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I’d go further to say it’s unreasonable to expect the average consumer to reflect deeply, especially (but not exclusively) under such conditions. I think that if we rebalance the wealth among the average people that more people will have the time and energy to reflect, which will ultimately be good. I don’t think we’ll get to a point where everybody reflects this deeply. I do think we should create an environment where everybody who can does have the time and energy to though. That would likely lead to much more sustainable practices, especially if we get all those people talking to each other on even ground.

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A comment I made on Reddit, in reference to the idea that most environmental waste is on the industr
It's not just policy. We as a society would have to fundamentally all change the way we view convenience and everything being easily available all the time as a good thing. It reminds me of the time we got "biodegradable" Styrofoam cups at work. People kept commenting on how fragile they were. You'd go to press a lid over the top and they'd just crumple right there and then under the pressure. Coworkers were always commenting that they must be defective and asking why biodegradable stuff is always crap. It said it right on the cups! They're biodegradable. They break down faster than regular Styrofoam. That's the whole point! The reasons plastic and Styrofoam are so useful is the exact same qualities that make them terrible for the environment. You can seal things up with plastic like glass, but it's not as heavy and doesn't break as easy. If you created something that could truly fill the same niche as plastic, it would be just as terrible. And the niche plastic fills in our economy and culture boils down fundamentally to convenience. Plastic lets you seal food and other perishable products up, ship them across the globe, and let them sit on a shelf for weeks, months, even a year, until the exact moment the person that wants to consume it wants it. Plastic means you can decide "man I'm really craving Cool Ranch Doritos right now" and walk or drive five minutes to the nearest convenience store and just get some right there and then. Now, a shift away from that would also help emissions, but the fact is that being anti-convenience (anti-consumerism is I believe the existing term) would be fundamentally antithetical to modern capitalism. It's like the Satanism of the modern capitalist church. Not only would policies supporting it be difficult to enact, but the corporations don't even need to worry about that because they've got everybody hooked on instant access to everything. Good luck convincing people they should consume less when encouraging excess consumption is literally the sole unified goal of modern advertising, AND the sole goal of the modern pressure on minimum and other low-wage employees. The average consumer with their average ability to interact philosophically has no way at all to even recognize this problem, let alone combat it. Then there's people like me who do recognize the problem, but are too wildly depressed to continue existing in a world where they can't order fried chicken to their door to prop up their serotonin and dopamine enough to not kill themselves for one more day. I know I shouldn't do any of that. But a world in which I do not require instant fried chicken to survive is also a world where they actually pay for enough work hours to properly support the mentally ill people that I do. A world in which I don't need random and immediate serotonin and dopamine shots is a world where I only have to have manic as hell motherfuckers yell at me for 6 hours a day twice a week instead of 12h straight AND 3 in a row. Society could be paying for me to give my genuine time and love to support the mentally ill. But they don't want to. Because their paradigm fundamentally rests on asking me to sacrifice my mental integrity for other mentally ill people. They are relying on me participating in their fucked up system because I know that when I fall 100 other people fall with me. So I'll buy into their system. Because I hate every part of it but I hate the idea of those 100 other people crashing and burning worse. TL;DR: to truly reduce or eliminate plastic usage, we would have to give up on the idea of convenience and just eat, drink, and use things we already have and that are already nearby a lot more than we do right now. And there are so many ways that they keep every level of us from seeking that.

This is likely of 0 use to ANYONE in this thread but:

I am an inpatient hospital nurse. When I accept a new patient to our unit it is helpful to have the room set up, including all of the equipment the patient will need. To pick out a blood pressure cuff, I need to guess how big around their arm will be. I do usually have access to their recorded height and weight, so I plug those into this and use that to guess what size or range of sizes to put in the room! This is similar, but a little more complicated to use in the same way.

I also use Power Delete Suite to constantly purge my reddit history. I’m really looking forward to the aether project which is going to just not keep anything older than 6 months by default. I wouldn’t mind building an aether host server but really I live my online life from my phone and need a mobile access interface so.

So my mother is an old-school feminist. Part of the women’s army core back when that was a thing, a STEM graduate and worker in the 80’s. She’s seen some shit.

What she says about the feminist movement (and having been in three relationships now with men I agree) is that it advanced women, but men didn’t step up. Women became able to do it all, childcare, homemaking, AND working and even breadwinning. Many men took this not as an opportunity to step up and do more themselves, but as an opportunity to do less. They just let women do 50% of the work now, plus 100% of the housework. So modern women average out to doing like 75% of the work!

I can confirm that this was present in 2/3 of my relationships with men. The men involved were practically children I had to care for. They would do some work but would then spend the money on themselves and maybe give me some of it to make sure the bills got paid. They did nothing to clean or maintain the area around them. They did nothing to ensure the laundry got done or that decent food got made. Both of them I had to encourage to clean themselves. They spent the rest of their time playing video games. Sometimes for 16 hours a day if I didn’t “harass” them. I suppose I’m glad I had teenagers with part time jobs instead of something more akin to toddlers but either way they were confused when my attraction to them rapidly vanished due to their childlike behavior. I now have an actual grown man who is comfortable completing household tasks, perhaps even moreso than me. This is fine by me, as I am much more comfortable working 48+ weeks outside the home if needed.

I cannot speak to what branding would make this palatable to men, but I hope you find some way of encouraging them to see cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry, as general adult tasks instead of women’s ones. Please. For all of our sakes.

When my company switched to this new electronic medical record I had to take a bunch of online classes. One of them was how to bill my patients for the services I was providing as I documented during the shift.

I remember announcing loudly during the in-class portion that as a nurse I know they and the insurance are pulling fuckery on the billing end but the moment they directly involve the direct care staff such as myself I would bill 0 every time until fired then go work for someone else.

I must not have been the only person upset about it because I never heard anything further.

I got into this shit to help people and I know American Healthcare makes that almost impossible but don’t directly involve me in your financial fuckery ffs. If I could work for a company that just circumvented the health insurance entirely I would but there’s literal laws against that in america because fuck you that’s why.

I’ll never work for HCA though. Literally over my dead fucking body. Fuck HCA with a ten foot pole.

I completely agree that they should be paid equally.

I also have to say that when my sister was working for goodwill industries she was the happiest and most well adjusted that she ever was while living at home.

Goodwill was definitely underpaying her since they’re famous for it. But at the same time they were providing the optimal working environment that she needed. The supervisors were all trained to mediate all of the myriad behavioral and social difficulties that came with her intellectual disability, including when she straight up started cussing out her coworkers on several occasions.

The cussing out her coworkers by the way, meant she was doing pretty damn good. I usually didn’t get that much warning as a kid. She used to just start hitting and throwing things in our house. I spent my childhood getting glass thrown at me by her. She gave me a permanent back injury as a child.

And they employed her successfully for years. She liked going there. She had friends there. She would talk about what they had her do that day and the skills she used and how she had to think to get those tasks done. Then with the (admittedly miniscule) money she made she was able to pay for a care aid to come and take her to the movies every Friday instead of. Y’know. HITTING US AND THROWING THINGS AT US. And when she was at home she was much calmer and more self-confident in a way that didn’t involve hitting people.

So something about the current system certainly needs to change significantly. It’s 100% not right and I hate thinking about the fact that they literally devalue human beings.

And a company that does all that gave me a sister that didn’t beat me twice a month for about two years.

I have some very confusing feelings about that.

There needs to be some kind of public service that provides that for people like my sister. I will fully admit that capitalism is not doing it in a humane way.

I wish it was controlled more by actual writers than Disney.

But that’s also how I feel about prostitutes.

Consistently making sure the pimp’s cut stays as small as possible seems to be a common difficulty with capitalism.

Like how do you make sure the prostitutes can hire private security without them becoming pimps?

How do you make sure the writers can have someone to distribute their content in a way that gets them paid without that person becoming Disney?

I feel like the answer is increased infrastructure in some way (police that actually do their fucking jobs and internet and computer systems that are functional and widely available) but I don’t have a more complete answer.

I mean this was kinda what I meant by weighting things in favor of the prostitutes. The whole theme of my comment in general was that they’re getting hurt one way or another, but they’re getting hurt way less overall if they’re at least allowed to do it on the public record in a lot of ways.

90% of the incels I hear from are raging misogynists who vehemently hate women for their ability to withhold a “resource” for money. Combine that with the low social status of sex work (which is not fixable with legislation) and you are just offering these women up to be murdered (which is already the case).

There are a few things legalization of sex work does fix.

  • once it’s much easier to access legal adult prostitutes, child prostitutes become significantly less desirable to those that might otherwise seek them out.
  • you can try to weight things in the prostitute’s favor by enacting rules that make brothels and pimping a lot harder (although you still need to have a good way for them to hire their own security).
  • It’s easier for prostitutes to seek justice from abusive johns if their side of things is perfectly legal.

An NFC/RFID tag can apparently hold up to a megabyte. Also I think some devices can store the data in a different way and just transmit through RFID, meaning much more data could be accessed offline that way.

Expecting them to speak English. I communicate very clear expectations to my cat as to what I expect and for the most part she has no issue following my rules. Everybody says their animals don’t listen or are spiteful and all I see is inadequate communication.

The biggest thing people notice is that when I tell her to stop doing or get away from/off of something she immediately stops and moves (sometimes trots/runs) away from whatever it was. I don’t have to yell a bunch of times I just sternly say “No. Stop that.” once. This is because this is all the warning she gets before I spray her with water. Even if she runs away, if I have to say it twice I will find her and spray her. To me, I’ve been tasked with her safety, which means keeping her from eating things she’s not supposed to, breaking glass and stepping in it, etc. So when I need her to not do something that command needs to work, and it needs to work right away. She’s also an indoor cat and the same rules apply for hanging around near the door.

On a nicer/cuter note, right now we’re learning to not step on my boobs. When I touch something she doesn’t like she yells and pushes me away with her paws. So that’s what I’ve been doing when she wants attention and steps on my boob. I say “ow!” about as loud as she’d yell at me and push her paw away. Today she went to step there but realized where her paw was going to be and put it back down and rubbed her head on my arm instead.

Stop expecting your pets to just magically read your mind lol.

They don’t actually care.

Or rather, they care in exactly the same way they care about racism, gay rights, and gendered concerns.

It is an ad campaign. They sign exactly one $10,000 check to an “awareness” campaign, then turn around and desperately lobby to keep themselves from having to pay for literally any form of social service that would actually alleviate any of these issues.

I know this because my unit is “desperately searching for any and all psych nurses or nurses who are willing to be psychiatrically trained (for $30/h in a major population center with one of the highest rates of rent gouging in America).”

Oh and I negotiated for that 30, and took it because any psych facility paying more is doing it to get you to overlook the patient and staff safety issues.

What I really want to talk about though is the commodification of human connection. “Internet doctorates” are suggesting people go to talk or behavioral therapy for things that are meant to be handled as a community.

They absolutely have their place, but the way people talk about it they’re recommending either a board certified dermatologist or just straight up a trauma surgeon for every scraped knee when really people need to learn how to come together as a community to just give the scrape a good wash and maybe put some ointment on it.

Also would a little basic emotional hygiene and both willingness and effort into bonding with other humans hurt anybody?