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‘sensational the five continents over, stunning the whole world’

The above picture is said to be staged, that is, at the time of De Castries’ final surrender there was no flag hoisting,

eh, cool nonetheless.

Valiant last stand from the F***** but alas couldn’t beat artillery.

There was still fighting afterwards (see landing in Tuy Hòa, ambush on Mangyang Pass, occupation below the 17th parallel until 1956) but Dienbienphu had finally forced them to sit at Geneva.

Hanoi was returned on the 10th of October after a provisional occupation over the summer.

Also inspired multiple other struggles, such as the Algerian war.

Victory in Dienbien

Dienbienphu has since turned into a city, wish I could visit the place one day.

7/5/54-7/5/23 Traditionally I should be playing 7554

When half of Rammstein was Feeling B they had some decent songs tho, I really liked “I’m looking for the GDR”

I wonder how the IRA turned fertilizer into explosives back in those days

the 18543754379th time reminding everyone seeing this map that Cam Ranh base has been Vietnamese since 1975

I swear to God it’s harder to get an A1 paper printed here in first world Germany than back in my home town in the countryside

I literally have no idea how to celebrate New Year this time.

Does Danny Haiphong have any Vietnamese origins? (Dumb question, ik he’s the “Spirit of Ho” and Haiphong is a Vietnamese port city)

To deaden the agony of losing the Union on the same date.

For Christmas 1946 he gave the French one mighty beating.

For Christmas 1953/54 fair shares of lands (and a few wrongdoings that he apologized)

Truly the Santa of my race

(sorry for being a bit late mates was out all day)

Well the battle didn’t rage just in Hanoi but many other cities as well. It started at 20:03 p.m. local time with the bombardment of a French position in Láng, Hanoi.

Here’s the call to arms

And a song for the occasion

The Vietminh fought with literally anything they had, mostly meleé weapons, captured Arisakas, even some outdated Lebels and self-made muskets, and held on for almost 60 days anyways. On the 17th of February the bulk of the Vietminh forces retreated northwards, crossing the Red with the sacrifice of Nguyễn Ngọc Nại’s rearguards.

Special ‘kamikaze’ units formed to suicide bomb French tanks/ AFV’s with leftover Japanese lunge bombs. Fun fact, they held their own funerals before the battle. Allegedly the soldier in the picture above had survived one such ordeal but died at his second.

One of the fiercest firefights was fought at the Tonkin Palace, now the national guest house for ambassadors and diplomats.

We went from bringing a machete to a gunfight, to Dienbienphu.

Indeed. There are things I really like to write about afterall, but I usually break them down into short paragraphs and interact with the inquirer.

Aye, probably it’s on me that text walls are associated with ranting

Aight. I had thought that that was our trademark.

Am I the only tankie who doesn’t like to read/ write entire walls of texts?

Also to whom it may concern, our site in Vietnamese has a slight flaw: The button for posting (a comment or a post) is incorrectly translated into Bài đăng which is ‘post’ as a noun, the correct word would have been ‘Đăng bài’ (post) or ‘Đăng bình luận’ (post comment) or simply ‘Gửi’ (send).

Dude in my dormitory I thought they fucking rioted

And I wasn’t even there, heard the thing from a video the bois recorded but still

Bruh that’s based on the modelling of the character UMP9 (or 45) in the Chinese game Girls’ Frontline

Mad L

So I just opened my Reddit recap… it’s quite funny how I’ve literally only browsed GZD and SLS ever since the start of the year and the recap thing didn’t even acknowledge those subs, like as though our leftist subs weren’t a legit subreddit

Somethings wrong I reckon

Erinnerst du dich an mich Bruder? Ja hab grad nachgeguckt… Gott sei Dank dass es hier (noch) keine Klimakatastrophe gibt.

It’s 30 degrees back at home in November… Fucking extricate us from this hell on earth.

I do assume that but along comes the risk of getting ‘undesirable’ DMs…

‘mitspielen’ is used in the sense that someone does something along with the majority I believe. Like, ‘you gotta play by the rules here, this is our turf’

Das ist so cool! Kannst du mir bitte die Quelle leihen? Will mir selbst diese absolut based-e Leute kennenlernen.

Als ich meine Heimat verließ hat man mich nur danach gefragt, ob ich mal zum Besuch von Familie zurückkehren wollte.

Man glaubt nicht, dass ich hier nicht bleiben will. (also abgesehen von meinen Großeltern, meinem Vater, und Freunden)

Und das finde ich so schade, angesichts Ereignisse wie diese, dass manche meiner Landsmänner noch den ‘modernen und zivilierten West’ so bewundern. Die Jugendliche sind jetzt von der Propaganda nicht so überzeugt mehr, aber da bleibt immer noch die Belogenen.

For example, if you chose to permanently immigrate here you’d have to take an “integration course,” which condescendingly teaches you western values and the supposed principles of liberal democracy.


Welp one more reason not to stay

An encounter I had in Germany
Well firstly I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this lol, sorry comrades I've not used Lemmygrad so frequently and I kinda don't want this on my Reddit account. So I'm a Viet studying abroad in Germany, residing in the former East. One free Saturday a while ago me and the countrymen were going to Halle and suddenly a woman appoached us, first speaking in English but then switching over to German once she realized I spoke the tongue. At first she asked how many COVID shots I've taken (prolly cause we were wearing face masks). I was about to answer when I noticed the 'End CCP' leaflet on her hand (lol can't even get the name right eh). Then I said 'Ich interesse mich nicht dafür' ('I'm not interested'), whereupon she flipped pretty hard lol. She proceeded to ask us what we're doing in this country, and then harangues us about how we have to 'play with' ('mitspielen') since we're 'now in the West, not China anymore' (democracy much?). Then my friend just said that we're Vietnamese and then that actually shuts her up for good, prompting her to leave without saying a word. Smh shoulda blasted Red sun in the sky. And that makes me think a lot: Do those 'anti-authoritarian warriors' realize that it's pretty racist to assume and pidgeonhole ethnic groups like that, and that it's un-democratic if people all have to 'play with' in a 'free' society? Pretty unbecoming and contradictory of their 'goals' huh. Also got "Nihao"'d multiple times here, beautiful country. (Once again sorry if this isn't the place to post stories/rants).