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Yeah I obviously don’t support the typical solutions to this like letting mass death occur or whatever but it just seems like a dangerous situation. Planets have carrying capacities, straight up. Whether or not we’ve reached it is what I’m concerned about

I’m not sure about any of this still. Do you have any resources for me to look through?

Okay, that makes sense, but what about the energy it takes to perform those prerequisites the study mentions? Like sure, we need redistributed agriculture and more efficient water-nutrient conservation efforts. Where does the energy for that come from?

I’m not trying to be bad faith it just makes intuitive sense to me that there is a limit to the world population/that we’re close to it.

Bb plz come home I miss you 😔

read 30 years ago

Bomp bomp bomp, ba da da bomp

The duck walked up to the lemonade stand and he said to the man running the stand


Waltuh… put your actual understanding of history away, Waltuh

I’m actually surprised, CNN and AP have both released coverage on this already.

Ya know, when I first got here/to GenZedong a year ago, I was very skeptical of the takes we had. Felt sort of conspiracy theory-ish, like a weird alt-right pipeline type of thing. Then I realized it was just fog of war and living in the West where the majoirty of the world’s opinion is discarded and we’re pounded with propaganda everyday.

How the fuck did you all get it right? I mean, be honest! Not just the obvious “Russia is going to win,” but even the slow acceptance by the west, the changing world order/de-dollarization happening, the European winter issue, etc. Luck? Or is DiaMat/HisMat/MLism that legit?

Me too but I’m afraid I’m not quick enough to learn the language. It’s so much different. Not to mention the financial situation and getting accepted as an American… I feel like they’d be a little sus lol but idk

Yeah, for sure. It seems like it already is becoming discredited in a way…

Let’s hope it does and that the people can make a change. I’m constantly bouncing between “fuck this, I’m not dying for nothing in a fascist empure, I’m out” and “I love the people and want to fight for my homeland’s liberation”

More and more studies are coming out like this, you just posted one the other day I believe. The one about 70% of other countries supporting China.

I think we are on the verge of something very large happening in the rest of the world when it comes to uniting against the imperial core.

Happy cake day it’s mine too!!!

GenZedong refugee?

Definitely agree with what you’re saying here lol, I’m an American so ACAB does apply and it’s just a joke anyways. I understand the designers and data it’s pulling from are mostly liberal

Yeah, I know Iol, just a jokey. But you’re definitely right, the power these things can have based on who creates them and is in power/use of them is insane

They won’t even leave children out of their bullshit

I’d like it if it were filled with gunpowder and anthrax and burst over the Whitehouse but that’s just me

Lol maybe too explicit for this site

Yeah no shot someone understands Marxism and then “leaves” it. Especially not to anarchism.

I can sympathize with the hope getting dimmer, it really is dire. But the nihilistic “let’s do nothing and bask in sadness while the world burns” is just dumb. I’d rather go out trying.

On a more serious note, there is legitimately something to be said about the degeneration of content (or really, lack of in the first place, at least as far back as I can remember) in Western social media/online spaces.

I haven’t ventured too far into other areas of the web geographically so I can’t say for myself that it’s of higher quality but everything I’ve heard points to the west having inferior content (or rather, the users promoting garbage instead of the good things that come out of Western mouths and content creators) and I’m not surprised.

I don’t want to be the “everyone around me is an idiot huhu” because I don’t think that, but it seems like there is just something lacking here, at least where I live in the US.

But Mr. Beast funny philanthropist!!! Ooowowlolol

I want to watch 100 YouTubers sign his tesla!!! (Just checked trending. Literally a video on there)

Correct. I’m just saying, it’s surreal to see so many people so unhappy yet nothing change. It really brings to light how important the party is in mobilizing the people.

Absolutely they are. I’m living through it, and it’s beautifully tragic (only tragic in the sense that I will probably not make it out alive being a peasant citizen lmao)

I use the Comradeship/Freechat community for venting but

Yes I agree with you. I live in the United States and not to be dramatic but it does seem rather zombified here. It’s really weird, everyone knows things are going bad, that the “bad guys” are winning, they even make little references or comments about it regarding inflation and how nobody approves of our government. But that’s it, just murmurs. Nothing more. Nobody does anything about it or actually says out loud what the problem is, and that further discourages people who KNOW what the problem is from doing anything, too. It’s a terrible cycle and is bound to collapse soon enough.

I am with you though it’s so tiring being raised and living in a liberal hellscape lol. Education here is capitalist education, not quality education… it is not for the betterment of humanity or the beauty of learning but to create the most profitable worker.

Might be optimistic but can you imagine a channel that big becoming socialist? How good that would be for us?

I understand this sentiment and share your feelings tbh. I am completely unprepared for shit to go down and when it does (in the next decade I believe) we will be in for some crazy times. But like you said it’s what is going to have to happen for life on this planet to survive so I’m down if yall are lol

Edit: also Snowden showed us that everyone is on a watch list, some are just higher priorities. I tend to think of myself as “future threat” as an inert communist, lmao

Long term and for socialist nations? Yes, I’ll always choose to retain at least some revolutionary optimism. I don’t think humans will go extinct this century or anything like that. As for my personal life, I have never felt worse, so at the moment I have very little hope. I dont think that’s what you were asking, though.

It is foolish to ignore the nearly baked in mass suffering on a global scale that we will endure in the coming decade. Things will get worse, I’m almost sure of it. The hegemon almost won, and this will have consequences.

However, this does not mean its over or that we shouldn’t be hopeful for the future. Plenty of great things are happening in the world; plenty of anti-capitalist things. As a species, I do have genuine faith that we will make it. My recent doomer post more revolved around my specific generation in the United States and my flailing personal life. I still believe China will come out on top, that socialism will prevail, and that eventually we will live in a better world.

Onwards, my friends.

“Holy shit guys, we might become a socialist nation! Like the Nordic model!!!” - me, circa 2020

Hahaha yes the ultimate Joe Liberal plan >:) I remember I believed that “just after Joe gets elected, we can really get this country back on track. All three branches are blue! Let’s goo Amerikkka is back”

I know… we’ve come far, comrade

I remember around the time of Biden getting elected I was a liberal. Not really a “China bad” liberal, I didn’t know too much about politics at the time, but just a “Trump no good so other party must be better” type beat. Crazy times, I cringe when I see old memes I have saved that are pro-Biden… lol

LOLing at “The US is anti-imperialist, actually”

What delusional world do liberals live in bro

Yes you did fine even in this unstructured, bad faith ass liberal “debate”

Ugh, I have some very liberal family as well. Really hard not to start dunking on them but I try to have productive conversation instead. It usually doesn’t go anywhere but we must never stop trying, lol

Prevalence of Chinese “sweatshops”
Legit or propaganda? Are they still around? Did they exist to begin with? Sources?

Is China (and the world) moving fast enough with reference to climate change?
Just saw an article about coal consumption reaching an all time high this year. I know obviously China leads the world in population AND renewable energy, but they also lead it in coal consumption by a long shot. It's alarming to me. How fast are they moving away from it? Is it fast enough? https://www.reuters.com/markets/commodities/global-coal-consumption-reach-all-time-high-this-year-iea-2022-12-16 What do we make of this? I don't mean to be overly critical but it just seems like they're moving way too slow to me, given that we have literally 10 years before we hit +1.5C.

Wholesome as fuck.

I love it when people aren’t bad faith lol I’m so used to it

What the fuck

Thats all I have to say

Edit: sike. Half of this is going towards the military and police funding while the rest is divided up into meager amounts toward lukewarm programs -_- 500million to the EPA? REALLY?

858 fucking billion to our “defense” budget

68 billion to nazis



Honestly? You might be right. These fuckers can’t be serious.

Collapse in 12 hours >:) Edit: too many great comments. I love you all

What are we going to do?
I haven't made a post regarding this in a while, so I guess I'll make another to get an updated version of our thoughts. When will the US fall? How do I help make it happen? Will it? I've been thinking a little bit about the future of the United States and the world as a whole and believe that the U.S. must fall before it and the rest of the imperial core can make any meaningful systemic change (and the end to imperialism, brutal capitalist wars, and any potential solutions to climate change). With that being a prerequisite for a socialist change and a better world, my question remains - how the fuck is that going to happen? When will it happen? Will it naturally collapse due to contradictions in capitalism? Or is there going to have to be hope of a socialist revolution? If it's the latter, I have very little hope, assuming it requires the American populous to do it. Maybe when more people's conditions worsen there will be a larger sense of revolutionary activity but with what I've been seeing around my area and online it is just status quo liberal "vooot" garbage that will lead us straight to destruction. Our political actors and capitalist rulers seem hell-bent on destroying the world to keep their great lives while the rest of us wither away. Our ruling class is so powerful, what are we supposed to do? Is there any chance of a revolution? Do we have to hope and pray that Xi and other AES states will liberate us or just wait til the bombs start flying and the sea levels eat up Florida before we finally have a chance to boot this shit? A lot of this might be just incoherent rambling, I don't know. I'm stressed out so my apologies. Thanks for reading this far if you did.

How cute 🥰 my little Timmy wants to be an oppressor when he grows up! (I'm in America)

If the revolution won’t be televised, how does it spread?
This probably is a stupid question that I should know as a Marxist-Leninist, but I have been thinking about how close we are to potential global changes and revolutions popping off. Of course MSM will not cover it; so my question remains ----> How will we figure it out? I'd imagine things like Twitter and other large platforms would censor revolutionary content... Again, apologies if this is a stupid question, but I'm curious

Anyone know anything about the Solidarity movement in Poland in the 80s?
I just came across a video on social media claiming that this person's father and mother lived in "communist Poland" and that their lives were awful. They claimed the government took their parents' land and that they were incredibly poor. The father was apparently jailed and the mother fled to Italy. After doing some digging it was clear (the person outright said it) that their family was part of the Solidarity movement in Poland. What does this mean? I want to take the time to refute this in the comments because nobody else seems to be doing it. I know it may be a waste of time, but hey, it's late and I've got nothing to do. How do I respond? Edit: Just did a quick Google search and found out they received 2 million a year from the CIA. Genuinely laughed out loud.

Here we go
>“All currently available information indicates that this is the result of deliberate, reckless, and irresponsible acts of sabotage,” the council said. Yes, yes it does

On Propaganda
How do we feel about propaganda? And what would the definition be? As far as I understand it, propaganda is simply a tool used to convey political messages accurately and concisely in hopes to get people over to whatever side it is coming from. Am I wrong in this? Is there a "good" propaganda and "bad" propaganda? EDIT: Rephrased some things

How to apply/practice dialectical materialism?
I've made it through Dialectical and Historical Materialism by Stalin and I think I have the basic concept, but I would appreciate it if I could have some aid in deepening my understanding and application of it. Any books/sources that are helpful would be great, too. Thanks in advance :)

I just got into the most corny argument about China with a liberal I’ve ever experienced. (This will be long, my apologies.) This is all real. Word for word.
*posts about what the headlines would be like if China legalized beating kids in school* Liberal: The headlines wouldn’t be much diff g. Literally so many people above the age of 50 support that shit. Me: Nah. I feel like western med would be all over that beating the drum about China beating their kids and it would be heavily exaggerated lol like the whole social credit thing. Liberal: No. Legit no. Me: How so? So much over there gets misrepresented. Liberal: I think China's bad, G. Me: Why? I know it's not perfect, but it has my support. Liberal: Bro they genocide the Muslims. Police state is it not? The way they enforce stuff. Mainstream media also has a problem with it so it almost certainly is bad in some regard. Plus destiny agrees and some politicians I like. Me: Uyghur genocide is straight up western fabrication imo, like 30 Muslim envoys just went there and came back defending it. I'll find the source. Alot of that was propagated by Adrian Zenz who works for the US government and the victims of communism foundation which is a joke lmao. Typical 100 billion dead stuff. As for police state I'm not sure what you consider that to be but I don't see china gunning down minorities in the street or with 22% of the world's prison population despite being 4% of the world's population like the USA. What do you mean the way they enforce stuff? And mainstream media is us government and billionaire funded so it shouldn't surprise anyone that the narrative is "china bad" and diametrically opposed to socialism. I don't really like or watch too much destiny, but what politicians? Liberal: I highly doubt the slaughter is fabricated. I can look into it later to prove you wrong on that. But I doubt china properly reports their imprisoned and data and they enforce things through breaches of privacy. Me: I really don't think it's legit. China is poised to take us over economically and is socialist. This is plenty of reason to propagate a genocide when the world order is capitalism. *link the site where the state department admits not having enough evidence to declare genocide*. Furthermore, most proof for this is usually 144p satellite images of prisons or something ridiculous like that. The falling birthrate argument is bullshit because the Uyghurs have just recently been placed under the same birthrate requirements as the Han so of course they will fall. What makes china less credible than the US? Do you have the same doubts for our bureau? What kinds of breaches of privacy are you speaking of? And like the United States hasn't been spying on the entire population the entire time? Lib: You have to understand if we declared genocide all hell would break loose. So first off you understand there is motive for the US to cover it up and not give a fuck? Especially since yk, we don’t necessarily care of Muslims that much? I feel like that would be the first thing that should come to your head… the US don’t care about Muslims… but ig cause it's china you are dissonance? Me: Right, the motive is not Muslim lives, I think it's anti-china rhetoric. and dissonance how so Lib: Wym? *uses my name* look at your first message. Thats literally the us defending China gang. Come on you ain't dumb. China is less credible because they don't have the same checks and balances as we do and their departments are corrupt. That’s why we can say 911 actually happened and why if that Shii happened in China we would have no clue. If you really gaf about both sides you would kno why China cannot be trusted bro Me: Departments aren't corrupt here?!? You think our checks and balances genuinely work for the people here? And I don't mean this in a condescending or rude way but do you know how china works? Like their system of participation? Lib: there is a difference. Large scale deception is impossible in the US. Departments are separated in the US, in China they are not. Yes they do work for us here. I know not of one country that operates like the US. Me: How is large scale deception impossible here bro? And you're right they have far greater participation in many other countries lol including 🇨🇳 Lib (this is where it gets weird): Because Large scale deception implies cooperation between departments. We have real humans in the US with more means and less threat to their lives for leaking info. Prosecutions have to go through judges where everything needs to be declassified. China doesn’t work this way. Me: You don't think that those departments have the same class interests? And do you genuinely believe things are always declassified? Also what are you implying with "real humans in us with more means and less threat to their lives for leaking info" lol the cia has killed journalists time and time again and or locked them up. Lib: There could be some deceptions/ things done by individual departments sure but for example, a genocide could never happen in secret. Bro, not everything has to do with class. Other values exist in this world. Plus you forget there are hundreds of thousands of people in these organizations. Things would get leaked. However, china doesn't grant its citizens the same things to prevent leaks such as heavy regulation of the internet. *uses my name*, you sound very dumb when you say "do you genuinely believe all things get declassified". With prosecutions? Literally yes. I don’t think you understand all court cases are public info G. Things have to be declassified in proesections Because it runs through the state judges. Look this up. Also, keyword CIA. A singular department. Meaning they were able to leak things. Dog you’ve been legit brainwashed if u think Uighur is faked. Like deadass that’s some conspiracy stuff to claim that shit fake Me: I am not arguing that it couldn't be leaked here or that everything is covered up. I'm saying some things surely are. But sure, let's give our government the benefit of the doubt and say that these individual agencies (e.g CIA) are solely responsible for the destruction they've caused and no other government force had a play in it. These people were never prosecuted for MKULTRA, for the hundreds of thousands of people killed, millions of lives ruined in the global south, etc. Many things have been leaked like you said, but I think it's incredibly naive to believe that our government is entirely transparent (Here I made an assumption about what they were saying). Where are you making these assumptions about China from? As for the internet, they are subject to cyber attacks and heavy western influence. Of course they want a secure internet. Furthermore, you can literally get a VPN or some other shit and get around it, plenty of chinese do. Nobody is coming after you for that. Yes, everything when prosecuted is declassified, I'm talking about the things that aren't prosecuted and haven't been leaked. Yes, we have protections in theory. This does not stop the persecution and suspicious unaliving of journalists and radical figures. Lib: What assumptions do you refer to? Officials get away with incredibly terrible programs like MKULTRA which mind you, are INDIVIDUAL DEPARTMENTS, they have nothing to do with other departments. Deadass. Believe what you want, but that is legit how our government functions. Wdym our government is entirely transparent? I never said that. At all. *my name*. You are not defending there regulations on the internet gang. Deadass you’ve been brainwashed Me: I apologize for putting words in your mouth. It seemed that was what you were saying to me Lib: I’m saying china works together department wise to prosecute without the checks and balance given in our systems. You can be honest if you dk what you talking about. I’d also bet a lot of the journalists and figures you talk about that were unalived are genuinly just conspiracies you’ve only looked at from one side. I promise probably half of the mfs you think are subject to death by CIA is legit just a conspiracy wit little evidence. Also the VPN suggestion is laughable. Look that one up bud. Me: having a vpn is banned, yes. That doesn't mean there aren't ways to get around it if you want to see the western internet so badly? Lib:I love how In your mind the INTERNET is just WESTERN MEDIA PROPORGANDA 😭 Me: It's not lol? I'm saying this obsession with being able to say whatever you want with no consquences and all of the shit we have to sift through here is what, in my mind, would be penetrating into Chinese internet Lib: It’s either u have a foundamental lack of understanding how they regulate the internet, or genuinly ur brain is wired to think internet is western media… its also funny you say that. Considering you didn’t think about that when u supported the idea uigher Muslim genocide Is fake. Literal Concentration camps exist there Sure they aren’t extermination camps if that’s what you feel I’m implying but thag shit is REAL. And you're a moron if you think it's fake. Anyways point is Chinese are bred to be nationalist but also you believe the shit that comes out of their mouth even tho they have every reason to look out for thenselves only. Me: I don't appreciate the moron comment. Anyways. Yeah, every reason to look out for themselves only because they're fucking targeted endlessly by the rest of the world for upholding a different social order lol... also Americans are bred to be nationalist hard-core too I don't see the point. I think we're not going to get anywhere. Support to china from me. Lib: I think the world dislikes them for more then just upholding a “social order” I then stop responding. Am I stupid? Is the Liberal being overly condescending or am I just sensitive? I'd like to know your feedback. Thanks for reading if you did.

Is overpopulation a legitimate threat?
Malthus was wrong, right? It seems eerily close to being ecofascist

Randomly recurring thankful post
Thank you all for being so great. The kindness and intellect in this community has been like no other, and a real relief from libshit r*ddit. I love you, comrades. And for the few feds that may be lurking, face the wall.

Any predictions on what will happen to the US + its citizens in the next 10 years?
I keep asking this as information develops and the year goes on. What do you guys think?

What do you guys think about leftist unity?
As I've begun my journey in exploring for organizations to join I have come across a few anarchists. They get shit talked alot on here (often times rightfully so), so I'm wondering what you guys think about it. Is it hot garbage? Or is it necessary for successful revolution?

Anyone else have an impending sense of doom?
I can already hear it. I know, I know, doomerism has been weaponized in order to keep the working class undereducated, depressed, drugged up, inert, or dead, and I'm falling for bourgeois tactics. At the same time, though, I look around (even from a privileged, western perspective) and see things getting worse and worse, daily. My life and country have both begun to collapse. I'm pretty white-pilled when it comes to the human race on the whole, especially with China as the rising superpower, but Jesus. Global economy in shambles, political and civil unrest, and the worst existential threat in human history in climate change all at the same time. What are the next 20 years going to bring? I'm scared, and I have a really bad feeling about all of this.

Am I right to get angry when people “don’t do politics” or blow it off/demonstrate apathy?
I look at it as a matter of both privilege and apathy. I get upset (not visibly, of course) when people say they don't "like" politics, or blow it off entirely. Politics is not some separate entity, we are living in a society! An inherently political game! Furthermore, there is no "politics" as just a concept. What part of politics? Literally everything is politics. Climate change and environmental care? Food and agriculture? Economics? Culture, beauty, art? How can someone blow off literally everything? To me its an attempt to shut down conversation and demonstrates they don't care or have no idea about the atrocities that have occurred/are going to due to the West's collapse and climate change. Am I out of touch? Being non-undedstanding? Let me know, thanks

How many of you are prepping or are planning on beginning to soon (in a societal collapse sense)
I want to know what you all think of the idea if preparing for some kind of disaster is, as the likelihood only increases as time goes on and capitalism survives. Shit will hit the fan, at least where I am. Thoughts?

What are some predictions for the future of the USA and the West?
Has communism won? Is it a matter of time before the collapse of the West? Or will fascism have a complete takeover? What are some things that will almost certainly happen?

Thank you
I want to thank every one of you fuckers, you have all been so kind and helpful throughout this journey we find ourselves in and I can't wait to organize with everyone in real life. I've gotten so many questions answered between reddit and lemmy and I couldn't be more grateful. Onward, comrades, a better life awaits us.