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And of course all the comments are variations on:

  • “ackshually they don’t exist!!”

  • “they do exist, but they’re shit!!”

  • “they do exist, and they’re good, but they’re definitely stolen!!”

So you have a superpower doing everything to undermine workers’ power, and you have an emerging superpower trying to raise workers’ power, even if that process is going a bit slowly.

Oh, but what’s this? The emerging superpower isn’t doing *everything* perfectly??

Well! I say! That means we should just yell about how the superpower and emerging superpower are actually one and the same!! If it’s not perfect, it’s evil!

And not just that!! You don’t understand! Everything must be viewed through the prism of events that happened a century ago!! There’s absolutely no way that things may have changed since then!!

The Austro-Hungarian Empire is still around, right? That’s relevant to the current discussion, no??

When did Ukraine outlawed Orthodox Christianity?

Zelenskyy proposed banning the Moscow Patriarchate Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and “closely monitoring” the Kiev Patriarchate Ukrainian Orthodox Church, a bit over a week ago

Aren’t both of these losers “reformed Nazis” that have adopted this social democrat image as a grift?

Like Xanderhal’s whole shtick for a while was “I used to be a Nazi, but I’m good now!” and ShoeOnHead hangs around some very sus people

From what I’ve seen, she’s your average liberal. She only successfully got into politics with her election as VP.

As for Castillo appointing more right-wing ministers; there’s a difference between him doing that, and far-right forces destabilising the country, so they’ll have an easier time taking control.

From my understanding:

Pedro Castillo was elected last year, representing the Marxist Peru Libre party, however he himself is a conservative politician.

Friction between him and the leadership of Peru Libre led him to leave the party earlier this year, and to appoint more right-wing ministers.

The far-right, led by Keiko Fujimori and her Fuerza Popular party, has made repeated attempts at removing Castillo from office.

Today, a third impeachment attempt was to begin in the Peruvian Congress, however Castillo announced that he would dissolve Congress, set new elections for September 2023, and rule by decree until then.

This move was rejected by all state institutions of Peru; Congress impeached him, and the police arrested him.

He was replaced by the First VP, Dina Boluarte.

If someone comes in and tells me “you’re mentally ill, you don’t deserve to exist,” I don’t see why I need to justify my existence to them

“I’m freely and democratically murdering the striking workers!! UwU”

The Japanese far right wants to fully remilitarize the country, and still have some weird ambitions of empire, while the left opposes this. And the easiest way for them to oppose it is to support article 9

If these are US conservatives, I wouldn’t expect too much. They’d absolutely be cheering war on, provided they were in power.

That, and everything else is in alphabetical order, with the exception of Macau, and it’s firmly in the letter C group

mehrere Millionen Menschen hingerichtet

Austria with literal Nazi propaganda 💀

“Once ze rockets are up,
Who cares vere zey come down?
Zat’s not my department,
Says Wernher von Braun”


Proof that China isn't communist!!1
1. They don't have a food shortage. Gommies owned epicly 😎