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It is irritating me, frankly speaking. I sincerely want this country to tank beyond repair because they are literally an entire country of illiterate people spreading their illiteracy and evil around the world for decades, with nothing stopping them. I want the world to laugh at them, see them become a joke so bad that people stop using American Big Tech the same way USA has taught the world to hate Chinese and Russian platforms. Maybe it seems a little hateful but I see no wrong in atleast this much, considering the kind of shit I have to respond to on Reddit these days. I want them to feel everything they have made the world feel. I want to see every USA worshipping liberal cry on their knees and feel how correct people like us have been, and how deaf they are.

I wondered the same, when did they really symbolise human rights even? Their literal foundation is genocided Native American bodies.

His latest comment was evil before he bid me a final goodbye (I shed a tear out of laughing maniacally). Before the edit he said "the only thing communists do “well” ".

a gov is the mechanism in which a ruling class expresses and realizes it’s interests.

The problem is I am trying throw ropes to this guy tumbling down the abyss, and I have to keep throwing longer ropes. Its very hard to reach out to obtuse people.

It is tough to crack open rifts into the skulls of these people, and Trump angle is easiest way to reach to someone who is into privacy paranoia stuff. MAGA is not a comrade and never will be, but it is a tool to temporarily reach to ordinary people that are in the iron grip of neoliberalism, libertarianism and spectra around it. I personally see Deep State as a dictatorship with two public faces, which is how I use it to make points clear to people. It may have the MAGA connotation but it is not as strong for everyone, though I would like to know what the general perception towards it even is.

RESTRICT Act is horrific. It also says if anyone is found using banned platforms via VPN, there is a $250,000 fine. China is probably laughing right now for all the nonsense that is regurgitated about them in overseas media.

It pisses me off way too much. It is trolling so far up the ass, it got to the head from that route.

Also RESTRICT Act news is mysteriously absent from all western "privacy" subreddits that otherwise claim to love democracy. It is only on my privacy subreddit, and in anti-establishment, anti-imperialist, socialist and conservative spaces. Not mainstream.

We should be glad Russia and China kept themselves away from western global trend.

Oh look, the guitar brought in a coffin for the size of hearts these billionaires collectively have!

The fundamental contradictions remain almost untouched in superimperialist capitalism. When your core is rotten, you can either work against core (impossible) or become one with the core. It would only have delayed the inevitable, with an even worse problem of literally dried pulp equivalent Middle East, Russia and other countries.

This is pretty much why Cold War anti-communist rhetoric reaches down to citizens through controlled media, to instill a sense of paralysis against revolutionary critical thought and action.

He is stepping on white patch to show dominance over Anglo empire :D

Not even knowing the guild 😢 I really am a noob here

Good game! I am not on GZD Discord so that is on me, lack of OSINT for privacy purposes (I try to keep Discord data garbage, thanks for using Google data servers).

Google loves hiding. Try Yandex, or any Searx instance, they have low to no filtering.

Okinawa base screams that, but do these vassal states have literally 0 brains or will of their own?

I was thinking at first this is some The Onion material. My only question is WHY?

They also have other motivations like imposing “Christian conservative” values on society.

MAGA supports Russia, unlike liberals. You forgot the world flipped since Hongkong and COVID.

This is why we need an open architecture tech stack that has more hardcore developers outside of Anglosphere. But most of them apparently do not do programming passionately to make anything outside of bloated JavaScript and JS framework loaded bad SEO websites. To solve such problems, you need people as old school, creative and passionate as the most hardcore programmers who prefer working with limited hardware, like Raspberry Pis and Rockchip ARM level of RISC-V CPUs.

In India, people are conditioned to write bad subpar code and there is no tech culture really, and there is a lot of submissive behaviour towards USA. How true is this for China, Russia, South America and Africa? Is our only challenge the lack of privileged material conditions to prosper creativity? Or are there others like draining away brains to Anglosphere tech giants for money? Or are there problems also having a root in bad programming, privacy and security practices?

Western media-military succeeded in creating their Reich I think. Their goal has always been to manufacture consent, and the conditions were prepared for it to happen, by brainwashing all their citizens in what is the biggest panopticon in human history.

Last year we had that node-ipc NPM incident, now we have this. In between, there have been plenty smaller attempts to cut off Russia and Russians off of global (aka western) internet diaspora from all of Big Tech, and Reddit banning any .ru link posts. There has already been a ban on access to Google Play Store and iPhone support for Russia has been shut down as well, from what I know.

If you have any sympathy for unhinged citizens of NATO countries, you might as well hope Russia goes down the gutter. It is these genocide apologia maniacs who wish a complete wipeout of democratic diplomacy or a middle ground. I said genocide apologia maniacs because most people do whitewash USA genocides simultaneously, like this Finn did in a reply to this person: https://old.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/11sv7gc/linux_kernel_networking_driver_development/jcgf9sz?context=3

So worker abuse is basically cheat code for mission credits

He was doxxed, received death threats and so he privatised his YouTube and Twitter entirely, and deleted Reddit, with no signs of a comeback. It is hinted that someone in his attorney profession helped the doxxing, as much as I know. The last video that happened before his doxxing was the podcast with Second Thought. Second Thought since then went heavy on socialism and does The Deprogram podcast with Hakim and Yugopnik.

It is not Russia that is leaving Ukraine in a destroyed state. It is NATO that is using it like a condom for their proxy war fetishes.

BayArea… 💔 the one who in its entirety brought me fully into ML.

I assume without opening that is HopperTheMarxist, he just mirrors whatever useful socialist/leftist content there is.

I love this, it is why they love talking about transparency and GFW censorship.

The Chinese penetrated clandestine communications and used that knowledge to arrest and execute at least 20 CIA informants, according to multiple current and former government officials.

“It was a horrible, devastating loss to the intelligence community,” a former intelligence official said. “Lives were lost.”

Until even a decade ago, China’s collective leadership, with power more diffused among different factions and individuals, offered up an array of possible intelligence targets and a more fluid political environment.

“There was a wider circle of people that intelligence agencies might target. It’s a much more centralized, tight system now,” said a former senior U.S. intelligence official familiar with the matter.

I say small because of their own 2025 analysis. Their sphere of influence has taken a massive hit from China’s BRI, the amount of trust downfall from running away from Afghanistan, the treatment of non-Anglo refugees from Ukraine at Poland borders and the cruel Russophobia. Overwhelming support of Nazis (and Nazism in UN voting) against Russia and the blatant news propaganda has also resulted in doubts over western media as a whole amongst many people.

There is also that people got tired of COVID news fearmongering and no socialising, where western companies were already shilling boosters to make up for lost money from pandemic, regardless of it weakening immunity of people to critical levels. The combination of people’s declining mental health (monthly new variant!!! death chaos et al) and then declining physical health via 3rd dose (we have never had 2 vaccine doses within a year in history outside of Anthrax I think) has caused many people to turn off the TV and internet news.

It is surprising to me that Sinophobia was acceptable, and it took a chain reaction of all of the above to trigger whatever people it did.

Yeah, I figure these “teeth” are possible places left, since Taiwan narrative is either not working or they are trying for maximum chaos from within Russian sphere of influence. There are places like Phillipines, Malaysia and Thailand too I think that could be future colour revolution cards in Anglo empire’s deck.

Let us not get too carried away. I have staunchly supported Huawei since 2016, when I bought Honor 6X as a risk. HarmonyOS is the most confusing thing I have seen, because it is 1) an Android/AOSP fork, just like LineageOS and such custom ROMs, and 2) it is an ecosystem of devices, services and a microkernel in the way Apple has.

China’s self sufficiency comes from the ecosystem of WeChat, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Bilibili, Weibo, Ixigua et al. Also simply having relatively countless IT manpower compared to other countries (except India, because similar numbers) is what allows sustainance of this ecosystem.

Huawei is quite dead (which is why global smartphone industry outside China lacks innovation), and the chip industry needs to become a thing to allow true self sufficiency. Hardware and software are like yin and yang.

Now they cannot go more right unless they literally adopt Nazi symbols themselves, and use nukes. The whole “better dead than red” thing could be the final step unless they admit its over.

It is the kind of mistake the corporate fascist Deep State facilitates culturally via brainwashed liberal and conservative puppets on the streets and on internet, to modify and twist reality, and to create alternative versions of it, so that 10-15 years down the line they can quote people saying it was a genocidal war invasion same-as-Iraq hurrdurr nonsense. I see the socdems/demsocs making this mistake, because they want more viewership and social reachout, trying to tussle with people who refuse to listen to non-controlled factual journalists, revolutionaries and vigilantes.

Its also on Russia that they are only focused on demilitarising with minimal damage and avoidance of civilian casualties. They do not have step 1: carpetbomb genocide mentality.

The cost of USA not being able to sustain its global hegemonic dictatorship.

Comments intriguing, as were the "misinformation" spammed reports on my post and comment. Someone shared that Mintpress article here so I thought it would be a good experiment, plus this NATO Tiktok information does not exist in privacy communities anywhere at all, only anti imperialist spaces on internet. My privacy community is the only major place that shows this information.

An interesting post and comments worth a discussion. You will not get UBI, you will just be removed. : r/Futurology
If you want to hop to reddit post currently active, https://reddit.com/r/Futurology/comments/znzy11/you_will_not_get_ubi_you_will_just_be_removed/

I created r/privatelife to keep the digital privacy scene factual and people from fake privacy subreddits. I succeeded at it, but could no longer bear Western diaspora toxicity. Comments are not good.
I have given people a few well known guides and writeups. If you think r/privacy is a friend reliable enough * https://teddit.net/r/privacy/comments/hlqayn/cia_have_encryption_backdoor_on_signal_according/ * https://web.archive.org/web/20220418214833/https://old.reddit.com/r/privacy/comments/e9t4ck/a_user_here_threw_ad_hominem_at_a_wikileaks_tweet/ American moderators that run iPhones and once even attempted mass brigading a subreddit of 100K+ people to mass report and sitewide ban me.

And the mods and admins ![](https://d.wattpad.com/story_parts/678655463/images/15797217a021d48b525294092283.jpg)

Opinions on Slavoj Žižek and Sut Jhally?
Bayarea415 was a big fan of him, and so am I. Žižek is an incredibly original thinker, easily top 100 of this century. Their documentaries Pervert's Guide on Cinema/Ideology and Dreamworlds series are some of my favourite videos, and today I watched Žižek's competition debate with Jordan Peterson, where the latter looked like a curious, heartbroken old man.

No idea where else to post, but everyone needs to know that lemmygrad.com is an impostor instance and people must know about the real one. I have done my job to spread awareness at Room Discovery in Matrix. Doing it wherever it is announced on Lemmy instances. Some specimens on Room Discovery and Lemmy Offtopic Matrix rooms: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/cade2aca-7efc-42a8-a254-372a95998082.jpeg)

I just want to scream, I HATE WESTERN CHAUVINISTS!!!
They are an endless stream of trolls, how does one even keep tackling them with facts? I do that, I keep tackling their nonsense, and they do get frustrated, but they are like literal fungus that grows on bread in monsoon, and are everywhere on internet.

[Caitlin Johnstone] The RAND Corporation has responded to the way people have been highlighting its Pentagon-funded 2019 report on strategies for crippling Russia by attaching an editor’s note…
... declaring that people who do this are Russian propagandists. https://web.archive.org/web/20220420094128/https://www.rand.org/pubs/research_briefs/RB10014.html