The first duty of a revolutionary is to be educated. -Che Guevara

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He looks more like a drug addict, than an “aryan”

Don’t forget the black book of communism and mein kampf

What’s the best thing that has happened this year in your opinion?
Since 2022 is ending, lots of things have happened. Like the death of Gorbachev, Elizabeth and Shinzō Abe. The war in Ukraine escalated, etc. etc. Which is why I wanted to ask you wether it was a good year or not

Can the bot debunk Holodomor too? I’ve tried it several times, but it won’t work

“Posted by China Uncensored” You know it’s gonna be something “clickbaity, when the channel is called like that and when the length of the video is over 10 mins

Sorry to hear that.

My was semi okay. It started off pretty bad, after a horrible weekend. At least it got a bit better, when I was given the task to make a podcast about something USA related for history class and I chose to make one about the McCarthy era. Since no one in my class wanted to do that with me, it’ll just be me talking about it for 30 mins.

105 years ago, the Bolsheviki took over the Winter Palace, establishing the Congress of Soviets. This was one of the most important moments of the Russian revolution, which led to the formation of the Soviet Union. Not forget to mention this revolution inspired socialist around the world, inclusive the PRC, Cuba or the Black Panther! The USSR also helped countries being suppressed by western imperialist, like Korea, Vietnam or Rhodesia and liberated Eastern Europe from Nazi Germany! It also managed to bring the 1st satellite, a man, several animals into space! This all came to an end when pro-western Gorbachev came to power and led the country to its collapse. Now, the spirit can still be felt around the world!

I watched the whole series and all I can say is that this just lib shit, they’re really trying their best to make Stalin or Gaddafi look like cartoonishly evil dictators. In the Episode of Stalin for example, they’ve talked about how that journalist, who more or less debunked this Holodomor bs, lied with no explanation whatsoever.

gotta appreciate how they didn’t quote anyone that experienced Marxism and was part of this system

Translation (sorry in advance if it’s bad): “Real socialism” has failed In the International Working Men's Association founded by Marx in 1864 there were soon intense discussions about how to improve the situation of the workers could be achieved - by a revolution or reforms. After the Russian Revolution, these tion to a split in the labor movement into communist and Social Democratic Parties. After the October Revolution, "Socialism" introduced in Russia. The Communist Party established a dictatorship and nationalized the means of production. the Economy was centrally planned, any criticism of this policy presses and under Stalin (1878-1953) several million people were executed. This social and economic model was 1945 also the countries of East Central Europe from Bulgaria to the GDR imposed. —————————————————————————— It also includes: -a quote from Ken'ichi Mishima a university professor in Tokyo, saying how Marxism somehow makes the proletariat even poorer and the bourgeoisie richer - a quote from a social democrat being against socialism - that Das Kapital is telling how Marx wants to create a dictatorship led by the proletariat ——————————————————————— In my opinion they could’ve added a Goebbels quote and other Nazi officials too.

Next few years are gonna be interesting for Brazil

Imagine what could’ve been done with 44 billion USD instead

thank you for the insightful command! Do you think that you can apply these “blue prints” to any western European country too? After all, they’re dependent from the US and does the book also mention how this would affect the western world, American diplomacy, etc?

I recently saw the PSL promoting this book, it’s about how a socialist USA could look like and as mentioned in the title, is it worth it? If not, are the any different good books regarding this topic?

Is it just me or are people beginning to stop caring about Ukraine?

Nope there isn’t, you could create your own comic if you want to, since they take little to no effort to draw

More than glad I don’t have to be with people like these in the same site

my grandmother asked me some time ago wether I wanted those medals her mother received or not and sent me that picture.


The price says it all!
Das Kapital by Karl Marx - 8.39 USD ![]( Black Book Of Communism by CIA assets - 64.91 USD ![](

I finally found time to read Karl Marx, since I was able to borrow it from my school library and educate myself

It’s confirmed: Volina surrendered
Russian news media recently published a video of Volina surrendering and being send to Russia.

How did that manage to get here??

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