The only ‘revolution’ the settler-imperial ‘left’ is capable of is one of reaction. You can’t change my view.

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Shit I hope they never do. We don’t need that kind of crackery in our eyeballs like that.

“Yes exactly, I call myself very left but the minute I tried /kbin a thread about china from showed up and there full of Tianomon Square deniers I tried to engage but just after half an hour I was almost done with the whole reddit alternative and was on my way to delete my account.”

…Man can’t even spell ‘Tiananmen’ right and wants people to believe they are ‘very left’, and considers people who’ve actually seen the whole video ‘deniers’. Okay, friendo…

Do you consider yourself somehow worse off than your “pure” peers, because your father is white?

Unironically, yes. Every day is a matter of killing the white man in my head, since I can’t centrifuge him out of my blood; and it’s his presence in my genealogy that kicks off twitter wars about whether or not I and people like me are even Black in the first place, and his ancestors that made it impossible for me to find mine.

Less a virus, and more something to utterly cut away from. There’s precious few ways for me to explain it without pissing myself off; but the neatest breakdown I can come to is that when I started questioning where the anti-Blackness I grew up with came from, it always tracked back to whiteness and its influence on my family. By now, I thoroughly resent it, and see the concept of whiteness as something that needs constant paring out.

I mean, the West enslaved my ancestors, stripped us of our names, cultures, religions, and history; and left me in the ass-out position to have my body and blood colonized because my mother just haaaad to go and fuck herself a white man. If I didn’t oppose the West in all things geopolitical, I’d be no better than the crackers that tainted me and mine.

“We will be cruel to the [fascists], and through our cruelty they will know who we are. And they will find the evidence of our cruelty in the disemboweled, dismembered, and disfigured bodies of their brothers we leave behind us. And the [fascists] won’t be able to help themselves but to imagine the cruelty their brothers endured at our hands, and our boot heels, and the edge of our knives. And the [fascists] will be sickened by us, and the [fascists] will talk about us, and the [fascists] will fear us. And when the [fascists] closes their eyes at night and they’re tortured by their subconscious for the evil they have done, it will be with thoughts of us they are tortured with. Sound good?”

So this is definitely about to be another acquiescence of the Biden presidency that liberals will screech about when it’s lambasted, just like when their CAC-in-Chief decided to ratfuck the rail unions.

Oh, I cannot wait to beat democrats upside the head with this next year when they start ferreting around on their ‘vote blue no matter who’ horseshit

My destroyer’s gonna be highway traffic if these two are swinging on each other again next year

I’m… Actually not sure if I’ve heard anyone pitch Barbados before, but if I’m frank with you, I’d rather deal with Black folk’s kinda-ribbing, kinda-sideeye colorism than this nation’s addiction to chalk outlines of Black bodies. I honestly have a bit of trepidation with regard to island nations given the very real potential for catastrophic sea rise in my lifetime; but Barbados sounds very much like the next place I should be looking into and whether or not the skillset I’m building right now can be put to work there.

Even sea rise is better than dying for nothing at the hands of a settler.

“The black problem”? Things that simultaneously make me grateful that I’m still in the research phase of trying to get out of this soon-to-be warzone; and depresses me with the thought that there does not seem to be a single nation on Earth that doesn’t have a vocal fraction that wants me and mine dead. It might not be as large as Amerika’s; but it still exists, and I won’t exist somewhere I feel I need to be in hyper-vigilance.

Not gonna martyr myself for an Amerikan, but simultaneously nowhere to go.

Trust must be earned.

You see the point I’m pushing here.

I think where we disagree there is that where the law of the land is supremacy under a settler state, I consider that given kind of supremacy to be inherently essential to the settler in question until I’m given direct proof otherwise; (re: the ‘show and prove’ bit) because any lesser amount of vigilance is how you get chalk outlines, and we don’t have bodies to spare like that. The way these guys seemingly demand unfettered, uncritical, and accountability-lacking access to our emotional and strategic labor because “we’re not like the old boss, we promise”, reeks of a chauvinism that is near-inseparable from supremacy to me. It may not be burning crosses on the lawns, but it does ring a bit more an aggression than just micro, and leads me to believe that nothing but worse can be expected over time out of that corner of The Discourse™.

Naturally, there has to be a recognition of the mutual interests of decolonization; but that assumes that the supremacy has been worked out of the settler first, and we don’t even have a single accord with which to begin approaching that question yet. The one thing that’s certain is that this kind of statement in OP’s image absolutely screams “we’re not gonna self-reflect like that” to me. Why I say I don’t have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ take, tbh.

Surely they have to understand that there’s no reason to trust a white man’s word in this day and age when so many treaties, agreements, and doctrines have been brazenly broken by said white men. I read this as a statement of enmity against the historically downtrod, frankly. Indigenous folk have just as much if not more reason to distrust this angle-- post-centuries of slavery, in their first gasps of being free men, Black folk only had Field Article 15 get rolled back before they were fucking us up with Jim Crow and the Black Codes. Indigenous folk done seen damn near every treaty they ever signed with a white man broken.

I don’t have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ response to this for you, in all honesty; but I myself say to all of this, the same thing I say to every other settler-leftist-- ‘show and prove.’ Show me the mettle of your works. Show me you’re willing to put your body on the gears and wheels, prove you’re willing to put as much of your transactional skin in the game as the oppressed around you have to live with being risked. Otherwise, just saying that you’re not a settler, with all the euro-supremacist puffery and arrogance that kind of thing requires, doesn’t make it so. Amerika is an abomination; and this angle of ‘seeing America as a reality’ tells me they’re trying to spitshine a turd and present it as ‘worth assimilating and subordinating into’.

"Have I, ever told you, the definition of insanity?"

I hope people take that seriously when lookin at RAWM and shit like it

I hope, but I’m not planning for it.

negl I’d sooner wreck a movement than work with browns/actual goddamn fash. I literally do not care enough about this country of slavemasters to let us go backwards that way. I’d sooner see it burn.

Remember when people would get huffy whenever one would insinuate that Ukraine was nothing more than a US proxy that Amerika was using to attain full encirclement of Russia? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

cross-posted from: > Insert 'pithy' joke about "free markets" riiiiiiiiiight here. The past year, year and a half, has been little more than Amerika brazenly displaying its 'grade schooler at recess' mentality with regard to taking _every single under-handed trick_ to attempt to maintain hegemon over China and Russia. > > The decline is happening all around us, and we have the forces of Red Scare-goggled reaction to thank for it.

Unbelievably based and correct. Here’s hoping she’s got allies; otherwise I see a voice speaking objectively truly about the Amerikan government getting buried under FIVE-EYES brown-nosers.

See, I typically tended to take chemist so I could actually brew up some of the more useful herbals until I had access to the godly Pastes, but Logan’s Loophole at least sounded busted af to me, so I never rolled with it. I’m the type to look at Wild Wasteland as a fun feat tax, though; so I kinda straddle the line between “wanting to enjoy Fallout” and “wanting it to be at least a LITTLE harder on myself” to avoid the temptation of minmaxing.

Times is weird, these days… Times are weird, uh-huh… ♪

Apropos lyrics aside, though, at least somebody’s swinging on it; but you just know some reich-winger is gonna see this as justification for the RESTRICT act.

Valid point, I just hate being privy to addiction in Fallout games. I’m the guy who hoards Fixer and Addictols for a rainy day just because I hate having to break my gameplay loop to open a menu and jam another chem-- these things are ‘pre-firefight, use-once-and-discard’ buffs to me lmao

But in Fallouts where stimpak addiction is a thing, I think the Nuka-Cola is better as a curative lmao

With the land in existence? Yes. If we started vertically farming? We could probs sustain double that, if not more.

Amerikans. Having seen from the inside, these are the kinds of ghouls that cheer civilians getting drone-struck.

Heat and pressure makes diamonds. I have nothing but faith in the Mexican proletariat.

Fire’s a lot cheaper in this day and age than it was the last time parasites tried this.

♫ Haul 16 tons, and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. ♪

Wang Wenbin clearly has been hitting the same pack our boy Chen Weihua was

In what world is losing hundreds of thousands of your young men and that much land a ‘victory’ lmfao

I wish redefining the terms of a victory worked this well in Overwatch, I’d have hit T500 by season 7.

Anything to keep from having to explain what the fuck just happened in Ohio, apparently. That’s my assumption; they’re hyperfocusing these satellites so people don’t start arming up and going after rail company execs.

cross-posted from: > Link to the Uhuru Movement's emergency response pledge: > > I don't know if y'all have been paying attention to the fuckeries of the FBI lately; but damned if the Uhuru House Raid doesn't smack of the same injustices that were perpetrated in antiquity to Tulsa, and in more recent memory to Philadelphia. > > The shit has got to end, or the _country_ will end. Make the motherfuckers pick one.

The White Socialist Left: Seeing a Bleak Future for ‘Black and White Unite and Fight’ | Black Agenda Report
cross-posted from: > When I drag white 'leftists' for for having the nerve to "we don't have a race problem, we just have a class problem", I'm dragging them because this shit goes back as far as O'hare and _Debs._ > > Yes. Our nation _does_ have a race problem, and it's _just as big_ as the class problem.

Black Alliance for Peace Condemns Renewal of the UN Mission to Haiti (BINUH) | Black Agenda Report
cross-posted from: > Where the American mentality goes, despair and calamity inevitably follow. The American neocolonial project _must_ end.

A sobering vid. I rather like his concept of "cessation of participation". I constantly wonder what it will take to see a mass reorientation of mentalities. Will it be the first Blue Ocean Event that convinces Westerners that our way of life is killing the world? Or do we have to lose every city from Sacramento to Olympia to a 24 hour wildfire first? Whatever it takes, I just know we won't move until overt tragedy lands on us.