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North Korea remembers the atrocities that were done onto them the last time, and are more than prepared for a war with the US and their colony

Obligatory copy pasta:

"Alright time’s up. Let me spell it out for you then.

For the millionth time: You don’t get to jerk off to filmed rape under socialism.

Every socialist state that ever existed has banned porn.

Yes, porn is coercive as every form of wage labor is. But it is not just any wage labor, but labor involved in the social production of art - in this case reactionary art.

Why is it reactionary? Its ideological content is. It objectifies - or more precisely, commodifies (primarily female) bodies. It dehumanizes women. It is the reason why you have white people going around fetishizing Asian women.

Porn fits into the capitalist superstructure which reproduces the institutions of patriarchy, and by extension, of capitalism itself. It has no place in a socialist society. The suppression of pornography then isn’t simply the suppression of commodity production, it would be similar to the suppression of any other reactionary cultural product (music, films, etc…).

Now for the infamous FAQs:

“But what if I film me and my girlfriend having sex with the consent of both parties?”

First of all, if you have to ask that, your girlfriend is most likely imaginary. I don’t know about white amerikans, but in my part of the world, nobody does that. Uploading sex tapes is considered a form of humiliation, and thus it’s a punishable crime. People have committed suicide over this. No one who has healthy relationships would ask their girlfriend: “Hey can I upload a video of us having sex?”

Secondly, the question makes no sense. It’s like saying “not all white people are racist”. You are talking about a social phenomenon with a systemic role that only exists in relation to a set of conditions, individualizing it only obscures the point. Porn isn’t just “capturing two people having sex”, that’s ahistorical view which abstracts away from all social context. If that’s porn, ancient paintings of people having sex would be porn, and if that’s the case “porn” would be meaningless as a category of analysis. Pornography presupposes the capitalist mode of production, the productive forces developed to a sufficient level so this phenomenon can even take place in the first place (the means to circulate these videos like the internet or other distribution channels, the filming equipment), patriarchy, etc…

Let me give you an example: Money is only money in relation to commodity production as the universal equivalent. On a desert island it would just be useless pieces of paper. Porn is no different. It is a social phenomenon that only exists in relation to the larger capitalist-patriarchal superstructure. If you film you and your girlfriend having sex on a desert island, yeah sure, then it’s “consensual”, and it’s not even “porn” anymore. But you don’t live on a desert island. You live in a society where all of the conditions I mentioned exist. The “amateur sex tapes” you upload in a capitalist society will inevitably conforms to logic of profitability that predominates a capitalist society - which is why, as someone has mentioned below, “amateur sex tapes” are commodified, and thus aren’t even really “amateur” (This is the reality no matter how the internet in the neoliberal era has masked it as “liberating” since “everyone’s a content producer”). And once you’ve accepted that, its’ not hard to see why there’s no such thing as “non-patriarchal” porn: Commodities have a use-value: in order to be sold, they have to be socially necessary. If you’re uploading “amateur sex tapes” in a society where people who consume those tapes are people who consume “professional porn”, the your tapes will have to mirror “professional porn” in its ideological content. Meaning, all those elements of objectification and fetishization remain. Your “amateur” sex tapes necessarily conform to the larger cultural logic of capitalism, and thus , they fit into that larger reactionary ideological superstructure. In other words, in the grand scheme of things, the distinction between “amateur” and “professional” porn is meaningless, and so are your individual motives.

Finally, you have a nonsensical view of consent. In the same way that wage labor isn’t truly “consensual”, those who “consented” to filming amateur porn faces the systemic pressures of capitalist-patriarchy.

“What if people still want to film themselves having sex under communism?”

We have established that porn is a social phenomenon, an industry under capitalism. Would there still be isolated cases of people filming themselves having sex under socialism that is separated from the logic of commodity production? Maybe. But considering that this has never happened in any socialist society up to this point, why do you insist on asking this question? Fantasies are not real, but they have very real implications about the worldview of those who came up with them. So why do petit-bourgeois Western men find it impossible to envision a “liberating society” without the existence of sex tapes? The answer I think, is quite obvious."

Pornography should also be extinct. Consent under capitalism in porn is dubious at best and is still exploitative, and it objectifies the people in it mostly of which are women.

The solution is simply to improve living standards and worker conditions so that they have no need to go into sex work. Sex work should not be legalized period.

Racism against Chinese people and perpetuating stereotypes against Chinese people is not only allowed but encouraged on reddit with increasing frequency. I literally can’t read comments now on reddit outside of our communities, because it’s a coin toss whether I run into the most vile shit even on topics unrelated to Chinese people.

Theyre prefectly happy to let all the ukrainians die if it means russia losing and they can feel smug about themselves winning over russia. Meanwhile thoughts about a post war ukraine thats now filled with weapons, poverty, and destroyed infrastructure are completely ignored

It doesnt work because the bourgeosie are still in control

Dont worry, they wont escalate it to a nuclear war because the negatives far outweigh positives. America only likes fighting wars against weak opponents, and the bourgeoise in control will not risk dying when they have capital to accumulate. Their lives in the status quo are currently very good.

It doesnt matter because the bourgeoise at the top will get theirs and live in a nice gated mansion with all the gas they could ever need or just leave to vacation in the bahamas or something

I dont think this will happen as the bourgeoise in power in europe has plenty to gain from the status quo and everything to lose to fight america.

Superstonk understands that the government is corrupt and enabling the rich to steal but they are indoctrinated by reactionary idealogy still and wont be pulled to communism.

I remember back when ryan cohen, the chairman of gme and hero to superstonk tweeted about loving china and the threads were filled with copium twisting the interpretation to some outlandish way to justify their belief that he cant possibly actually mean it literally.

Another problem is that if superstonk wins and becomes rich, they will immediately steer towards the side of the bourgeoise to safeguard their newly found assets and become even more reactionary.

That said I am also in gamestop stock atm due to the cult direct registeration of 50% of the float available meaning the apes vs shorters fight is favoring the apes (in the volkswagan squeeze, porshe owned about 70% of the float and forced shorts to close or else receive potentially infinite losses.

Either I stay a wageslave for the next two decades or I win big and can move to china and leave this shithole (usa)

Even in marvel the solution is to beat the shit out of bad guys everytime unless literally physically impossible to beat the bad guys like in that dr strange movie.

Its not about morality, but the conflict between classes and them being exploited by the more powerful one. If the proletariat wins and creates a communist world then to the bourgeoisie, we are the morally evil ones, as their lives will be ruined.

Everything done in communism is for ending our exploitation by the bourgeoisie which happens to include goals that end up benefitting us, the majority people.

Billionaires arent in charge of chinas policy making dipshit, its the exact opposite. Billionaires straight up are prosecuted and more have been executed or imprisoned than any other capitalist nation combined. Thats from western sources who try to use those stats to shit on china.

If the top of the cpc wanted to actually hoard wealth, they would do exactly what russia did at the fall of USSR, privatize everything that was originally for the public and become immediate oligarchs. The cpc does the opposite.

The days of the suicide net factory shit, which btw was american companies exploiting poverty, are long gone. The cpc sides with the laborers over the companies almost everytime in protests. Factory workers in china nowadays can pay off all living expenses and still have half their paycheck left over that month for savings. The same unskilled laborers in the united states need two jobs and still wont be able to save up much if any at all.

A dirt poor nation cant instantly solve all injustices of its people. This is especially true if said nation is under direct attack financially or militarily by much more powerful nations.

Instead of sprouting whatever state media tells you about their geographical rival maybe use your braincells and develop some critical thinking.

You are the living embodiment of a reactionary, making opinions based on perceived character traits of people rather than looking at objective material reality.

Fact is, china is getting stronger and richer at an overwhelming pace to the point of being fearmongered by the united states and its wesrern allies. Fact, china invests their money into more infrustructure for their own people rather than spend it on military expenses and wars. Fact, china doesnt bail out bankers and spend tax payer money to fill the pockets of corporate doners and give them exclusive contracts to leech more money out of their pockets. Fact, china has magnitudes less inflation than western nations.

You are literally looking at all the progress china makes and then going, but china leaders still actually evil and selfish even though so many good things are done. Thats not scientific, that doesnt look at reality through material analysis.

What makes communists communist is their analysis of the world through dialetical materialism, not through some imaginary ideals of what people are thinking or what their human natures are. Nobody here are cultists that worship nations for any reason. All support for these nations are critical, as in if their actions bring positive results to the lives of the people and progress it continuously, then they should be supported.

Or just go back to believing everyones evil and dismiss material reality while you live in your decaying stagnant nations and watch as politicians bail out rich assholes yet again and side with them over the ordinary people time after time and offer only platitudes even though they have the power to change it.

Have you considered communists dont view the world based on empty platitudes given by leaders and instead assess how well systems work based on actual tangible results?

In this case, china lifted 800 million people out of poverty and went from a literal dirt poort nation to the only nation capable of rivaling the united states in 50 years while simultaneously being treated as a rival enemy nation by the most powerful nations in the world during this time.

Quite typical that reactionaries like you come in with such infantile takes and think you pulled a gotcha when your entire premise for it was wrong in the first place.

R/socialdemocracy more like r/literalfuckingfascistpillagers

If this was china or russians doing it then all chinese or rusdian people would be labeled as pedophiles by the western community, but when the west does it nobody questions just how oftrn pedophilia related crimes occur there

Its even worse than the title implies, as the article says he bought millions in “options”, which for nonstock people is basically a gamble on the stock going up or down to a specific price during a set timeframe by order of a contract, and if by the end of the time frame the bet doesnt work out it expires worthless, meaning its extremely risky as a normal stock purchase would still exist no matter how long has passed assuming the compamy doesnt die.

In other words this was like a guy going to a casino and betting a few million on black out of nowhere. Its such an ovious case of insider trading but as we know in capitalist societies, those with capital make all the rules and have unlimited hunger for capital

Plenty of people choose to do honest work even in poverty. I have no sympathy for anyone who signs up to murder people in other countries.

All non-communist nations are dictatorships of the bourgeoisie

And hitler liked animals. His nicer treatment of animals doesnt make his crimes against humanity less horrifying. Liberals have no principles.