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So I just noticed the fuckers who were transphobic at me got temp-banned.

Guess who’s leaving Lemmy.

The ironic part about the groomer thing is that the last big struggle session I was in, I spent 2 days telling people off for saying that Loli is acceptable because “Japan just has different norms.” And they thought I was being silly to argue that we should defederate from people showing that behavior because they are dangerous. Loli is disgusting and I said as much and stopped talking to them over that discussion.

I would like to personally thank and for being the only sane parts of that godforsaken place.


Fuckin UwU I’m a smol bean who doesn’t understand what transphobia is. By the way, you’re a pedophile lmao.

I’m getting a little worried that he’s cryptofash. You can’t be that willfully blind, can you?

Yeah, I get the feeling and have never dealt with wreckers before. This guy is a really amateur low-tier fash and he could break the site by himself in a matter of weeks if he wanted to. They’re pretty obviously not equipped to handle it.

Exactlyyyyyyyyyyy see above for a more succinct answer than the one I gave you.

Lemmy decided to go soft on the wolfballs admin
Some real joker shit happening in here. ![](

Ancient wisdom still needs to be repeated, apparently.

Ancient wisdom still needs to be repeated, apparently.

Ancient wisdom still needs to be repeated, apparently.

Lemmygrad is still pretty small, but no one is stopping anyone from making a commie instance.

September 7, 1937 We stand for active ideological struggle because it is the weapon for ensuring unity within the Party and the revolutionary organizations in the interest of our fight. Every Communist and revolutionary should take up this weapon. But liberalism rejects ideological struggle and stands for unprincipled peace, thus giving rise to a decadent, Philistine attitude and bringing about political degeneration in certain units and individuals in the Party and the revolutionary organizations. Liberalism manifests itself in various ways. To let things slide for the sake of peace and friendship when a person has clearly gone wrong, and refrain from principled argument because he is an old acquaintance, a fellow townsman, a schoolmate, a close friend, a loved one, an old colleague or old subordinate. Or to touch on the matter lightly instead of going into it thoroughly, so as to keep on good terms. The result is that both the organization and the individual are harmed. This is one type of liberalism. To indulge in irresponsible criticism in private instead of actively putting forward one's suggestions to the organization. To say nothing to people to their faces but to gossip behind their backs, or to say nothing at a meeting but to gossip afterwards. To show no regard at all for the principles of collective life but to follow one's own inclination. This is a second type. To let things drift if they do not affect one personally; to say as little as possible while knowing perfectly well what is wrong, to be worldly wise and play safe and seek only to avoid blame. This is a third type. Not to obey orders but to give pride of place to one's own opinions. To demand special consideration from the organization but to reject its discipline. This is a fourth type. To indulge in personal attacks, pick quarrels, vent personal spite or seek revenge instead of entering into an argument and struggling against incorrect views for the sake of unity or progress or getting the work done properly. This is a fifth type. To hear incorrect views without rebutting them and even to hear counter-revolutionary remarks without reporting them, but instead to take them calmly as if nothing had happened. This is a sixth type. To be among the masses and fail to conduct propaganda and agitation or speak at meetings or conduct investigations and inquiries among them, and instead to be indifferent to them and show no concern for their well-being, forgetting that one is a Communist and behaving as if one were an ordinary non-Communist. This is a seventh type. To see someone harming the interests of the masses and yet not feel indignant, or dissuade or stop him or reason with him, but to allow him to continue. This is an eighth type. To work half-heartedly without a definite plan or direction; to work perfunctorily and muddle along--"So long as one remains a monk, one goes on tolling the bell." This is a ninth type. To regard oneself as having rendered great service to the revolution, to pride oneself on being a veteran, to disdain minor assignments while being quite unequal to major tasks, to be slipshod in work and slack in study. This is a tenth type. To be aware of one's own mistakes and yet make no attempt to correct them, taking a liberal attitude towards oneself. This is an eleventh type. We could name more. But these eleven are the principal types. They are all manifestations of liberalism. Liberalism is extremely harmful in a revolutionary collective. It is a corrosive which eats away unity, undermines cohesion, causes apathy and creates dissension. It robs the revolutionary ranks of compact organization and strict discipline, prevents policies from being carried through and alienates the Party organizations from the masses which the Party leads. It is an extremely bad tendency. Liberalism stems from petty-bourgeois selfishness, it places personal interests first and the interests of the revolution second, and this gives rise to ideological, political and organizational liberalism. People who are liberals look upon the principles of Marxism as abstract dogma. They approve of Marxism, but are not prepared to practice it or to practice it in full; they are not prepared to replace their liberalism by Marxism. These people have their Marxism, but they have their liberalism as well--they talk Marxism but practice liberalism; they apply Marxism to others but liberalism to themselves. They keep both kinds of goods in stock and find a use for each. This is how the minds of certain people work. Liberalism is a manifestation of opportunism and conflicts fundamentally with Marxism. It is negative and objectively has the effect of helping the enemy; that is why the enemy welcomes its preservation in our midst. Such being its nature, there should be no place for it in the ranks of the revolution. We must use Marxism, which is positive in spirit, to overcome liberalism, which is negative. A Communist should have largeness of mind and he should be staunch and active, looking upon the interests of the revolution as his very life and subordinating his personal interests to those of the revolution; always and everywhere he should adhere to principle and wage a tireless struggle against all incorrect ideas and actions, so as to consolidate the collective life of the Party and strengthen the ties between the Party and the masses; he should be more concerned about the Party and the masses than about any private person, and more concerned about others than about himself. Only thus can he be considered a Communist. All loyal, honest, active and upright Communists must unite to oppose the liberal tendencies shown by certain people among us, and set them on the right path. This is one of the tasks on our ideological front.

White People: "I'm not racist, I respect everybody!" Also white people:
> My neighborhood is about 30% black, 30% white, and 30% latino. It gives my white neighbors daily opportunities to demonstrate whether they learned anything from putting BLM signs in their yards in 2020, or if they still have 911 on speed dial and universally white social circles. > > At least once a month, somebody makes a gross show of posting security video of a “suspicious” black kid walking through an alley in a neighborhood “safety” Facebook group, or posting complaints about fireworks a couple doors down instead of just talking to their neighbors. > > This is well studied in places that are getting whiter, where transplants police the lives of those who came before them. Here it’s a little different - the white population has been declining for decades. But the dynamics are quite the same, especially where intent meets action. > > White people who move here often think of themselves as anti-racist. They’ve self-selected to live in a diverse neighborhood, in a part of the city that won’t cater to their whiteness anytime soon. But many of them don’t turn progressive self-conception into anything concrete. > > So you get a concentration of a certain type of white newcomer who admires the work of many black and latino artists, donates money to POC-led organizations, and has all the aesthetics of anti-racism, but still fails to even know the names of their nonwhite neighbors. > > And when something disturbs their peace, like somebody’s uncle waiting on a nearby porch step until family arrives or kids hanging out in the street, they still have such a mental remove from nonwhite people that field all their internal inquiries through calls to the cops. > > The most painful part, frequently, is when a black or latino neighbor feels the need to reply to a scared white person’s post in a Facebook group explaining that the blurry security footage of “a man casing my house” is their 14-year-old son delivering the neighborhood newspaper. > > And again, these are people who “believe the right things”. Who understand prejudice intellectually. So they’ll apologize, and they’ll mean it. But then weeks later they’ll be back at it with a new perceived threat. All because they don’t truly know their nonwhite neighbors.

Gorbachev Feels His Life's Work Being Destroyed by Putin, Close Friend Says
Looks like liberalism Out-Pizza'd the Hut. You could say Dem policies Succ'd. With America's tendency for inflation, it's surprising he thought NATO would keep those numbers down. He's really Lenin in to his ignorance of history. The war seems to really be Putin the fall of the USSR into perspective. Okay I'm done being cringe.

China's space telescope, with view field 350 times larger than Hubble's, to be operational in 2024
US: Announces replacement for aging Hubble in 1996. Fails first project and downsizes in 2002. Spends 20 years pushing the project back 2-3 years. Finally launches in 2021. China: Announces project in 2016, with launch planned for 2021. Setback to 2023-24. 8 years.

One in five US adults condone ‘justified’ political violence, mega-survey finds

[In case you don't get it](

Not OC, art was originally from Owlturd comics.

Negotiations between Russia, the United States and NATO – What outcome?
Biased source, but the most interesting thing about this is that it's from January. Imagine how different ML rhetoric would have been in February if people had seen this earlier.

So a lot of this is stuff most well read leftists already probably know. But I think the simplicity and framing is interesting. It seems to be designed for people who are sympathetic to the movement but can't take that step of getting over the 'violence' of the destruction of capital. It's shortish, uses plain language with less philosopher quoting than normal (with no marxist philosophers but you can feel it in the undercurrent), acknowledges potential conservative viewers through imagery, and a lot of media references. I knew there was a reason I hated capeshit.