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I’m trying to run a web crawling script

How do you install poetry on TailsOS?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/788623 > https://python-poetry.org/docs/#installing-with-the-official-installer

How do you install poetry on TailsOS?

It’s official/unofficial it’s maintained by the official staff, but the main dev doesn’t like matrix, but it’s all official staff lol

Apx: Ported to orchid lib Support for Nix packages Improved UX with better logs, colors and more Ability to perform some actions in all the available containers using the --all flag Updated the yay package manager for Arch Linux containers Fix for missconfigured locales in Arch Linux containers Added git base-devel binutils dependencies in Arch Linux containers Fixed the storage driver issue for new installations ABRoot Fix for packages that install systemd units More error handling during the atomic transaction Support for the /etc/default/grub file DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive is now automatically set to prevent user intervention New rollback command to restore the previous root state Improved diff check for faster response First Setup New translations GNOME Software will now stay even if you skip Flatpak Improved connection check Installer Added /var /opt bind mounts during the post-install process New translations vanilla-base-desktop Added gnome-software-plugin-vanilla Added cracklib-runtime gnome-language-selector Fixed a bug that prevented installing new languages GNOME Software New VSO plugin, allows you to update the system manually and remove system applications New Apx Meta plugin, allows you to list and install applications from Apx (the catalog is still limited, it will be extended in the future) Vanilla Control Center Removed the ability to force an update (now part of the GNOME Software) New translations Minor UI improvements Adapted to the new ABRoot commands Vanilla System Operator New polkit policy to allow update-check usage without sudo Fix SmartUpdate being triggered even on forced mode vanilla-base-meta Added bolt package Added speech-dispatcher, speech-dispatcher-espeak-ng, espeak-ng packages Added more network-manager dependencies to support many VPN configurations Misc New vrr-session package available, this provide a GNOME session with support for VRR (experimental, use at your own risk)

That’s not the question though

revolt.chat is a nice alternative still waiting on E2E as shown in their product roadmap

i’ve used simplelogin for many jobs people don’t care

There are already people trying to prevent ChatGPT through tools such as GPTZero, and as seen from this researcher. People have already bypassed these tools with fair ease.

Bypassing GPT-Zero’s ChatGPT Detection Program https://gonzoknows.com/posts/Bypass-GPTZero/