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Guter Artikel. Ein nicht ganz unbedeutendes Deatail für Cloudflare dürfte auch sein, dass sie Daten verkaufen, u.a. an die US-Regierung. Es scheint, dass es hier nicht nur um Schutz geht.

2016 erzählte Matthew Prince der BBC über die Anfänge von Cloudflare:

Mr Prince … got an unexpected phone call from the US Department of Homeland Security asking him about the information he had gathered on attacks. Mr Prince recalls: "They said ‘do you have any idea how valuable the data you have is? Is there any way you would sell us that data?’. "I added up the cost of running it, multiplied it by ten, and said ‘how about $20,000 (£15,000)?’. “It felt like a lot of money. That cheque showed up so fast.” Mr Prince, who has a degree in computer science, adds: “I was telling the story to Michelle Zatlyn, one of my classmates, and she said, ‘if they’ll pay for it, other people will pay for it’.”>

Quelle: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-37348016

If communities can create their own money, they’d be loosing a lot of central power.

Maybe this helps: https://searx.github.io/searx/user/search_syntax.html

It still has limited features compared to DDG, and it has a different syntax.

Don’t !bangs work in Searx either? At least in searx.ebnar.xyz they do.

Alongside financial education, digital fiat money "can boost efficiency and serve the country".

Yes, that’s one solution for a specific use case (-:

Nothing and no one is ever infallible. What I say is that the web as we know it is broken in that it has become a walled garden controllled by a few companies. And, yes, a lot of web3 doesn’t appear to change that, it’s just old wine in new bottles. We needed to discuss alternatives to different use case (payment and currency systems, how we monetize apps and other products, data hosting and sharing,. …). Energy efficiency and affordability are important issues, but I want to have choice and don’t want to become dependent on 5 or so companies in whatever I do. If that means that I have to pay, I’d be fine with that.

What dies “better” mean? If everything is stored on a single server owned by this one company in Mountain View or so, is it better then?

Tor doesn’t seem to help here if I got it right, because the data traffic is assigned to your phone number.

There is no way for the surveillance to be bypassed, the company says. The roll-out is planned in Germany.

Does blockchain solve the double-spending problem? Can crypto currencies help devs (and possibly other creators) to monetize apps and other products?

I agree that blockchain is a solution to only a few problems, but can’t this be said about all technologies?

The author seems to implicitly suggest to keep up the status quo and ignores the potential of a new tech (yes, there is also much empty hype around). Blockchain may or may not live up its potential, but this depends on the decision we as humans make rather than on the technology imho.

I don’t know what to do with this article. It’s just a sequence os simplified examples. But that’s just my two cents.

I’d say it depends on your threat model, but you may consider to always use a proxy, VPN or the like. Blacklight is good to check sites. There are also some websites to check for GDPR compliance, e.g.,. https://illegal.analyticsscanner.com or https://2gdpr.com

Consider Librewolf, YaCy or (ideally self-hosted) Searx.

According to uBlock Origin this site contains 12 trackers including from Google, Facebook, Blogherads and some others.

See also https://illegal.analyticsscanner.com/knowyourmeme.com

Some may make more money than others, but if they spy on you it means that they spy on you and eventually sell your data. You’re the product. And as someone already said in this thread, you cannot self-host. This appears to be neither decentralized nor private.

They’re using Cloudflare which is a bit weird for a “private” service.

And, yes, the people behind https://www.sphere-transgression-watch.org may also be of interest. The Sphere Transgression project may also be of interest for others to contribute. You’ll find information on the site.

I don’t know where yoyr friend lives, but in Europe / EU there are possibly opps to fund this project.

I’m not an expert for these kind of things, but your friend my find the guys from Crimeflare interesting when dealing with Cloudflare, see https://github.com/zidansec/CloudPeler

The people behind https://dnsprivacy.org may also be useful.

You may be interested in Behavioural Economics. I’d say it’s the youngest discipline in economics (started in the late 70’s), but has been growing a lot since.