Litrally 1994

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World’s greatest army lost to farmers in Afghanistan

Checked his profile and he’s against universal healthcare, Palestine, and hates his family

The war had not yet started as of 1940

It was carried out by Germany, and the bodies were dumped on the Soviet side. The bodies had been shot by German ammunition

If US lies about Palestine to favor Israel, why would they tell the truth about Xinjiang?

Been using it since June. It was slow and crashed at times, but it has gotten much better now.

The issue with Twitter dying is that its users will relocate to another platform.

“Disney is subtler with its propaganda” bruh they made a children’s movie which was openly anti-communist, it is “Ron’s gone wrong”

Wikipedia is good for everything except politics

Solid plan to piss off the biggest supplier of its goods.

Glad I saw it before it was destroyed, modern day Latvia is a shithole

Most of the baltics infrastructure and buildings were built during the Soviet era and they have the current gov has the audacity to say that they were “poor and oppressed”

Kim Jong Drip

Blatant propaganda in animated movies for children
I recently watched the movie 'Ron's Gone Wrong' (By pirating obviously) as I was bored. With the main plot aside, there is an elderly woman who is the protagonist's grandmother. The amount of anti-communist propaganda the Disney writers put in is amusing. We start off with the children throwing darts at a picture of Stalin, and later she says something about how they needed to be on a waiting list in order to get food. There is definitely more, but I don't want to watch it again. tdlr: Disney still upholds Walt's beliefs