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Lol, I didn’t even get that far. Got either ignored or into an argument as to whether China and the CPC is or isn’t communist just because I filled in that living in China and learning about Socialism with Chinese Characteristics was what introduced me to socialism. (not in the USA; applied to three)

Vetting isn’t the issue, but they’re supposed to provide you with the materials and the roadmap to joining. Not being a member of the party should preclude you from joining their open events and volunteering your time towards socialist causes.

They’ll start thinning the herd once automation becomes widespread.


I have a network of friends who I became acquainted with due to my interactions with Chinese society so I’m not counting those.

The West is going to do a reverse uno by putting a grey filter on the left image.

These photos look like a group of intellectually disabled people being taken advantage of to sell this latest article.

You’d need to be more specific. As I could provide you a handful of books on poverty alleviation alone. Or if you want to know the ins and outs of the market economy there is always this book. I’d say to first give that introductory guide by Qiao Collective a glance.

I’m planning on narrating this series by the Renmin University Press on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era, as soon as I can actually speak again (under the weather with a throat infection) so you might not want to buy it and wait the 2-3 weeks of shipping it’d require.

There are also the white papers the government provides on different topics.

Then there is always the Governance of China by Xi Jinping, albeit those are basically speeches given by Xi Jinping that proclaim the government’s policy to the nations. You can find that book, and others, here.

I’m currently working on translating the reading list of the classics included in the “Foundation of Socialism in China - Theory for CPC Cadres”, basically the socialist foundation theory party cadres as expected to read once they’ve understood Xi Jinping thought (as its contents are featured in the Chinese Civil Service exam).

Apart from buying literature on the topic, of which I could provide a list of books, the most comprehensive collection of (web-based) resources is over at the Qiao Collective.

It brings up the Tiananmen Square “Massacre” on the first page.

That’s what you get when the book isn’t co-authored by either a political scientist from the mainland or a sinologist. What did you expect? Those are non-Chinese last names. There is always this book in English by the Chinese Foreign Language Press.

I rarely floss because it seems like a lot of work for seemingly little gains.

I suggest you take a look at water flossers. Flossing, while a lot of work, is sometimes necessary when you’ve eaten something stringy that gets stuck between your teeth. Having it be stuck between your teeth for a day(s) will result in cavities and inflammation.