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[Employment Opportunity] Artwork for c/puns and c/wordplay - 5 buxs reward!
Lib post: since []( is a job creator, we are announcing that mekhos will be receiving TAX CUTS! yayyyyyyy! If you find or make nice icons for; mekhos will give you 1 bux and the LIB will qintuple it by ~~printing money~~ investing 4 from it's own ~~infinite~~ pocket! :O Og post;

1 lemmy buck to humanetech for overall good posts i'm at 5 lemmy bucks

Lemmy International Bank (LIB) [Last updated apr 14, 2022]
We're using this post to help us keep track of who has how many lemmy bucks. Also it's a leaderboard, but the wealthiest 3 members of Lemmy will be featured in ~~time magazine~~ our sidebar. If you'd like to be a moderator, let me know =] **Why is the bank called LIB?** L = Lemmy I = international (lemmy has users from across the world) B = bank (because this is the closest we have to a Lemmy buck bank presently) If you want to award lemmy bucks to like your sublemmy/entity/etc for a game or something (ex chess tournament, pokemon tournament, wordle etc, employment opportunity) post in here and the LIB will print money for you to use as prizes/whatever. Somewhat related memes posts and meta posts are welcome anywhere on this sub! [ex 1]( --- Total money in active (people who have received/spent money ever) circulation = the number of users in the list x 5. If the total below doesn't sum to that number there is a mistake. We don't have an accountant yet, would you like to be hired on as the accountant? --- joe bidet - 11 mekhos - 6 adrianmalacode - 6 humanetech - 6 pancake - 6 theconquestofbed - 6 TheRtRevKaiser - 6 yayannick - 6 sexy peach - 5 fruechtchen - 4 aless246 - 4 meloo - 2 Arthur Besse - 1 the anonymouse joker - 1