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Shiiiiiiiiiiiet. This is gonna get me wanting to build an ill-advised project box.

Powered by fairy dust and the tears of a forsaken child, I presume.

(article is paywalled yo)

The world would be a much simpler place if we all took a deep breath and admitted to ourselves and others that we are not purely rational beings, never were, never will be, aren’t meant to be.

“Logic and Reason” are useful tools, but treating them as the end-all-be-all of everything is foolhardy at best.

Plus, the more “rational” you claim to be (aka, the more you reject your own emotions and refuse to accept and understand them because you think emotions are for others), the more likely you are to make decisions that are, in fact, not rational at all but that you’ve convinced yourself are the logical thing. Our rational brains are incredibly good at coming up with reasonings for our emotional responses that make sense to us but wouldn’t actually hold up to scrutiny.

(…),I like

*trains runs over everyone*

Simply asking for sources doth not a debatebro make.

There’s a certain smarmy attitude paired with self-importance that makes a debatebro.

To be like, proper debatebro you have to be stalking people and demanding they debate you based on a statement they made days ago. You have to be sneering and asking for a source when they say that water is wet, even though water being wet is such a common piece of knowledge that the onus of proof should be on the one disagreeing. Shid like that.

A personal philosophy whose main tenet is “be annoying”.

Annoy people who follow religions, regardless if they’re minding their own business or if they’re actually doing harm.

Annoy other atheists for random bullshit.

Basically, annoying people is its own reward. The point is to convince yourself you’re superior to other peeps.

Though the RAYTHEIST community is no longer what it used to be. Most of the big names that kept it alive were absorbed into larger movements, mostly political ones. We now know them as “debate-bros”. There’s leftist debate-bros, rightist debate-bros, centrist debate-bros…

The millions who don’t do not hold power.

Saying “Americans” might be a gross generalisation, but as long as your country acts like the planet’s collective abusive partner, I’ll just. Continue to shit on y’all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah I’m kinda used to it. As said before, in my country (Brazil) the power grid is… It depends on which state you are in. It’s 120 in my state, but directly south of us is one that uses 240, and to the north two that use 120. I’m used to reading labels and flicking voltage switches.

Since I’m also in the never banned club, the most controversial thing I ever said on Reddit, based entirely on community reactions, was probably “americans perceive everyone outside america as sub-humans who are beneath self-determination, like they should be the ones to choose how we do everything”.

Sounds like at least among lefties this should have been an uncontroversial statement, but gods I made some gringos mad on that day.

Never banned. Purged previous accounts to start anew a couple of times. Plus I’m still there.

One of these days I gotta try a Linux without SystemD, just to see if it was worth all the fuss. When I started my Linux journey SystemD was already the default on most distros normal people would use (Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Suse, etc.) and I just never bothered exploring, despite all the bad things ™ said about SystemD in Linux forums.

Wrestling against ADHD to write my last college thing.

Off the top of my head – There is also td-win and voat (which are like, Reddit for neo-nazis) and hexbear (which is like, Reddit for leftists who lack the social skills to be around even other leftists)

  1. Lemmy is newer than Reddit. Reddit has been up for over 15 years.
  2. Lemmy is a Reddit clone but less well known, thus, whatever advantages it has over Reddit, you can pretty much assume anyone who comes to Lemmy is someone who was on Reddit and saw some reason to leave. Or even still uses Reddit but is trying their hand here too. At least for now.
  3. Thus, the Lemmy userbase will, at least within the near future, be a small subset of current or former Redditors.

/shrug If you’re just doing youtube for the sake of doing youtube, you can do whatever you want. Any audience that comes to you will be your audience and you’ll probably not make much money but maybe you’ll make a bit of it.

But if you want youtube to replace your dayjob, then yeah kinda?

And like, most content creators talk about being horribly burnt out and overworked. They quit their nine-to-fives to have YouTube as their main gig, and it starts out as a labour of love, until the bills start coming and the channel starts being more and more of a business, and then they start working insane hours and become slaves to the analytics graphs and (…)

Short version?


Long version, youtube rewards watch time most of all. Youtubers are underpaid and have to try and squeeze as much from their channel as they can if that’s their dayjob. And in the “optimise everything until it is no longer fun” spirit of capitalistic entertainment, youtubers have realised that around 20 minutes is the ideal length for most content (unless you’re in a specific niche for very longform stuff).

And while I do enjoy Alec’s general rambling and playing around with the gadgets he educates us about – Yeah. I can see it as the byproduct of youtube culture that it is.

🤔 I won’t argue because it does sound like something that can happen. It just sounds – Weird – To me. Lmao.

TL;DW: Specification says that the holes are optional, but they are often used to facilitate the manufacture of the plug blades. It defines a position and size for the holes so that they will be out of the way of the actual part of the plug that makes contact

Anyone else feel weird when looking at AI-generated art?
Like. A friend-of-friends got in on Dall-E 2 and was showing some stupid shite they made with it. And the thing is. It _is_ impressive as hell? You give it a vague description and it _will_ give you something that generally matches the vibe of the description. Plus looks very well rendered. But also. Uh. It gives me these weird dystopian feelings. It being in Elongated Muskquito's pockets doesn't _help_ with that feeling, but it's not its main cause. I can't even articulate _why_ it makes me feel so uncomfy though. Was hoping someone smarter than I shared in the same feeling.

Alec (the person who runs this channel) has a habit of rambling on about all sorts of semi-related historical facts and other such nonsense.

I understand if that is not to your taste. I quite like it.

Huh. Are laptops made for the US market not able to take multiple voltages? Idk, all my electronics are rated for both 120 and 240 volt and when I went to europe, they didn’t seem to care about the frequency at all.

Which always just made sense to me – Computery electronics like cell phones and… Well, computers. Actually use DC current and so they have those power bricks that act as converters.

Then again it wouldn’t surprise me if manufacturers went “eeeeh this one is for the US market, they just get the same voltage everywhere, make the power brick only take this specific configuration so we can make it cheaper”, since my country has different voltages depending on which state you are in.

This is really cool. In general we should use our waste better.

… But also, my immature ass can’t not laugh upon reading the phrase “Urine Economy”.

Imho no.

Rather I feel like identity politics, taken on its own, has no side on the capitalism/anticapitalism spectrum. It concerns itself with other social relations, less material ones. Meaning you can support identity politics and be either a full communist OR an ultracapitalist.

Neoliberals LOVE identity politics. A lot of modern neolibs are very supportive of, for instance, GSM rights. Does that mean they’re anti-capitalist? Fuck no. They just want queer and gay folk to be allowed to participate in capitalism without getting harrassed for their identity.

[listens to the song]

Y’know, with the urban myth that it could kill an old HDD, I expected something a lot more aggressive sounding.

I’m KINDA with you on this one, to be honest. Modding is all about the right to disrespect one’s surroundings.

On the other other hand – Even if it’s not on Nexus, the mod can still exist. It’s not like the modders are gonna go to prison or anything.

Even if you want external validation. Mate, take the pictures and post them when you’re back at the fucking hotel.

Tourism isn’t evil.

Tourism-centric economies that ignore the needs of local population to serve tourists and make money (… Therefore Capitalism) is evil. Car/plane centric infrastructure that greatly increases CO2 production (… Therefore Capitalism²) is evil.

Travel and tourism are, in and of themselves, positive and enriching, if you somehow divorce them from said capitalist forces.

It looks like corporate artstyle in general. Honestly I’ll never get into VR in general, but I got acquaintances who are VRC junkies, and they show super neat stuff from there, meanwhile Facebook over here (I refuse to call it Meta. The ‘metaverse’ as a fiction concept was super cool and I am still salty zuck decided to make it the name of his ugly-ass experiment) with this personality-free uncustomisable garbage.