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Its still very buggy. Its hard to get out of this loop. Fix bugs. Needs users to report bugs. Loop.

God and the state - mijael bakunin Hitchhikers guide through the galaxy

Odysee is one of this freedom of speech puddles where antifa are censored. Lol.

i didnt known there was this option now i found it :D thank u all… can close this!

trying to do a post with CW/NSFW, is it possible?
searched on github no conclusions. only this https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/1320

loads of amazing old books talking about each plant, each seed, all many different beautiful tricks…

there are many tables of vegetables… to grown in different times of the year… depending on your longitude… also depends on your soils

https://wiki.sunbeam.city/doku.php?id=start youtube many ebooks i have in a harddisk ^^ neighbors, they are the best information.

I dont like #solutionisms. Nature has brang solutions for millions of years. Is fully adapted to this planet. We need to readapt and slow down. #degrowth

thanks… hehe

" Otherwise Cut & paste the URL of the remote community into the search box of your instance" this was that i was looking for! but is there something like sepia search? https://sepiasearch.org/

lemmy <> mastodon - need help, can’t follow myself
Can someone try to follow: ajeremias@slrpnk.net from a mastodon account? It appears to me as "Follow request sent" but i don't see any option in lemmy to receive the requests...?

Where can I find a directory of all communities?
I'd really love to have this, to help this instance to grow, and have more communities comming together!

It’s the day of #ACAB! :D 1312! I’m so happy to celebrate their misery x) i hate the cops.

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