Black belt in Mikado Photo model, for the photos where they put under ‘BEFORE’

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Vivaldi social is moderated by the team (forum by volunteers), every federated instance has its own norm of conduct and moderators, Vivaldi also collaborate in the code and devs, monetiacion of Vivaldi don’t change (see Vivaldi business model), the TOS and PP is the same as in all Vivaldi services, no ads, no trackers, no sellings to third party companies, no Big Data companies, DMCA compilamce is these of an EU product (Vivaldi is an EU product, Iceland and Norway). The user can use the instance he want, Vivaldi only offers to the Vivaldi user a instance which he can use (or not) without the need to create a new account, this don’t exclude the use of other instances of the users choice.

You can hide in Vivaldi everythig which you don’t need, it’s all open to customize it, everything between a UI of an old IE and a panel of a combat jet. But yes, for some people the settings panel maybe somewhat overhelming, it’s the biggest of any browser. If you use it in you mobile, remember that you have a encrypted sync function in a own server, not the one of Google, because of this it’s also logical to use the desktop version, if not, at least the sync function is also a good way to use it for backup (bookmarks, settings, notes , passwords, etc.), if you lose the mobile or you buy another one. But don’t forget the sync password, not even Vivaldi know it nor your stored data which is full encrypted, if you lose your password, you lose your synced data, no recovering mail.

You can log in to your instance also in Vivaldi, without problems, as I said, Ive an account in another instance and a different in Vivaldi social and I can switch between one and the other without problems. I have no intention of spamming you with Vivaldi, and no, nobody pays me, I just clarify things as they are and they are not as it is said here, like saying that you cannot log in to another instance in Vivaldi, which is false, Vivaldi social is simply an instance as a service for the Vivaldi user, neither more nor less, which allows the user to access an instance without the need for a separate account, it does not prevent at all from using other instances separately, even from the same Vivaldi instance, from there you can also browse all instances and accessing ther with your corresponding logging data. Just as it is absurd that Vivaldi does not let you use it as you want, being precisely the browser that lets you do everything you want, more than any other current browser, this is precisely what differentiates it from others. If you don’t like it, then you simply don’t use it, but stop telling falsehoods.

Everyone is free to use the browser they like, since everyone has their preferences, but it is absurd to complain about a service that Vivaldi offers to its users, if you do not want to use this browser. There are quite a few other instances on Mastodon where you can sign up. Maybe Mozill create one day also a own instance for its users, but I doubt it.

Vivaldi only can log someone in in the own instance in the own server, not in the instance of others. If you have a own Mastodon instance in your own server, do you want that another log someone in in your instance without your consent?

Nothing of commerce, it’s simply a service for the Vivaldi user, same as the own blog and mailservice which include your Vivaldi account. You can download Vivaldi, create an account (it’s free) and you hve encrypted end2end sync, an own mail with 5Gb, a blogging platforma and now also the social network, which you can use right now, without further accounts. Apart the community forum.

The Vivaldi instance alow to enter with the general Vivaldi account. It’s made for the Vivaldi user, who can use this social network without an extra account. I’ve a Mastodon account in other instance and a Vivaldi social account with my Vivaldi account.

Any company can go to hell, it depends on many factors, but a cooperative is always a preferable model, since in this case the employees work in their own interest and not only in the interest of the company and its owner. It is they themselves who can determine the needs at eye level and not accept them as subjects.

Not if the company is a employee-owned cooperative. In any case, it is not so simple in the EC with its labor rights, where a dismissal must have well-founded reasons and cannot be carried out from one day to the next.

Also down for me. Anyway, apart from several blockers, I use the SiteBleacher extension, which remove all spycrap from the no whitelisted pages I visit (cookies, local storages, IndexedDBs, service workers, cache storages, filesystems and webSQLs). Using a proxi and “you have never visited Twitter, Fakebook, Reddit, Instacrap…”. Front-ends are fine, but too often down.

In Mobile InviZible Pro is fine

Maybe? Twitter is violating the whole European labor law and of all countries which had abolished slavery (not shure of US laws in this point)

Mastodon works fine in the Web Panel o Vivaldi, I use it from there

Anyone here use Twitter? If not, only a problem for Musk and it’s employees.

But don’t let you mute the tracking of reddit itself, sending your data to advertising companies.

(TowerData use even keylogging and Mouse move tracking systems)

For Google it is not a big problem that people like it. See patents US5270800A and US4717343A

Eyes on the Earth
Realtime and interactive vital signs of the Earth in 3D

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Building with a 3D printer in 1930