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If any good comes from this I hope it’s everyone turning on the libs there who wanted to open things up.

nevermind all those workers’ revolts and leftist uprisings they have to keep putting down, lol

if the US collapses before it can nuke the world in a fury like a petulant child turning over the game board when losing, then yes.

otherwise literally everyone loses.

capitalist ‘stability’ is when the economy is cyclical by design with no regard for the people, and kills millions through neglect and malice

yes and no. they love the distraction, but they also very much want to destroy a functional socialist state so they can rape the corpse for profits since they can’t produce them at home anymore.

the american national character prefers the barbarism

I live in NYC and the reason why everyone focuses on the skyline is because at street-level it’s literally full of trash, thanks to our conservative neoliberal government that is increasingly incapable of even the most basic civic management functions. Cars are also parked on the sidewalks regularly like some kind of corrupt eastern european shithole.

I mean if you haven’t noticed some of these states are basically going ahead with those plans anyway and getting away with it

Batshit Baptist theocracies with nukes salivating to start the end times they jerk off about

I guess I’m thinking more of the asshole rancher types tbh

Overdraft fees are like the most American thing imaginable.

Ah but Farmer Joe the lily white cracker who owns the land and the tractor and gets millions in subsidies from the government is rich. Nobody look behind the curtain at how all the work on the farm actually gets done.

If I could live in a modern city and be a farmer I might actually consider it

TFW when even the han are apparently persecuting themselves, very smart 西方人

He still runs a giant pedophile and money laundering organization that interferes in politics to take away women’s rights. Fuck this guy.

I mean the US state department has veto rights on anything that could hit the reddit frontpage

yeah the state dept admins nuked quite a few of us who ‘just happened’ to post on gzd, I didn’t even get an excuse of a post I made because they couldn’t find anything.

These people are being dragged off and murdered, because that’s what Nazis do.

Look if there’s a “left” reddit sub they’re allowing to continue existing you can be sure it’s modded by dipshits like this

It takes so much dV to get a payload into the sun, Kerbal space program ruined fantasies of rockets to the sun for me

holy shit this is insidious, Google news feed forcing Ukraine stories in and ignoring preferences
So I was browsing my Google feed that I get when I swipe over from my home screen in Android and most of the stories are shit recommended to me based on some dumb algorithm where it tries to figure out what I'm interested in based on what I click on, search for, etc, all the usual spying on you bullshit. But then there's a couple of the obvious Ukraine propaganda stories in there. Sure no problem, I'm used to having to click on the little option button next to the story and telling it to either squelch the topic or stop showing the source website. Except those options aren't there on the Ukraine stories, and *only* on the Ukraine stories. Google is forcing this propaganda into my feed and not giving me the option to remove it like I have with literally every other story in the feed. Jesus fucking christ, this shit is getting out of hand.