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Extinction and extirpation play an integral role in the environment. As paleontologist Grant Zazula once said,

Extinction is essential for evolution to be possible. Environmental change works like that too. It might be detrimental to one critter, like warming climates and forest expansion was for woolly mammoths, but it created a great opportunity for giant ground sloths to multiply and expand.

The problem lies with the direct causation that human activities incur on different organisms. The planet is more resilient than we might think, though this doesn’t mean we should abuse it.

least repeated question on asklemmy 🤭

There was a poster on reddit promoting fediverse alternatives to mainstream social platforms. It caught my attention and so I signed up on lemmy whilst not yet fully grasping what was meant by “federation” and “decentralization”.

On a side note, there’s this nostalgic sentiment to my early days on this platform. It was a novel experience, and this is where I fell into the rabbit hole of privacy and libre culture. Lemmy’s content was a huge rupture from what I used to consume on reddit.

I’m not very knowledgeable in this field, does chatGPT always give accurate answers?

Edit: also, sometimes people seek cited research from scholars and professionals regarding topics with no straightforward answers. I’m not sure how credible AI is in such cases.

Despite the recyclability of the modules, the process in which materials are separated can be tedious and requires advanced machinery.

It’s not a matter of if the solar panels can be recycled or not, the facts imply that Lebanon, like many third world countries, has no interest or not enough awareness to recycle panels. Lebanon lacks a proper recycling policy. It seems to me, from what I’ve read, that the only reason Lebanese citizens are investing in private, renewable energy is its affordability and abundance compared to other means. But once their economic crisis is resolved, most of them surely will go back to the old ways.

BTW, that link was informative, thanks. Do you have anything similar regarding the batteries and inverters?

Depends really, but for the sites I used to access it worked perfectly. I think it all falls down to the mechanism employed by the website to protect the paid content.

https://12ft.io/ to bypass pay walls

https://www.deviceinfo.me/ shows you the info a typical website extracts from your device

https://www.e-ir.info/ has some cool, free articles in relation (virtually) to the field of International Relations.

You’re not wrong, but you’re not much different than doctors when you try to hide the symptoms of an underlying issue with substances. I support self-treatment, but when this involves medication and chemical subtances then it’s a shit decision.

If this is what you want take some advice from experts. Either way what you really need is therapy.

Did you check the spam folder?

If yes, maybe you can try using an intermediary instance from Simplelogin.

Given the upvote ratio, some people are privacy enthusiasts until China intervenes.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of torrents and streaming websites crammed with ads, I propose using the Android app Cloudstream which offers TV-and-emulator-friendly UIs and provides video sources from popular websites thanks to extensions

Edit: best part is that the app is open source and has 0 ads and trackers

I see that I’ve misunderstood the question. I was talking about my experience on other mainstream platforms.

genuine conversations without repetitive inside jokes and shallow expressions. It’s as if we replaced meaningful thoughts with words and expressions that do not personally relate to the speaker.

Seconded. The app has a radio suggestion feature and a quick picks that recommends music based on your most listened to songs. It’s a yt music front-end with no ads and no tracking.

You can find it on f-droid and github.

I like using wikiless instances too, what does that mean for the future of Wikiles Should we keep using them?

That is a fair point. I understood ‘right’ as ‘prerogative’ and not as a moral notion. Still, I think that my argument gives an interesting legal perspective to the discussion herein.