Have any of you watched this docu-series? I was searching for the movie “All Quiet On The Western Front” to add it to my watch list. When I found it I started to look through the recommended “similar” movies/series offered, and I saw this thumbnail that had a bright red background with a gold leaf crest that reminded me of the Soviet coat of arms. That plus the title made me suspicious so when I clicked on it to see the description, imagine my non-surprise that communist leaders were mixed in with actual fascists. I haven’t bothered to watch this six episode documentary due to this stupidly common conflation of Stalin and Hitler. But maybe it’s different? If any of you have watched it, I’d love to know if it’s the same shit as always or actually something refreshing, a bait-and-switch perhaps. I just don’t want to waste my time on bullshit lol

Wonder if he’ll be the “free speech” absolutist he claims to be when people are mass posting that pic with him and Ghislaine Maxwell and trending the hashtag “stand with ISIS”

Must Read Twitter Thread About Japanese POW in Manchuria 1945
Saw this on my twitter feed. At first thought it was interesting and funny from the first tweet, but then I read the rest of it. People are being low-key weird about this including the OP. I think it’s a fascinating piece of history, personally. I’ve never seen a historical journal with drawings like this before, most have only had words; one doesn’t usually have time to draw when bombs are going off around them.

cross-posted from: > Toronto Star a bit late to the game. I thought shit was back over here in Alberta but it’s seems Canada is decaying everywhere…

cross-posted from: > [Statement from Prime Minister Trudeau]( > > There has been an increase in reports of gun related crimes (excluding law enforcement escalation…) for the past few years. Here are a few I found: > > [2020 Hate Crime Shooting of Two Métis Men]( > > [2022 July 25 Langley Homeless Hate Crime]( > > [2022 Sept. 10 “Arsenal” of firearms seized after road rage incident]( > > [2022 Oct. 20 Langley Shooting]( > > Let’s also not forget the mass shooting of 2020 in Nova Scotia where the RCMP failed to catch a lone gunman for **13 hours** as he murdered **22 people**. > > [This is some recent reporting on the current Inquiry about possible government involvement with the RCMP response.]( > > [The Convoy Protests]( and the criticism of Trudeau’s use of [The Emergency Act]( during the protests may have also been reasons for this legislation. > > I’m not adding these reports to justify this ban. I only want to show some of the recent events up here that may have influenced this decision. > > [Here is a list of firearms]( I was unable to open the pdf on my phone but hopefully you’ll be able to view the information on it.

I think there’s a movie about something like this. While I understand that these kits would stay in the families’ homes, I still don’t understand how this would help. Couldn’t they just DNA test the parents or family whenever a mass shooting happens? Maybe for kids who aren’t genetically linked it might help and be less distressing for guardians to visually confirm… but even then I still feel weird about this. There is so much effort put into non-solutions (one door, armed guards, trip wires, etc.) rather than dealing with the problem head on. They talk about kidnapping and trafficking, but wouldn’t having the kids picture be enough to help? Couldn’t the family, knowing the child is missing, give their DNA if physical evidence/an unrecognizable body is found? Adoption does make things difficult in terms of identification if the child is unrecognizable. In any case I can see this going very bad very quickly. The government has pulled strings to bypass the law “legally”.

So initially I felt bad for being suspicious of this tweet because it’s literally about the death of children, but that “source” made me pause. I checked the account and my intuition was correct! Not only is it full of Russophobia, but also warmongering! She is really pushing for nuclear winter. The organizations she is also a part of does not help her case. Here are some tweets: ![]( And a supporter: ![]( As you can imagine, that hashtag is full of filth. So much hatred: ![]( [Video from the tweet]( I don’t know what is being said so if anyone here knows it'd be cool for a translation, even if it’s rough. I hate doubting victims but I can’t trust twitter anymore when it comes to this war. We’ve all noticed that we’re nearing the final steps, it wasn’t just Putin as the enemy, it’s devolved into *all Russians*. I don’t like to compare things to the holocaust, and I’m not doing it here; just pointing out that the path to fascism is exactly the same. When learning about shitty events in history everyone always wonders “how could they have let this happen? How did nobody realize? How was it able to get so bad?” **This is how!** We know the process, we’ve studied it, and yet people still fell for it! How did we fuck up so badly? My heart aches for the innocent that we’re victims of this stupid nothing-war, their hardships are being used as propaganda for nuclear annihilation and genocide.

Your teachers weren’t gaslighting you, stop using that word when you mean lying. Wikipedia may have sited sources but those sources can, and have been, incorrect *many* times. Misleading information is still prevalent on the site. So even if you steal the sources Wikipedia uses in their articles you better dig deeper because that shit is nefarious. Wikipedia is not immune to western propaganda. They pick and choose what info to put out there from the sources knowing most, like OP, won’t read deeper into anything they site. You’ll just take their word for it.

Scrolling through twitter feeds and every time something about the war comes up I keep see these accounts with similar profile pictures: meme dog wearing army clothing. It’s the same dog but different clothes. All these accounts had the same hyper pro-Ukraine tweets and spreading the dehumanization of Russians. ![]( There is a lot of blatant and explicit depravity being posted about this war and people are following it enthusiastically. It looks like more 4chan shit but “normal” people are getting in on it. Fascism does grow slowly and now those who thought they’d never fall for something so insidious are playing right into their hands. ![]( ![]( Do people not remember that one of the tactics fascists use is scapegoating and justifying the violence against certain people. There’s also the supremacy and glorifying of the military. How many posts about have we seen about Zelensky supposedly on the front lines and people paying to have their names on bombs thrown at Russians. Now I’m seeing more and more people not only hating Putin (which, okay, I’m not fond of him either) but demonizing the Russian population as a whole. I do wonder what the moderates and libs will say if shit starts to really hit the fan. “How could this happen? We had no idea! I can’t believe it’s happening again!” You’d think more would’ve learned. I’m really hoping it doesn’t get to that point; third times a charm, I guess…

The only thing I know about Lukashenko is whatever was in John Oliver’s piece on him; so absolutely nothing. If y’all can help me out on that I’d be grateful. Anyway, just saw this on twitter and thought it was *very sus*.