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Huh, I had no idea that tractors etc. were also facing this no-self-repair crap. Always though them to be something like the gold standard of repairability… but apparently it was just the old ones.

… it’s only a very basic implementation of Rust that cannot be used for any real-world use cases.

Could someone explain what this means?

FSF Bulletin just popped through my mail slot!
I didn't realize that being a supporter would warrant me *a real paper bulletin!* What a pleasant surprise. Feels way more personal than some pdf file which I wouldn't likely read.

KeePassXC integrates wonderfully with SSH agent and desktop secret service. Really nice piece of software 👌

How do they actually differ? I tend to group them as the same thing, as I’m not a user of either.

Yeah their DRM crap can easily cause (even more) problems at this stage.

Our timesystem has it’s oddities for sure but at least it’s pretty much the same all around the globe. There are no silly imperial units of time etc.

Fair point. Selfish as it may be, it’s in our advantage for these tools to be unpopular.

I can understand feeling sympathy towards the content creators but the service ehh? I would be glad if my favorite creators would ditch addtube.

You weren’t wrong about the slowness :D But yeah, top seems to mostly packages for different programming languages.

Yeah, search engine optimization drives bloggers into writing time consuming articles. The first couple paragraphs are often just keyword farming.

This doesn’t solve your present problem but maybe it helps to avoid it in the future.

Instead of physical volumes, you could use thin provisioned logical volumes. LVM is the word here. These would allow you to maintain volume division without fixing the sizes rigidly.

Another way to do this would be to use a BTRFS filesystem, and it’s subvolumes as ‘real volumes’. The semantics would be the same.