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Sounds like a good fit since additional services is kind of vivalidis point of difference.

Yeah could have clarified current using webmail rather than a desktop app.

No self host, no decentralisation, no dice.

Might not be a good fit. Android support is brilliant though I haven’t used it with banking apps. Not sure I would. For other apps that complained about play services I’d just installed micro g - https://sopuli.xyz/post/255390 when my phone dropped from a great height, now on stuck on android pending a 10 IV release and disliking google sticking their fingers into everything…

If you can make it work, providing hosted options and consulting should help with adoption and funding. Compensating contributors is something all projects have to deal with I guess.

DA Origins, mirrors edge, army of two? Surprised they kept things goin* that long.

Have you tried changing your theme in settings? There may be one that presents mobile content differently. Or it might be a case of creating a custom theme.

Each instance should look to have an identity/define what is it about, from there its a moderation challenge. If there is a instance better suited for a community, in a perfect world it would be possible for mods refer them there, but regardless there will always be some kind of general content / pull to stick to one server as thats how some people work.

2c. Communities. You create and join communities. Talking about a specific community - @music@sopuli, music community on sopuli Lemmy as a whole/collective - lemmyverse

Snap - thats pretty much what I do.

Bandcamp where possible. Not interested in subscription services. I love physical media / Artwork but LPs are out of the price range, so CDs it is. Youtube dl for live gigs.

I’m not their target market, because if anyone asked me I’d say krita/inkscape/affinity apps.

That is the whole point of federated communities - you don’t have to be on lemmy.ml to engage with lemmy content. To understand what lemmy.ml is about see this meta post.

If you were to try setting up an account on another instance I think you wouldn’t find it complicated at all. If the instance federates with lemmy, the lemmy.ml posts are available via ALL on posts and the lemmy communities can be accessed via the ALL button on communities. It’s fantastic.

Or join a generalist instance that federates with lemmy.ml but not lemmygrad as an option. Eg there is difference in /all content when viewed from lemmy.ml vs say sopuli. Beehaw also has a generalist sci community.

Not sad tbh, had its time, but when it was in its prime it was a great bit of hardware, compared to the hardware I had earlier. Software though, no fond memories of that.

Second follow up - There is a good question here in that you want to engage on the lemmy platform, but did not necessarily land on the right server. I note that if you try to sign up on lemmy.ml it states at the top of the sign up page Before you register on lemmy.ml, please have a look at Joinlemmy to see if there is an instance that better fits your region, language or interests. Did you look at this page or go past and quickly jump on to see what things were about. Did you look at the content posted on lemmy.ml before deciding to join?

Lemmy the platform is diverse, lemmy.ml is not, but it doesn’t pretend to be. Did you look at the list of instances on https://join-lemmy.org/instances when choosing which one to join?

I guess it depends on the type of content do you want to engage in and what type of political discourse are you looking to engage in. Exploding-heads.com and wolfballs.com might be options, and beehaw.org has a politics section if you feel the need to engage. Also consider what instances the server blocks via the instances link at the bottom of the page when visiting.

Personally id love to see generalist instances push political discourse to gotalkitout https://gtio.io/c/politics which is a instance dedicated to discussion and currently does not block any instance.

Data permanence
Excluding existing archiving sites, do you have an expectation or think that data stored on lemmy should be permanent? E.g last 20+ years. Would it matter if old inactive content was culled? If you had the ability to export data if a sever was due to go down, what would you actually do with it.