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I joined maybe 6 months ago as I was exploring the fediverse. Fell in love with it, and spun up an instance with my partner. It’s been sitting here quietly most of that time, but has exploded recently!

Crusader Kings 2/3 and Deep Rock Galactic!

#ck2 #ck3 #DeepRockGalactic

There are instances that offer that. And there are instances that prioritise protection of vulnerable minorities over free speech. The advantage of federation

Yeah, we have a lemmy too! Basically, I tried to join some lemmy instances, but had to wait too long for account approval, so we decided to spin up our own instance. There’s no integration at the moment, aside from those included in default federation.

Same admins though :)

Both? I started using it because it’s on the fediverse, and I keep using it because it’s on the fediverse and it isn’t reddit

I’ll let you know when I work it out

I have a bit of everything at home. A windows PC, a mac laptop, a couple of linux boxes to run media servers etc

The thing is, the wider Fediverse works the way you describe, with imported defederation lists etc.

Most people setting up new Mastodon instances start with a standard block list with all of the usual suspects on it.

This is the future of Lemmy too as it gets bigger and as integration with non Lemmy instance becomes more common.

Context matters.

I agree. And I think that’s the difference. Fundamentally, Lemmy isn’t that much different to Reddit, in so far as all of the issues you highlight there exist here too.

The only difference is context.

Right, but what I’m saying is that as an instance admin, I can and do block other instances for the reasons you outline. If someone posts in a hate sub, they’re getting banned from my instance. If an instance is explicitly right wing, it’s getting defederated from my instance. If someone does "what about"ism or otherwise excuses transphobia, racism, sexism or the like, they’re getting banned from my instance.

I’m explicitly biased towards communities and people that align with my beliefs, and will happily ban anyone that is actively opposed to them. I have zero interest in “free speech” as a guiding policy that I should be aiming for.

Which is to say, I am many of the things you say reddit is, but lemmy isn’t, and yet here I am on lemmy.

The difference is federation vs centralisation. On reddit, if you don’t like it, you’re out of luck. On lemmy, if you don’t like an instance, you can find another or even create your own. But both of those versions can and do have humans with bias pushing ban buttons

I mean, I ban whole instances from the lemmy instance I run.

I think the things you’re seeing are issues of size and scale rather than inherent differences between the platforms

There are definitely political mods. Many instances are explicitly political in nature.

I’ve yet to have that problem. Who are these people speaking to bots and not realising it?

I mean sure, I can see someone engaging with a bot generated post and maybe not realising it’s bot generated, but I don’t think there is an endemic of other consistently interacting with a bot and not realising it.

Email spam is a good example. Spam makes up the vast majority of email, but not the majority of email interactions.

I mean, I agree with him. I like lemmy’s design and hate old reddit

This has resulted in a sense of detachment and frustration for many

I don’t experience this part. By definition, neither do the people I connect with.

So the premise seems to be based on a very flawed foundation

What do you think are the chances Musk let her go specifically just so he could get people talking about Twitter again?

Parents sell their underage children in to arranged marriages all the time.

Parents discretion isn’t sufficient

This post was talking about people who end puberty at 8 or 9.

There was also zero discussion of age differences or the abuse this would enable.

It’s one thing to not criminalise a couple of horny 14 year olds, it’s another to create a system that sanctions adults sexually abusing 9 year olds.

This post is the latter, not the former

I’m sorry, but how is arguing for under age sex to be legalised a reasonable discussion?

It does absolutely nothing but legalise abuse of power that traps young girls in forced marriages and unwanted pregnancies.

What am I missing here that you’re leaving space for this discussion to happen?

Ah, no, that sounds like something else.

A work around to try (not a fix) is to sign out of your account and then sign back in again. I had an issue around the time of the upgrade. My login session had apparently terminated, though Jerboa didn’t recognise that as having happened. I got all sorts of weird error messages until I logged in again.

It works. The issue is most likely related to your language settings! What have you got them set to in Jerboa?

I had to do a double take there. I read Theranos as Thanos the first time around :)

Yeah, I deleted the post you replied to :)

Just make sure as well as having a language set, you also have “undetermined” selected as a language, because otherwise you won’t see content from sources that don’t set language tags, like older versions of lemmy, mastodon etc

I was looking at Fediverse groups and how they work, and then I stumbled across Lemmy. Initially joined, but really loved it, and now co admin a dedicated instance :)

So, setting a language will stop posts and comments that don’t have a set language from appearing in your feed. These are mainly posts and comments from older versions of Lemmy and the like.

So make sure you select undetermined as well as any other languages you have selected

So that might cause other issues. I found many comments didn’t appear when I turned on a language. I’m assuming those are from older versions of Lemmy etc that don’t set languages.

For now, the best approach seems to be to not set a language in your profile, but make sure you set a language for you posts and replies

I had vaguely known about it for some time, but it wasn’t until I saw it in action when a podcast I listen to started it’s own instance and group (! that I “got” it and started using it. And then started my own instance too :)

Do you mean from within lemmy? It should be easy enough to experiment with and test

Well, an ! is meant to be for a group, and an @ is for a person, but I’m not sure how they actually play out when you try and tag someone with an !

They’re already making them. There is very little in Black Mirror that is made up from nothing. Most of them are basically extensions of ideas and technology that we already have

I think that it should be a per community configurable option. If enabled, it would allow lemmy to step in to the niche that groups currently provide, whilst still giving moderators the chance to not have poorly titled posts in the community.

Well, nuts!

It has its upsides for me though :)

Just to double check, were you trying to follow a group or a person? Because you can only follow lemmy group accounts from #microfedi accounts

Admins have a setting in most modern microfedi platforms that allows them to enable something called authorised fetch. It’s a security feature that makes it harder for blocked instances to access your content despite the block. But, a side effect of it, is that it creates issues for fediverse platforms that don’t support authorised fetch, and lemmy is in that group.

So, your instance admin can disable authorised fetch and that will generally fix the problem, but I’m not sure if there are any akkoma specific compatibility issues above and beyond that.