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I pretty much just use Kavin’s Piped instance (https://piped.kavin.rocks) over any Invidious instance now. While Invidious is able to download stuff when I don’t have access to NewPipe or yt-dlp, Piped just seems to work a lot better overall.

Invidious might be light, but it’s unlikely to ever have much more work done on it by anyone thanks to it being written in Crystal.

Yeah, I wouldn’t put it past EA to forget that some of their developer acquisitions actually made and sold games.


LBRY (and subsequently Odysee) are just Peertube with extra, rather unnecessary steps. I hope all these sorts of projects that take something existing and load it with shitcoin nonsense crash and burn like LBRY has.

A lot of instances don’t like to be scraped for searchers, and they rightly shouldn’t be. Maybe as an opt-in option, but otherwise no thanks.

Unless you really can’t put more RAM in your machine, no.

Swap is fairly read/write heavy, and it’ll definitely eat into the the life of your SSD. SSDs already have a shorter lifespan than mechanical drives as it is so it’s probably in your best interest to prolong it.

Format your SSD in a flash-friendly format like F2FS if your distro supports booting from it, increase your actual RAM if you really need more RAM and avoid using swap off an SSD if you can really help it.

Last time I checked, Mercenaries 2 didn’t work properly online anyway. PS3 version checks for the online server on startup, can’t connect then crashes (at least it did last time I tried it).

Ubuntu always felt kinda corporate and rubbed me the wrong way. Never really been a fan.

I gave Ubuntu MATE a go on my GPD Win 2 since it was the only officially supported distro available. All the weird little software bugs and issues, plus them discontinuing support for some of GPDs devices, did little to make me like it more over time.

Good to see the Pleroma shitheads and Kiwifarms rejects have nothing better to do. Hopefully any instance worth it’s salt just defeds from them until they get bored and stop bothering.

Is there really a point to having ChromeOS on overly powerful x86 hardware? It always seemed like an OS that worked best on cheap ARM chipsets since everything was web and Android.

They’re one of the bigger firms hosting and keeping extreme right wing content available on the internet. They only come out and say they won’t host certain sites when enough of a stink is kicked up about them. Otherwise, they don’t care where the money comes from.

4chan is still being protected by Cloudflare after all these years. How long until people speak up and get Cloudflare to drop them too?

This is me except I use GNOME’s Password/Secret manager on my PC

I don’t know how I ever lived without Syncthing honestly

For public chargers? Payment processing. It’s like asking why a service station needs internet to process a card transaction to pay for your petrol.

Mind you, I do partially understand where you’re coming from. Most modern cars are unfortunately packed to the brim with so many computer controlled and internet intergrated components to the point where it hinders the reliability of the vehicle and the privacy of the vehicle’s occupants. For electric cars, a lot of this is somewhat unavoidable.

It’s for a lot of these privacy and reliability reasons (and money) that I’m just going to drive my current petrol car until it dies. Maybe we’ll start to see more hydrogen cars by then, preferably clean hydrogen. Maybe more car manufacturers will opt to just make models without all the touchscreen infotainment crap and just give me a radio and some dials to tell me what’s going on. I know Suzuki started making a version of the new Jimny with a bog standard radio in it, so there’s definitely a demand for basic cars that just work.

Deemix for the vast majority of stuff (I pay for a HiFi Deezer account so I can download FLACs), with Bandcamp, RuTracker and the occasional charity shop CD handling the other stuff not on Deezer.

My workplace (big desert resort) likes to remind us of their media policy on a regular basis, and sent an email pointing out that we shouldn’t be talking about our staffing problems online or directly to customers.

Needless to say, we still tell everyone that the entire resort can’t get staff because they treat everyone like shit. Pretty sure management have caved in at this point because the situation isn’t getting any better and they aren’t willing to fix it.

The worst of this are the “gesture bars” that iOS and even Android are starting to use on the bottom of their screens for navigation. Just give me buttons that I can understand instead of making me learn what finger movement I’m supposed to use to bring up my running apps or go back.

God I really miss buttons.